There is a material that performs better than others.
It’s a high performance material that a company uses unlike any other.
XeNTiS produces carbon wheels, unmatched in their form and function.

XeNTiS has taken up the challenge to set new benchmarks in wheel construction.
During the predominantly manual production process, XeNTiS has gathered extensive know-how using carbon composite materials.
The cooperation between the XeNTiS R&D team and experienced athletes has played a vital part in the continuing development of next generation wheels.
Such experiences are directly integrated into the production. That is how XeNTiS sets new standards. That is how XeNTiS defines itself.

Research and Development

The development of new XeNTiS wheels is complex and time intensive. Using CAD and FE calculation programs,
optimal aerodynamics are constructed and analyzed.
Once appropriate test results are achieved, the wheels go through computer aided aerodynamic tests which are parallel compared to the prototype wheels which are tested in the wind channel.