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Clarks VX811C Disc Brake Pads - Organic
VX ORGANIC : Specifically designed to give the best performance under normal conditions. The organic compound gives improved noise reduction as well as increased ‘bite’ in general use. Recommended for use with Mechanical Systems.
Graham Just fitted, was a bit apprehensive due to the cheap price, but so far these have performed brilliantly, powerful stopping with no noise, should have bought some more to stock up!
Silvano Pereira Good performance!
Tom Good, soft compound. Bed in quick, no noise and bite quickly. Great price for some dry weather pads, but I wouldn't recommend using them once the weather turns really wet & muddy (as they don't last that long)
G Cup Good value. Decent fit - some OEM pads aren't. Durability is okay but not great, but that's exactly as expected from organic pads. Power good, no squealing on my setup.
Mr Ekene-Micah Does the job! I was worries about the size but it fit perfectly for my db5 brakes just as advertised. At such a great price i bought 4 just in case the price went up.
Paul Burdett Great price gave them a good check over before fitting to my grandsons bike. They have been in a couple of weeks now and he is happy with their performance
Russell Surprisingly good pads, quiet operation and very quick bed in ✅✅
Mr Nathaniel Roberts The pads work really well and are easy to put on. The price was very reasonable . When I installed them on my bike there was no squeaking etc. Delivery was swift hassle free.
Mr Woodstock I am very pleased with these pads. They fit perfectly, make my bike stop very well indeed and are cheap as chips. Excellent thank you.
Graeme Pads are of good quality and were the ideal replacement. Speedy dispatch as well, thanks Merlin.
Afonso I am very satisfied with this brake pads. Great quality and good price.
Derek Excellent, well priced, fit all models stated and stop ya.
Philip Seem to work well - no squeal and have stopping power.
Chris Good stoppers, relatively quiet in use, good price