Transition are a rider-owned company who design bikes that are bit different to the norm. They don’t make wacky or weird bikes. They make bikes that make sense to experienced riders. Sure, they like to have fun – check out the videos below – but they take their fun very seriously.

They don’t make dozens of different models. They don’t generally ‘do’ model years; they bring out a new model, or revise an existing model, as and when they think it’s needed. They aren’t luddites. Far from it. They’re pioneering designers but in a grounded, what-riders-want kinda way.

The designers are all real world riders themselves – and pretty darned good riders – and they design bikes that are capable of being ridden hard and rough without rattling to pieces. Their local trails in Washington State, USA are full of rocks, roots and muck, and they design the bikes to survive and thrive there. Big pivots, big tyre clearance, decent paintjobs.

Transition have bikes for trail riding through to downhill racing, with the recent boom in enduro bikes being a particular strength. Progressive geometry, sophisticate suspension, sturdy construction, good looks and reliability are the hallmarks of all Transition bikes.

Transition have always been good at designing the sort of bikes that no other company really does. Or does to the same degree at least. Their model history is littered with cult and iconic bikes. Their new range of bikes has a couple more destined-to-be-cult-favourites in there too.

There are some brand new models coming for the 2015 range. Most of which sport Transition’s new suspension system – Giddy Up. Transition have moved to a four-bar Horst-link design which should behave better with modern air shocks and still retain the ‘pop’ and nippy handling traits that Transitions are known for.

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