Bryton Rider S800E GPS Cycling Computer
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Bryton Rider S800E GPS Cycling ComputerBryton Rider S800E GPS Cycling Computer
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Bryton Rider S800E GPS Cycling Computer 

The Rider S800 pushes the boundaries of what cyclists should expect from their GPS cycle computers. Designed with premium materials carefully selected to fully optimize every aspect of this device, the Rider S800 features a streamlined and aerodynamic aesthetic with lightweight construction and a clear 3.4” colour touchscreen, unparalleled endurance with an exceptional 36 hr battery life, and an intuitive user interface on powerful new hardware. Whether you are a thrill seeker, adventurer, or passionate cyclist - no matter where or how you ride, the Rider S800 has you covered. Featuring an interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) on a vivid 3.4” colour touchscreen. Online Navigation with Preloaded OSM maps, Voice Search, Route Guidance, Group Ride & Live Track.

Climb Challenge | Reach New Heights

Climb to new heights with the Climb Challenge feature. When approaching a climb, the Rider S800 will change to the Climb Section page, providing an overview of a route's climb segments. The Climb Challenge screen also features a graphical summary with multiple climbs, vivid colour climb segments, distance, altitude & ascent, and start & end points, providing easy access and ride information at-a-glance.

Climb Data & Alert

After configuring a route with Climb Challenge, you can view upcoming climbs, distance to climb start/end, current/starting/ending elevation, elevation countdown, remaining distance, grade, altitude and more right from the Rider S800 Climb page! Moreover, while following a route and approaching a climb, the Rider S800 by default will automatically switch between the Meter and Climb pages to prepare for the upcoming elevation change.

Customize Your Climb

When creating or importing a route, the Bryton Active app will automatically generate climb data for your Bryton, Strava, Komoot, or any other 3rd party routes imported into the app, creating a Climb-Challenge compatible ride for the Rider S800. After reviewing the ride, you can choose to further customize these climbs by adjusting the total quantity, range of climbs, start/end points, and more via the Bryton Active app!

Cycling Dynamics

Featuring Cycling Dynamics support, power training, and power data analysis has been taken to the next level. After pairing compatible power meter pedals, the Rider S800 can display both static and graphical data on meter pages, including seated/standing position, power phase (PP), platform centre offset (PCO), and right/left balance all on the Rider S800’s large, dynamic display.

Power Phase

Identify where you generate the most torque and take your workouts to the next level! With a compatible power meter pedal system connected, determine the angle and location where your concentration of power is produced as well as the differences between left and right leg output. Enhance your workouts with better visualization of your pedal strokes.

Platform Center Offset

Using Platform Center Offset (PCO) data to better measure how the force is distributed across the pedal platform during the pedal stroke relative to centre, you can achieve an improved centre of symmetry, helping you determine the optimal cleat position, maximum efficiency area and the ideal bike configuration.

Seated/Standing Position

As your riding position fluctuates throughout the duration of a ride, evaluating your seated or standing position status makes it possible to accurately identify your position preferences during climbs and sprints with the comparative forces applied to the pedals. The Rider S800 helps to display your current position and how long/often you have been in this position along your real-time power data. By analysing your unique rider position metric, you can determine the effectiveness of each position, learn how each position affects your power output, and establish your tendencies under certain conditions.

Group Ride

The Rider S800 is even more fun with friends! Using the Bryton Active app, select your track, invite your friends and see live updates for other riders on your route right from your device. Keep in touch, cheer on your friends or send status updates to others by sending customizable messages directly from the Rider S800. Additionally, with the Bryton Active app, setting up a group ride is as easy as a press of a button

Group Chat

Need to get a message out to the group, let someone know about a stop or just want to cheer on another rider? With the Rider S800 or Bryton Active app, you can quickly and safely send messages to other riders while on a group ride with the Group Chat feature. Personalize your default messages on the Bryton Active app to send quick replies right from your device or type a custom message on the app at your next stop. Additionally, using voice input, you can create custom hands-free messages while on the road.

Live Track

Share your real-time location with friends and family using the new Bryton Live Track feature. Simply generate a share link right from your phone and share with any messaging app with the press of a button. With the Live Track link, anyone can follow along from the web and view not only your real-time location, but also your current speed, ride time, trip time, distance, and last updated time!


  • Indoor Smart Trainer
  • Boasting powerful new features and with a wide range of integrations, the Rider S800 brings the thrill of the ride to your home smart trainer! With ANT+ FE-C Smart Trainer compatibility, the Bryton Rider S800 can communicate with your indoor Smart Trainer to control resistance or power (target resistance/power), simulate custom virtual workouts (Smart Workout) or even simulate a route (Virtual Ride).
  • Virtual Ride: Experience endless possibilities from the comfort of home with Virtual Ride Simulation. Utilizing ANT+ FE-C compatibility, the Rider S800 will work seamlessly with most smart trainers and can simulate recorded tracks from the Bryton Active App.
  • Easily create custom virtual workouts for smart trainers with the Rider S800 at home! Training plans can be built with the Bryton Active App and downloaded directly to the device. With ANT+ FE-C support, the Rider S800 will communicate with your smart trainer to simulate the resistance from the training plan.
  • Turn-By-Turn Navigation: Whether you are exploring new regions or following a downloaded route, the Rider S800 is the perfect riding companion, providing turn-by-turn navigation and advanced guidance data, including street names (when connected to Bryton Active), POI’s & Peaks (customizable in Bryton Active), distance and direction information, and more all on pre-downloaded regional OSM (OpenStreetMaps) maps.
  • Voice Search: The Bryton Rider S800 speaks your language! With a connection to the internet, the Rider S800 eliminates the need for on-screen keyboards by providing Google voice search which is available in over 100 languages, offering a quicker, more intuitive, and all-around better way to search addresses or POIs while riding on the road, adventuring on the trail, or anywhere you find yourself!
  • Auto-Rerouting: Wrong turn? No problem! The Rider S800 helps you to always keep you on course with auto-rerouting. While connected to the Bryton Active app, the Rider S800 will automatically reroute your course if a different path is taken, and if the connection is lost, the Rider S800 will point you in the right direction to get you back on track!
  • Navigation Back to Start: After a prolonged or complicated ride, effortlessly identify the fastest way back to where you started. The Rider S800 will use your current location to determine the most direct path and generate detailed turn-by-turn directions for your return journey.
  • Ambient Light Sensor: Using the built-in ambient light sensor, the Bryton Rider S800 can automatically adjust its backlight based on the lighting conditions around it. When passing through a tunnel, under trees, etc., the backlight will automatically become brighter to compensate, ensuring optimal screen settings anywhere and anytime you ride!
  • Extra-Large Crisp MIP Display: Designed with a 3.4'' large display, the Rider S800 utilizes MIP (Memory In Pixel) technology coupled with an internal reflection layer to be optimized for a better outdoor viewing experience without screen shadow. The extra-wide MIP display with ultra-narrow bezel offers both crisp, high-contrast readability and a high screen ratio.
  • 36 Hours of Battery Life: Equipped with an enormous 36 hours battery, the Rider S800 has the strength and stamina to take on any challenge.

In the Box

  • Rider 800 Main Unit
  • USB Type C Cable
  • Bike Mount
  • Free to install Maps 
  • Quick Start Guide