Supra is the own in-house brand of Sensa Bikes a Dutch manufacturer of high end road and mountain bikes. The Supra range of products centres around the wheels that they manufacture with the addition of handlebars, stems, seatposts and saddles.

The Supra range of wheels consist of everything from the standard RA24 a 700c road wheel for everyday use to the RC58 a 58mm carbon rim for that special time trial or triathlon bike. All Supra wheels have sealed cartridge bearings, 2 x front and 4 x rear, use only the best spokes from Sapim and with rim tapes and skewers.

Supra also do a smaller range of mountain bike wheels the MA20 and the MA25.

The road range of wheels consist of:

Supra RC58 and RC58T – 58mm carbon rim (Tubular on RC58T) Weight from 1475g pair

Supra RC38 and RC38T – 38mm carbon rim (Tubular on RC38T) Weight from 1390g pair

Supra RA30as – 27mm alloy rim with alloy spokes in white. Weight 1550g pair

Supra RA27 – 27mm Multi-performance medium profile rim. Weight 1490g pair

Supra RA30 – 27mm Multi-Performance medium profile rim. Weight 1545g pair

Supra RA24 – 24mm Multi-performance low profile rim. Weight 1760g pair



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