Ergon GP2 Grips / Barends
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Ergon GP2 Grips / Barends
Code: GP2
Ergon GP2 Grips / barend combo (was GC2).
  • Multi-position grips with integrated cold forged alu barends, which have a dual function acting as the clamps for the grip.
  • The shape of the grip is identical to the GP1.
  • The GP2 is the replacement for the older GC2 model.
  • It features a longer, ergonomically optimized barend, which is adjustable in terms of its angle on the bar.
  • Its size and shape are ideal for small to middle sized hands (Size S: 6.5 - 8.5) as well as for middle to larger sized hands (Size L: 8.5 - 10.5).
  • The barend and the support platform on the grip can be independently adjusted for the correct angle to allow optimized fit for individual saddle position and riding style
  • Standard model
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Size: Small, Large
  • Clamp: Forged Aluminum
  • Use: Mountainbike, Touring


TraceyGreat grips have them on a few of my bikes now , easy to put on and very fast delivery from Merlin
UbudmanExcellent quality and much more comfortable than my standard grips. Very easy to fit and once fitted are rock solid. Very good price and fast delivery from Merlin.
JonComfy grips that reduces pins and needles in my hands. Not too big that you can't control the bike if the terrain gets tricky. Makes you bars a bit wider. Recommend them for long rides.
Mr MillsVery comfortable, no more hand pain on longer rides
Mr DerhamExcelent product and comfortable to use. There is a slight increase in weight over traditional grips but the trade off is worth it. Easy to install and setup. As an aside, loved the use of carboard packaging rather than plastic
Mr HemsleyEasy to fit grips and comfortable in use, the ergonomic design gives a comfortable ride and a good palm support for the hands.
Mr RileyI was initially skeptical of how good these grips are. But They are the Biz..... I was getting pain in my forearms ..... After fitting I went for a long ride, no forearm pain..... These are definitely worth investing in... They do work....
Mr BenisonSolid, grippy and good system. Eco friendly packaging. Remember it takes longer to brake when your hands are on the side.
Mr HrubiakSuperb product - brilliant ergonomics and comfort
Mr TaylorVery comfortable. The flat part is a great place to rest your palms. The small but useful bar ends provide a great optional hand hold for longer rides. Great for climbing
PeteI've used these on every road bike I have had for the past 6 years. They are the biz.
Nick HallPut these onto my rigid hybrid bike to solve a sore wrist issue on longer rides. Very comfortable grips that offer a good variety of hand positions, well made too! Very pleased.
Mr SKELLANDExactly as advertised .. very comfortable and support palm brilliantly..glad I bought them.
Mr KingReally comfortable, easy to fit and have helped make my riding more comfortable after fracturing my right scaphoid a few years back on top of of already damaged wrists. Well worth the money.
Mr APerfect for the new commuter. Relaxed position for the flat bars. Well priced.
Mr ScottExcellent, comfortable, certainly helped with numb hands.
Mr DavisHaving suffered with numb, aching and pretty uncomfortable hands/arms recently I done some research and come up with these as the top choice. Fitting them was a doddle and after my 1st ride of 28 miles, I found them to be very good. It is, however worth 'fiddling around' with the positioning of them to find the best angle etc. It doesn't take much movement to make a lot of difference, so small changes are the key.
Mrs ExtonVery comfortable,ease wrist pain,end grips useful for altering hand position and I would recommend them to fellow arthritis suffering cyclists. Far superior to the standard round grip which came with my bicycle.
Mr WallingtonExcellent grips and very easy to fit. Very happy with the Ergon GP2 Grips - makes riding (especially uphill) easier and more comfortable
MHave put these on my Brompton S-type. Very easy to fit and they give you at least two extra positions on the bike which is good for longer rides. Wasn't sure which size to get, Small or Large. I wear medium size gloves and large was ideal. Excellent product and fast delivery.
Mr AlçınIf you are to going to improve your riding comfort, definetely start using these ergonomic grips. You will notice the difference in a second.
OundleianReally great grips. Easy to fit on my hybrid and make long rides very comfortable, with the option to vary position. Highly recommended!
Mr MaloretExcellent product, easy to fit and gives a good comfortable riding position. Fast delivery would use merlin cycles again.
Dr DBought for my commuting bike, I have ridden with these for about two weeks now. I have to say I am a convert after being a bit sceptical. Greatly improved comfort and feel, and no numb fingers on my 8 mile commute. Worth every penny. Am thinking about buying a pair (without barend) for my trail bike. Recommend.
Dave MeakinsThe third set of Ergon grips/barends I have purchased, Ergon are simply the best.
Mr FryEarly days yet but so far seem to be much more effective than the cheap set of supposedly ergonomic grips I had been using. Finish & quality are very nice indeed so hopefully should stand the test of time. Seem expensive at first but I think you get what you pay for. Quality of service from Merlin was up to the usual standard.
DAVE WINTOURThought I would try these grips as I was suffering on longer rides with pins and needles in my hands . I was told about ergon grips and glad I took their advice as I no longer suffer from this problem. Very nice fit and comfortable, bar ends are good if you want to change your grip position. Merlin sell them at a great price and their usual fast delivery.Would recommend.
Mr BeardsleyReally good product at a really good price. I used to suffer from numbness in my hands during rides. Since fitting these grips I haven't had one single problem. Highly recommended. Will use Merlin again
Mr DonnellyAwesome grips for commuting, so much better than just bar ends. Highly recommended, will add to my other bikes as well
Mr ThomsonI am very happy with my purchase, the quality is excellent and they were very easy and quick to fit onto my bike. Would recomend them to all.
Mr DunneGood quality item and value for money. Exactly as expected
Mr HuckerGood product, Good Price, Exellent service. Thank you Merlin
Mr SmithReally great grips - Helped a lot with the problems that i had with my Ulnar nerve. Great service from Merlin as well.
Mr RushA great product, my pins and needles have now gone, the bar end is just the right size to flip your hands over for that extra leverage if needed. Fitting only takes minuets and its great on the eye. For me, a must have mod.
Mr WalkerFantastic grips which sorted out the pain in my hands - great fieel to them and the rubber has really good grip. They may be slighly pricier than some other grips but definitley worth it if you have pain in your hands from riding.
Mr RigbyThe new style have rubber coated bar ends and in my opinion dont look as nice as the alloy ones (Shown in picture) They should be more durable though. Get them fitted at the right angle and they are without doubt the most comfy grips you can buy. Wont find cheaper than Merlin trust me!
Mr LordGreat product - easy to fit. Barends help with getting up hill.
Mr nichollsI bought these grips on the advise of a fellow mtb rider who i befriended while out on one of my usual speed mad rides out on the trail . Like me, he got pins & needles after a long ride, So after purchasing these and discarding my run of the mill cacti looking old ones, i went for a burn, it took me a while to get use to them but after a few hours riding & a little tweak adjustment for my right side, my problem was solved. I quite like the small bar ends as you can change from race to pace position with your hands easy enough without much movement . Easy to install & adjust with an allen key , i cannot fault them.
Mr McAfeeGreat piece of kit. Easy to install and offer a good range of hand position grips. Have suffered with pins and needles in my hands for a while but these bar ends have solved the problem. Highly recommend these especially if you do long rides.
Mr DobieJust completed a 40 mile ride, these grips really made a difference. Particularly when not wearing a padded glove. Thanks Merlin Cycles for another Quality product!