Ergon GR2 Biokork Grip & Bar End
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Ergon GR2 Biokork Grip & Bar End
Code: GP3BK
New Ergon grip/bar end in Biokork. Replacement for the popular GR2.
  • The new GP3 BioKork offers a different feel thanks to the use of natural cork, while offering all the ergonomic advantages of every Ergon grip.
  • The 3 finger angle adjustable bar end offers an additional hand position, and nonslip rubber inserts for a sure grip in all conditions.
ClaireI have trusted Ergon rubber grips over the last 15 years and they have never let me down. Hesitated at making the leap to Biokork until I saw it being used on top end Plasterers trowels. It only took a few miles off road to notice the claims of reduced vibration are true. The Biokork is a tough product that provides higher levels of grip when wet and apparently doesn't suffer from rubber rot. The best just got better!
miguelBest grips by far. Expensive yes, but you get what you pay for. Solid, quality feel and very easy to install. 3 finger end grip adds another hand position. Would buy again
MattAbsolute necessity for someone with HNPP (fingers/hands go numb very quickly under pressure). With Ergon grips I am able to comfortably ride for hours and have no fear of numbness which would happen within minutes of standard grips.
VarianGrippy and easy to fit - quality upgrade
Mr LehanyFitted these grips to my Brompton and they made a whole world of difference, much more comfy, especially on long rides. As for the service from Merlin, that was also very good, with the grips arriving in just a couple of days. I shall no doubt be using them again
Mr cameronThses grips are expensive but do a really good job of relieving pressure of my thumb joints as more load is put through to the palms so worth the cash for me.The integrated bar ends are good for road sections and offroad climbing and do not look out of place on my full sus .
Mr SlaneyI've been using Ergon grips for the last 4 years to combat numbness in the hands (pins & needles) caused by road shake. The grips do a very good job of spreading the pressure over a wider area of the hand. If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome these grips will help you ride further. Last time I fitted the lighter model in small, (Ergon GX3-S) which has been good but the rubber has split right on the paddle where you want it firm, although still useable after 3 years. I have now opted for the Biokork in a large sizing as they are much more robust, have a better feel, look pretty cool. An extra boost is that by buying cork (a sustainable resource) you are helping to save the natural habitat of endangered species in Portuguese cork forests (I also only ever buy wine that uses real cork). I recommend these grips to you they are pricey but the added comfort you get is worth it.
NatalieBrilliant service
Miss DelidjaniReally nice product - comfortable and easy to fit. Just beware - not very hardy against knocks. Dropped by bike and end grips broke!
Mr JEFFERIESThis is my second set of Ergon grips, as the first set went on my folding bike. I was so impressed with comfort and quality that I purchased this pair for my touring bike. Highly recommended
JdePRecommended as an alternative to stock Brompton grips. You need to cut off about 1cm from the end, but then they fit well, and are a great improvement.