Secret Training
Secret Training is a range of personal care products designed to prioritise the health and performance of athletes in the areas of preparation, recovery, protection and cleansing. Created especially for cyclists, runners and triathletes, the Strip range is a well thought out selection of balms, creams, sprays and wipes with essential ingredients and no impurities. From warm-up to clean-up the product range carries, invigorates, protects, sanitises, calms, cools, moisturises, nourishes, soothes and cleans.
The range has been developed and tested in a wide range of conditions and climates by world class athletes on the road, track and cyclocross world circuits. Each product and accessory, such as the body cloth and pin tin, shows that a lot of race knowledge has been put into each area so nomatter whether it’s your first or umpteenth race, you’ll appreciate the little things which can make a difference.