Cantilever brakes, once set up correctly, offer simple braking and generous mud clearance making them the brake of choice for Cyclocross riders, many stick to ‘Cantis’ over disc brakes. V Brakes also offer good clearance and were the brake of choice on the MTB scene before discs became widely available. Merlin stock Avid and Tektro brakes.

  1. Road Bike Cantilever Brakes

    Road Bike Cantilever Brakes

    Wide stance and frog legs cantis for cyclocross bikes and other machines.
  2. MTB V Brakes

    MTB V Brakes

    Standard V-brakes, mini Vee brakes and linear pull brakes for cyclocross.
  3. Road Bike V Brakes

    Road Bike V Brakes

    Long arm rim brakes for cyclocross, hybrids and mountain bikes.