Ergon GP1 Grips
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Ergon GP1 GripsErgon GP1 Grips
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Maximum comfort and the best possible pressure distribution in a grip designed for touring or mountain biking.
  • Ergon's original and ground breaking GP1 continues to set standards.
  • Offering optimal pressure distribution and available in two sizes, it features a forged aluminium clamp for fast and secure installation.
  • Adjustment of the support platform is achieved by simply loosening the clamp bolt and positioning the grip to the desired neutral position.
  • Standard version
  • Small (Sm to Med) & Large(Med to Lge)
  • 202g per pair
Marcin Great price and fast delivery . Grips are excellent and comfy
John Weatherall Bought these grips after I rode a friends bike with them fitted. The round grips I had on my Boardman hybrid put a lot of pressure on the inside of my thumbs resulting in blisters and cracked skin. These Ergon GP1 Grips when positioned right allow the weight to be spread over a larger area of the palm/hand. Much more comfortable, I’ve since ordered another pair for my Wilier mountain bike. Good price from Merlin Cycles and excellent service
Mr Shaw Easy to fit & have reduced considerably, the soreness of the soft tissue beneath the thumb . Having longer rides now!!
DRPen Good quality grips with a wide comfortable platform.
Mr Gibson Top quality very comfortable grips. My wife is very happy.
Mr palmer Quality product. Easy to fit. Comfortable. Good set of grips.
Mr Brunner I bought for my city bike. Very convenient and easy to assemble.
Mr Hoskins Very comfortable, helps to reduce fatigue on long rides and easy to fit
Nathan I love these - so comfy and high quality. Wasn't sure what size to get (smallish hands for a bloke), but small seems fine for me.
A. Partridge Stopped my hands aching every day on my commute. Very comfortable.
Jason P. I have big hands and they were getting sore on long rides with stock grips. These grips have a much larger platform for my palm and has made riding much more comfortable.
Belgian Bob Extra comfort for longer off-road rides, keep your wrists strong and palms from going numb. Great for XC and marathons, but probably not a good idea for anything ending in "core". Pretty easy to set up too.
Taylor Great grips ...far more comfy than the cork version which I bought but found quite hard and unyielding. Have used ergon grips for years on all bikes and not found anything better. Merlin price best on net and also fastest delivery ..normally with me next day.
Ben Not being as young as I once was my joints are starting to complain, after two weeks in the Alps with "normal" grips tennis elbow set in. I changed to these and after completing the SDW in two days no complaints from the elbow, amazing difference.
Mr Adamson Great comfortable grips, stopped getting hand cramps on long rides, would recommend
Mr Dekkers I bought these grips a few weeks ago to replace the straight grips on my Cinder Cone hardtail. The grips were easy to install and tighten using an Allen key. I loosely fastened the hex bolt and whilst sitting on the bike, adjusted the grips by rotating them. Once satisfied with the position I tightened the hex bolt. Most difficult part turned out to be the installation of the end caps as they were a very tight fit, pushing square flanges in a round hole. Eventually I wedged a small wooden block between the end cap and the garage wall and used my full body weight to squeeze them in. In my opinion the grips are great! No more sore or cramped hands from squeezing the handlebars. Most of the hand palm is in contact with the grips and as a result I did not need to hold the handle bar very tightly to maintain control. Steering and using the brakes at the same time was much easier than before. The paddle shaped extensions of the grips are somewhat flexible and absorb some of the impact of bumps. Slow steep downhill descents were a joy. During the first two rides the grips needed some fine adjustment, so remember to take the right size Allen key with you. The grips are definitely worth the money.
Mr Curry Very good grips, easy to install and helps position hands and support wrists.
Mr Fry These have proved to be worth every penny of the asking price for me. I have CTS and find all other grips bring on numbness, and eventually pain, sometimes after as little as 30 - 40 minutes. With the GP1's however, it is usually at least a couple of hours before the effects become uncomfortable. I have tried cheaper look a like products previously, but nothing comes close to Ergon grips for both performance & construction. If you suffer from carpel Tunnel or similar these are well worth trying. They have at least bought me some time while I wait for my operation.
Northern cyclist Have these on my other mountain bike and like the extra palm area for long rides and rocky descents
Mr Mason Bought these grips as I get numb hands, no more, these are great for doing 4 hour rides. Comfy and numb free. Easy fit and no slipping once fixed with the bolt. 5 stars
Mr Mager I decided to try these grips after suffering from numb hands/fingers on long rides despite wearing the appropriate gloves. I have not been disappointed, these grips do what they say on the tin! You need to tweak the angle of these on the bar to find the optimum position but once you have found it these really do help. Would definitely recommend.
Stu NZ Great quality grips - easy to put on and seem very comfortable so far. They're a big improvement over the standard ones!
Mr Rogerson These fit well and I find them comfortable in use. My previous pair (cheaper and not same make) went horribly sticky after about 5 years. These look like they will not do that. I am very pleased with these.
Mr Pownall Really comfortable. Wish I'd bought them a lot earlier. Would recommend these to everyone.
Vidar Good grips that make my longer rides a bit more comfortable. However, they did not magically make all stress on the hands disappear, as was my perhaps over-optimistic expectation. You should probably bring a hex/allen key with you on a test ride, so as to be able to do some adjustments along the way. Takes some trial and error to find a position that is comfortable over some distance.
Mr Maud Been using them for years.. Good at reducing white noise vibration.
Andy H Good piece of kit - easy to fit and comfortable in use - as long as you get them on the right side!! No slippage even with guessing at the 5Nm torque setting.
Mr Flatley Really great grip, easy to adjust. Once set up to your required position gives excellent support over difficult terrain.
Gavin B Well made, well designed. They perform just as you hope they will and I love them on my XC MTB. I would buy these again and again.
Kewbee I have these grips on 3 bikes, I've tried several other types of grip but nothing is as comfortable as these - highly recommended.
Kewbee Excellent quality product, gives extra support to wrists & very comfortable. Require careful adjustment to get exact positioning to gain full benefit. I have them on two other bikes & wouldn't use anything else.
Mr Simpson These grips offer support and comfort for those who may be experiencing some hand discomfort, they provide a platform for a more variable relaxed grip.
Bernado I have been suffering numbness on my rides and kept reading about these grips have cured it for most people. Seemed a bit expensive, but I thought I should give them a go. I found that again Merlin were the best deal and again I received my grips from them the day after I ordered them. (Thanks Merlin!). When I went out with my bike I took my allen key along and needed to adjust the grips three times to find the best position, and since then the numbness seems to have faded away. I also think these grips look great, and all-in-all they are a worthwhile purchase.
Mr Smith I already have these fitted on another bike and really like how they take the pressure of your wrists on long rides. So I have bought a second pair for my other bike.