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Elite Crono CX Aero Bottle & Cage Kit
Aerodynamic bottle and bottle cage kit designed and tested in a wind tunnel
  • Weight: 98g
  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Bottle cage with monocoque fibre-reinforced (FRP) material structureBottle with exclusive surface designed to maximise air penetration, and cap with membrane technology
  • Complies with UCI regulation
  • Supplied with fiberglass bottle cage
Mr Challen Simple to use, secure in cage and might just save a couple of seconds in a time trial / triathlon.
Paul Perfect aero bottle for TT bikes, and at a great price. Easy to use and would highly recommend for any cyclist or Triathlete.
Sargon Excellent price and product fitted this to my road bike for the free watts, I don't understand why so many people buy aero bikes and then fit big fat bottle on it? Will possible be buying another for my endurance bike.
Dorel I've had this aero bottle installed on my TT bike and now ordered 2 more for the road bike. Very stable, relatively easy to use while cycling and pretty easy to fill, clean. Holds approx. 500 ml
Mr Arnason Bought this for my Canyon TT bike, fits well to the frame and gives me a chance to have something to drink in time trials without compromising the aero capabilities of the bike.
M Pyrah As far as aero bidons are concerned, this seems to be the only aero one I could find at a reasonable price. It fits perfectly well, just like a normal cage and bidon. It has a satisfying ‘click’ when pushed into the cage so you know when it’s properly seated. The main difficulty I have is adding energy powder to water as the opening is much smaller than usual, so I have to fashion a makeshift paper funnel and guide the powder in, but I suspect that this is inevitable due to the shape of the bidon, so I can live with it, and taking a drink needs a little more thought as there is no stopper, so you need to be careful not to squeeze the sides too much when taking it out of the cage or you may find the contents spray over the frame. This is the second of these I have on my aero frame, and they look great against the stealth-black carbon!
Jayar Perfect for my TT bike
Jason Good secure fit, used during a 50 mile TT on a pretty awful surface. Need some practice replacing the bottle back in the cage but soon got the hang of it. Not as easy to drink from as previous aero bottles I've used and I did experience some leaking. During longer events I would probably resort to a standard bottle but OK for shorter events.
Mr Aktalay Quality purchase. Clip mechanism is secure although may become loose later so a grip tape upgrade may be considered.
Paul Great bottle but was slightly loose and rattled in the cage. Applied small bits of tape to the bottle and not a problem now.
Kevin Great lightweight and aero product, ideal for the Time Trial Bike I bought it for. Hard to beat for the price I think, great value for money.
Mr Troy Good little bottles and mounts. Easy enough to use once you understand how to clip them in on the move. Not sure how much aero advantage they truly provide, but they look the part and that's half the battle...
Dr O'Connor I so so much wanted to love this water bottle; its aero and it looks so cool. But sadly it doesn't work. The tapered shape means you can't take it off the frame with gloves. It rattles. But worst of all the mount won't hold it on when you go over bumpy UK roads. Second ride it fell off on a big descent, bounced off my rear wheel and is now broken. Such a shame because round water bottles are so 1980's. Please have another go at redesigning it!
Keith With the upcoming riding about to start, I was in the market for new bottles. I have older round style by Elite that have held up great. Elite makes quality products. They're half width of standard bottles with a dimpled surface to reduce drag and snap easly into the holder. I highly recommend.
Mr pullen Nice item, very aero and just enough fluid to keep you refreshed on a 25TT
John Great looking addition to my new aero bike. I meanwhile have an aero bike and mess up the aero advantage by adding bulky non aero bottles. The bottle and cage have a unique fix point that takes a little getting used to as indeed does the process of drinking that requires you to squeeze the bottle whilst taking a drink to increase flow. At the discounted price this product is now with serious consideration on any rider looking to increase aero advantage and save a few watts. Every second counts does it not?
Martin Seems to be made to Elites high standards as has no pba and does not taint the water at all. Very aero and secure in its cage. A little less squiggy' than its conventional shaped bottle when squirting water out. Packed and posted very efficiently by Merlin.
Mr Salinas Excellent!! I needed it and now it is perfect with my scott plasma. Aerodynamic and comfortable... 100% recommended. The delivery was perfect, only a few days. Good prices in this page. Thanks!
Trevor I ordered two of these bottles for the slipstream effect - dont know how good they are but they look very good and must make a watts saving over normal round bottles, I have been told that with two bottles fitted the bike is faster than without any bottles/cages fitted - this is hearsay. On the bike the bottles do rattle but this can be stopped by fitting a small piece of velcro, one sided only to the indents. The reason that I didn't give 5 stars is they have a small neck (mix powder in jug and pour in) and that with wet long finger gloves the bottles are difficult to extract.
Mr Tobin Good quality and value. Slight rattle if bottle empty. Solved by a bit of black electrical tape inside the cage to reduce tolerance and movement. Secure and snaps in fine.
BobR Obviously more aero than a normal bottle & cage. Looks good. No more difficult to drink from on a TT bike than a normal bottle
Mr Nut Light aero and good spout, no need to twist or pull anything to release water/energy drink
Mr Jones Well made aero bottles, very affordable
Stephen Most impressed with design and function, sits very well on my TT bike.
Neal_VAN Cool looking bit of kit and a good addition to your aero road frame or TT bike. Build quality doesn't seem the best so far - cap is tough to remove/ not that secure and the bottle is a bit loose in the cage, hopefully neither of these things will cause issues in the long term.
brian Seems perfect for what it is needed for, TT, will be using this next year on my return to time trialling after a year off through injury, am now 73 and hope to go on to at least 80