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Hope Tech 3 E4 Pads - Available Standard or Sintered
  • Genuine replacement pads for Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes
  • Available Standard or Sintered
Very good pads, bed in quickly and don't seem to lose out on power through a ride, cost a pretty penny but worth it.
Good lasting pads, if you do a lot of downhill riding, recommend upgrade to semi-metallic.
Seem to last quite well and stop the bike well.
Just got these for spares, same as the ones when I bought the brakes and work well enough in wet and dry.
Great pads - last well in bad weather and offer excellent stopping power in all conditions. Very predicatble. Much better value (despite extra initial cost) than aftermarket parts that die in less than half the time.
Great pads, plenty of bite in all conditions (sintered)
Excellent brake, bought cheaper ones before but switched back to Hope as nothing stops as good as Hope
The same as what I'm currently running in my brakes, and they're all good!
Spot on! Winter grit and slop destroyed the original organic pads in my E4s in short order, these sintered pads have given an instant upgrade in bite and feel. Impressed so far. Great price and quick delivery from Merlin as well!
In my world, Hope are the standard by which all others are judged.
These are one of the best pads I have tried for the Mono 4 brakes, powerful easy to fit and last a long time.
I like Hope sintered pads and use only these ones, they are better than some other brands I have tried.
Not really any third party alternatives out there but no matter as I find the organics superb anyway