The brainchid of a group of hardcore cyclists, A2Z has been designing and manufacturing components and accessories for disc brake systems since 1998. Unsatisfide with the perfomance of off-the-shelf parts, these cyclists pooled together their creative talent and technical expertise to develop a range of innovative components and accessories engineered specifically for disc brake system.

The arrival of the modem bicycle disc brake system brought brake perfor-mance to a new level; however, it also created a whole new set of problems with a dizzying array of different mounting standards, rotor sizes, compatibility issues...etc. and the like. A2Z Design and Development Inc. aims to change all that by offering a complete line of components and accessories to solve your disc brake problems - in short, the “A2Z solution.”

The mission of A2Z Design and Development Inc. is to provide the most complete solutions to all your disc brake problems. All products have been designed and tested by riders that demand the best out of their equipment, riders just like you.

“A2Z - taking care of all your disc brake problems from A to Z.”

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