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EBC Brake Disc Pads - Sintered (Gold)
EBC replacement disc pads in green compound. Models available to fit most current brakes.
It is commonly accepted that sintered  pads last several times longer than organic pads. These comments still ring true in the MTB Brake pad market.
Sintered pads offer higher friction rates than anything out there. EBC sintered gold grade MTB pads will last longer and brake stronger than anything you can buy.
Very good pads at a reasonable price
Fitted to Spyre brakes, still bedding in but are already a big improvement over the originals. I believe these pads are a worthwhile buy.
Good pads, perform well.
Honked a lot for the first 10 minutes or so until they bedded in. Since then they have been great. Occaional high pitched sqeak as is normal. Completed a 50 mile mtn bike race without issue.
Very strong pads, requires a break in period, but use a hard break in rather than slowly dragging on the flat. After around 10 pulls the bite shot up and now has a lot more power than the originals, very impressed!