Cinelli Gel Cork Handlebar Tape
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Cinelli Gel Cork Handlebar TapeCinelli Gel Cork Handlebar TapeCinelli Gel Cork Handlebar TapeCinelli Gel Cork Handlebar TapeCinelli Gel Cork Handlebar TapeCinelli Gel Cork Handlebar TapeCinelli Gel Cork Handlebar Tape
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Cinelli Gel Cork Handlebar Tape
  • More elasticity, more comfort and the highest shock absorbing properties thanks to Vibra Absorb.
  • A gel that covers the inner surface of the tape, self adhesive and perfect to wrap.
  • It is heat-proof (>60deg - 140F), tear resistant and super soft.
Mr Bozzo Great quality and good value for money!
Dr Midgley Fresh bar tape for my mid-00s road bike. In the past I'd double-wrap the tops to cope with rural road-buzz but this gel padding is quite comfortable on its own. Looks good, feels good, with or without track mitts. Worth the additional couple of pounds over standard cork tape.
Mr Fava Worked exactly as expected. Terrific value.
Jose This is a quality tape. Soft yet firm grip. A bargain compared to some other brands. Most importantly, it looks great on my racer.
neil. Road biker If you want a little more comfort than the usual bar tape this is ideal. I have used it for a few years now and would recommend it. Easy to fit looks good and wear’s well.
CALISKAN Soft and durable.
Mr Fitzgerrald Good quality bar tape at a great price.
James Very comfortable and good value! Using on my old steel tourer converted for gravel.
Dave Johnson Nice bar tape and looks great too
Mr Allen This is the best tape in terms of longevity, ease to fit and you can undo easily if needed. It is comfortable which is also a major consideration.
Mr crossland Generous length & bombproof when applying
Sean Have used this for many years, good value though it does break down though use. At the price though, it's no problem to replace periodically.
Mr Morwood Great quality wraps well and feels comfortable
Wally wallace Definitely the best and most comfortable bar tape. I use this on all of my bikes , race bike, tourer and gravel. its durable usually easy to remove when the time comes and can often be rewrapped.
N Lewis This bar tape is fantastic. Easy to fit, comfortable, grippy. Prefer this to much more expensive alternatives.
McByker Good texture. Removable/reusable glue on the back so any errors in wrapping can easily be corrected, and changing cables in future won't be a problem.
J Chan Feels so good that I bought another set!
Sam Easy to wrap, and readjust as you wrap, with the gel back rather than self-adhesive. Very comfortable, and so far very secure.
G Andreou Feels good and grippy, as I have bony hands I'll probably need another layer
Mr Gilchrist Always the best bar tape! Never fades, cleans easily! Stocking up on the basics. Best price even with expedited shipping as the only choice in COVID times
Mr Lee Wrap feels good. Plan to compare vs other padded and tacky brands. So far, looks promising
Mr Holden Lovely tape, no stick either so easy to reposition if (as I did) you want to adjust the position of your shifters after test riding
Mr mountford Nice soft feel, easy to apply
Andy Easy to fit and though its early days it appears to be hard wearing. Not quite as tacky as other tapes when installing which makes it a little more fiddly. The end-finishing tape looks great but again not as sticky as I'd like and it did start to lift. Cheap looking end-caps.
Mr Andac These are pretty nice. Soft and thick enough for cushioning, easy to install, as well. The package includes 2 bar ends, two pieces of bar tapes for both sides and insulation tapes for the other ends. These are not very useful, you may need electric isolation tape but this is not an issue. For the price/performance ratio this may be the best.
Mr Kaye Great tape, easy to apply and good to the touch. Actually preferred it to the Lizard Skins
Mr De Rooster Good cork bar tape nice and soft. Bar plugs aren't the best but overall the best cork tape you can get.
Mr G The bar tape looks great on the bike and after 5 rides, it's holding up nicely. It's relatively easy to fit.
Mr Walker Nice bar tape which is a noticeable improvement over the OEM tape fitted. Very happy
Mr Mitchell Best bar tape - doesn't feel too synthetic
adrian Without doubt this is now my 'go to' bar tape, Cinelli performance and style but more importantly really easy to stretch and wrap, especially with the gel backing if you make a mistake you can peel back and re apply, this was especially useful after my shifter died 2 days after fresh tape, equally if you want to adjust or tidy up. This will save you money in the long run. So it is worth the money for both performance and functionality.
Mr Colclough Good handlebar tape easy to apply yourself, and very comfortable whilst riding.
Mr Richardson Love this bar tape, extra squishy and feels great and you can unwrap if you dont like how its going on
Mr Fearn I bought these to replace the stock tape on my bike which got ripped up after a fall. This was the first time I’ve ever fitted bar tape and I found it quite easy with this bar tape. It came with both two small extra padding strips to cover behind the hoods, sticky tape to tape the end down and plugs for the bar ends - everything I needed for the job. The tape is comfy on the bars but I ended up quickly replacing the included end-plugs with the expanding screw-in ones that came with my bike.
Grant Used Bontranger tape in the past, but this is way more comfortable love the fact you can reposition whilst wrapping the tape and if you do it properly, overlapping the the edge taper it is completely ridge free..... great product
Leon I use cinelli gel handlebar wrap to absorb the road vibration. Great product
Phil Cineli tape is high quality always.
Mr Mitchell Nice way to finish off my Sora to 105 update, good level of grip and comfort.
Mr JONES Nice comfortable gel tape. Would buy again.
Mr Arnold Thin but coomfy
Mr Gilchrist Used Cinelli for years, then got sucked into Supacaz and other pretenders. Back to Cinelli!
Daniel Awesome tape!
Oldnslow Great tape. Stretchy, cushy, lasts pretty well and great value.
jalepave perfect for gravel
Ryan Classic. Love it.
Richard I like it. Quite well padded and seems quite durable. I use with some gel pads on the handlebars underneath the tape. Used for Lands End - John O'Groats without any issues.
Christopher I really like the cork feel, really grippy and does not become slippery when wet. Really good price too!
Oldnslow Cushy, comfortable, wears well.
Mr Bae Nice bartape... Always use this only.
Mr Page I have used this before- it is a really nice quality tape, with a good level of cushioning and a grippy texture. The best thing is the silicone backing- it makes fitting it extremely easy, and there is no messy residue on the bars. I will continue to use it on all my bikes! Speedy delivery from Merlin!
Mr Broscious Easy install, looks great, feels confortable
Richard Worked well. Used over Fizik Bar Gel Set for extra thick wrapping for long distance cycling.
Mr Matos Comfy and absorbs impact
James Good price for good tape, nothing else to say
joe hw Cushy and comfortable for the long days behind bars, with the added benefit of looking good.
Mr DUKE My experience is that this is the best one if you want good grip, non slip with a soft feel
Sjors Easy-to-use handlebar tape that offers plenty comfort for longer rides
Eugene Soaks up road buzz and gives you much comfort
Christopher Lovely, thick, shock-absorbing tape
Mel Good length and easy to fit. No tape cancels out awful roads but this does as good or better than any other
Mr Ellis Very comfy bar tape. Double-wrapped by gravel bike bars with this tape and it's killed any buzz from the trail and softens any big bumps
david Excellent! Easy to fit and comfortable.
Mr Laverty Cinelli tape is great, easy to fit and plenty of it.
Joshua I always go Cinelli. Its the only way to go!
Ty No complaints. Feels great and doesn`t cost a fortune
Mr Kelly This is a great product the cork allows me to go barehanded if I want
DIEGO Very comfortable and nice looking. It's easy to install and the package includes everything you may need, even the bar end plugs.
Alun Very comfortable, thick bar tape, also a good length
Fausto Boppi Hard-wearing & exceptionally comfortable if you like your handlebars double-wrapped.
Oscar Very soft and comfy. Easy to install.
Murf A great bar tape if you like something a bit thicker to soak up some road vibration, very comfortable.
Ernesto Great tape, lots of it and very easy to wrap!
Mr Nelson I've used this tape in the past, on a friends bike. I opted for it back then because it was cheap. But I actually really liked it. I like how much cushion it provides. I'm curious how well it'll hold up.
Mr Giguere Soft and robust feeling.
Lower Goes on easy and is very comfortable
Mr Washer Extremely comfortable bar tape. Quite easy to apply - the tape isn't really sticky at all, it just has a silicone-like strip in the middle which stops it slipping in the bar, but it doesn't stick as such. I've double wrapped this over my previous tape, and the bars couldn't be more comfortable for commuting now.
Mr Duke Wonderful, comfy stuff. OK, there are others out there but Cinelli is one of the nicest to wrap. It really is springy so that you can put plenty of tension of the tape as you wrap it for a really neat finish. Also lasts incredibly well and, for the lighter colours, just give a quick wash with a bit of soap/water and let dry. Lats really well and very comfy. Colour is a matter of choice, by the natural cork looks really good on any classic bike (especially for those unwilling to spend $$$ for retro leather stuff).
Summers One of the best bar tapes I've used -easy to work with, with a nice amount of stretch and also easy to re-wrap if needed. I used this stuff along with Cinelli's bar gels to comfortably double-wrap my bars for tackling the cobbles of Flanders. I bought the black which has kept its colour well and not really faded.
BurrPT Soft to the touch and dampens the vibration much more than my previous gel tape. Would buy again for the value.
Simon Product was very easy to install and has improved the comfort no end.
Lee A little thick, makes it hard to plug in the ends, but feels good
Mr Washer Really comfortable bar tape which lasts and lasts. Can be a little tricky to wrap because there isn't any properly sticky tape on the back, just a thin grippy gel surface. Keep pressure on and have someone to hold the ends whilst you tape them though and it's easy. The tape gives a comfortable ride and takes some of the buzz out of rougher roads. Can't imagine wanting more for on-road, you'll probably want to double wrap if you want something seriously seriously plush or for CX though.
lam Very comfortable
WELLS Great bar tape...very comfortable. Love the natural cork colour looks fantastic with my Ghisallo and retro steel bike. Ordered extra packs to keep as spare.
Mr Adams Wonderful tape, wonderful price, performs as expected. I enjoy this excellent product.
Mr mcgowan Works great, looks great. I like the gel on the inside so that if I make the inevitable step wrapping, it is easy to redo.
Nathan Gillick Very thick and comfortable. The best bar tape I've ever used!
Mr devseren Best handlebar tape ever
Richard Connop Nice and stretchy which makes them easy to wrap. Sticky back allows you to reposition to get them perfectly aligned. Have put about 300 miles on before writing this review and they haven't budged. Soft feel with enough cushion to dampen road vibration and they look really good too. Top tape in my view and half the cost of some others I've tried in the past and not found to be as good.
Mr Jones Very good quality, easy to apply and feels comfortable with a good grip.
Mr Northover Very good tape easy to fit and refit as this was my first time fitting new handlebar tape I got it slightly wrong first go and had to take it back off but once on very comfy and durable. The only suggestion I make is that you get a roll of good quality insulating tape the same colour as the handlebar tape your fitting as the tape supplied is not that sticky and very little of it
Miss Allen Great tape easy to wrap and comfy, and the usual great service from Merlin
Mr Johnston Having previously bought the (more expensive) Specialized bar phat tape, I can say that this Cinelli wrap is the best wrap I've ever had. Soft and very nicely padded. Comes with bar stops and the two extra little pieces of wrap which I always put behind the STI levers to avoid a bulky "figure-8" type route around the levers.
Joey Nice to the touch, and absorbs some of the vibration. Repels water, and easy to clean.
Mr Powles The tapes feels very good and was easy to apply
JHutch Good cushioning tape, wears well so far. Excellent service and price as always from Merlin.
Mr Carrillo Great Cinelli Gel Cork tape texture and comfort.
Dr Gilmartin Got it in red, a bit bright but that wont last long after a few punctures. Excellent quality and length, easy to fit. Highly recommended.
Mr Harrison Great quality tape with a very comfortable feel on the roads. A little shorter than expected, but wrapping it tightly adds to the comfort of the gel, so not something to worry about. As always, great service from Merlin and this is likely to be the same brand and e-shop I'll buy from time and time again.
Mr Collyer This is nice thick tape, with a great soft feel and plenty of cushioning. I have large hands (6'2" bloke) and have been looking for some tape that stopped my bars feeling like your holding a pencil. The "sticky" on the back is not super sticky so it's easy to put on and off if you stuff it up a bit.
Mr Wilkinson Fitted easily, comfortable and grippy, look good. I cannot get too excited about bar tape but this does the job perfectly well
Mr Dumigan Very comfortable, just take time fitting it with medium tension, don't pull too tight as it will stretch the gel a great luxury feel to your bars.
Mr thomas Did a good job
Mr nolan The red I chose was a perfect match for my colour scheme the tape is easy to fit with good clear instructions the first one I have done I will buy it again
Mr Evans Brilliant bar tape, having tried lots of different tapes, specialized, deda, fizik, this feels nice in my big hands
Ben Good quality, easy to fit and stayed tight on the bars. Very comfy.
Mr Roberts