Cinelli Cork Handlebar Tape
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Cinelli Cork Handlebar TapeCinelli Cork Handlebar TapeCinelli Cork Handlebar TapeCinelli Cork Handlebar TapeCinelli Cork Handlebar Tape
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Cinelli Cork Handlebar Tape
  • If it's not Cinelli, it's not original cork ribbon.
  • The unique and original cork ribbon introduced by cinelli in 1987.
  • Winner of the 2000 Consumer Choice Award.
Mr LemberVery natural feel
Jordan Wcomfy bar wrap that's easy to fit, 2nd time I've bought this stuff now
CemCheap and comfortable handlebar tapes. Worth the price.
Mr WebberQuality cinelli tape. dry and grippy without being sticky. Personally I feel it is a summer tape
Mr CONIOLovely bit of tape, really easy to apply (even on a Surly Moloko bar) and has a good look with the Cork coming through. Will be looking forward to see how they survive a global tour next year ;)
Hagrid ColliderI have used Cinelli Cork Bar Tape for over 25 years, both for long distance weekend warrior jaunts and for the daily commute. I've tried other types and other brands, but this is the one that I keep coming back to. It's durable; it's comfortable in both the wet and the dry, providing a consistent grip (with or without gloves). It has the added bonus of being a better insulator than some synthetic tapes - important if you suffer from cold hands in winter and don't want the bar tape to conduct your precious body warmth away through the heat sink of your handlebars. OK, some of the synthetic tapes are jazzier in appearance and add more bling to your bike. But bling can be transient; classic design never dates.
Simongood value bar tape - not as technical as some of the newer materials, but always feels and looks luxurious
Mr parsonageExcellent quality. Easy to use.good length
Steve ThomasCinelli cork tape is super grippy and comfortable, especially double wrapped. Fast despatch from Merlin - thanks guys!
PaulBeen using it for years. Can be challenging to wrap, but that old school cork feel is worth it.
WeegieComfortable without being too bulky. Have used before and wears well
Mr CarrExcellent value. Will be my go to bar type from now.
Izzy 1Nice tape,perhaps a little short, percise wrapping it's just long enough (44cm bar) would buy again.
PeetrootYou can't go wrong with this stuff. My go to bar tape
TTHave great quality and feel. Previously used Lizardskin which were also good but I prefer the cork feel of these.
Mr RanbyFirst class product after the recent hot weather this tape absorb my sweaty hands as I don’t wear gloves have used other makes over many year and have found this to be the best very good service from Merlin cycles
Mr EllisFirst time I'd re-taped my bars and this is spot on easy to use definitely buy again.
Rod IsaacsPretty much all I use. Good value, durable, easy to wrap.
AdrianVery comfy, and easy to install.
Mr ALVINI like the texture, good grip and comfortable.
Mike WComfortable tape, easy to fit, no problems so far and looks good
JasonBeen using Cinelli cork tape for years. It's durable, comfortable and goes on and comes off easy.
Mr WilliamsWent on OK, even with my unskilled hands. Feels comfortable and looks good
Mr JonesA lovely classic, but it isn't just nice to look at - it's comfortable as well.
JakeEasy to apply, plenty of length for whole bar application.
Mr TVGood soft tape
RoderickExcellent basic handlebar tape which is very comfortable and easy to fit.
Mr PhilipsonDecent amount of cushioning. A pain in the backside to put on just like all other bar tape !
MikeI`ve used this for the last few years, easy to wrap, looks good, feels good!
Mr BeadleGood, simple handlebar tape. Does the job and is super comfy, have no issues.
Mr TaylorCinelli has always been my go to handlebar tape. Always a quality product that performs well.
Mr AlbrechtFeels comfortable and was easy to install.
Mr KnillAs you'd expect from cinelli cork - no frills but does the job. Very vibrant orange colour that I was expecting. Bar end plugs are rubbish though; I discarded them immediately and used leffe beer corks.
JohnCinelli handle bar tape has all ways been my favorite. Good quality and good selection of colors. Dark blue is a color I use a lot and Merlin was the only place I could find it this time.
RoszakNothing but Cinelli Cork for me...I've been using it for over 20 years now.
RoszakWhat can you say? Cinelli cork, still the best in my eyes. Basic solid colours with a light touch, non-sticky grip and a classic feel.
Mr StevensIt's classic cork bar tape, exactly what you want. Had no problems installing as usual.
Old timerCinelli tape is the same as it always has been, my personal tape of choice for the last 25+ years, delivery was fast, to N.B. Canada in 5 working days!
Rudolf LuthiBeautiful and comfortable tape, not sticky at all. I use with bare hands on a carbon bar and it's great.
CTMTBEasy to put on, comfortable and absorbs the bumps. A great value overall.
Mr ReckerGood middle of the road tape. I change it mostly once a season if not even more often. So no need for expensive Bar Tape
Mr ChristofferGreat tape, old school but classic!
Mr DukeHandlebar tape is rather personal, like saddles. For someone looking for comfortable and resilient bar tape, that does not feel overly squishy, this is the job. The cork/polyurethane tape is easy to apply, with a slight stretch. It lasts well is washable (or, buy black) and looks great, especially on classic bicycles.
Nick the WineAlways the best, long lasting, great value.
Mr NguyenVery very comfortable on the hands. I would say these are more for the casual/weekend rider who prefers a soft grip. Racers might want something a bit tackier.
thecaptnI started using this tape recently, feels nice, doesn't fall to bits if you remove it to replace cables and goes straight back on. Best value tape I've found so far.
KasperGood old cork. Comfortable and easy to apply.
ForsNot the easiest to apply, but it feels nice to the touch. It gets dirty very easy, but that holds true for almost all comfortable handlebar tapes that still gives you grip. I got very little excess after wrapping with this tape, so beware not to wrap it with too much overlap.
Barry HatcherWell padded bar tape as always from a quality brand like Cinelli. A well trusted and used tape.
Mr HerridgeGreat bar tape, comfy, head wearing, good price
Mr SkinnerVery good tape but as with all bar tape could be 100mm longer for ease of fitting
Mr CorryThe tape itself is great quality, comfortable, lightweight and easy to apply. There's plenty of tape to wrap the bars so long as you remember to stretch it a little during application. The adhesive strip could be wider, but it's not so narrow as to cause problems. The bar end plugs didn't fit my bars, and the sticky tape supplied to cover the ends of the handlebar tape was useless. I ended up using electricians tape and my old bar plugs. As mentioned in reviews elsewhere, the red colour isn't particularly good. It's a pinky-orange, and doesn't match with the red found on recent Specialized bikes. I'll be going with the white or the black next time. Small complaints though considering the price of this bar tape. It's definitely the stuff to get.
Mr TinsleyGood quality product. Instant grip in wet conditions
Mr MillqvistCork is still the best comfort
Mr SurridgeNice tape, easy to wrap and a reasonable price. Can't fault it
Mr WalshVery nice feel on the bars. could do with a little extra length on the rolls.
Mr BarberExcellent product, very pleased with the fast delivery.
Mr StroudSuperb comfortable tape
Mr JenkinsQuality tape, and usual great price and service from merlin
Mr McManamanThis bar tape is easy to wrap and your pricing rocks, thanks.
Mr WaughNice tape, it wrapped nicely and looks good, it was nice and sticky although could still be removed to adjust.
Mr BegenEasy to put on and well packaged, little disappointed in the colour as it is more pink than Red that I was looking for.
Mr Crostonvery comfy and well made and looks like it will survive the elements
Mr SpeckIf I am to be honest this tape was not that good. It was a bit thin and the lenght supplied was a touch short
Mr BernerGreat classic tape. Not too spongy. Wraps well and gives a nice pro look to the bike.
Mr KennedyTape is elastic enough to ensure that a good final result is obtained, even if you are a novice. 5 stars
Mr kamata
Dr Cheung