Ergon GP3 Grips / Bar Ends
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Ergon GP3 Grips / Bar Ends
Code: GP3
Ergon GP3 Grip / Bar End combination.
  • Made with a GFK composite bar end with an rubber anti-slip insert.
  • The bar end and support platform can be independently adjusted to suit riding position and style.
  • 338g per pair
Mr FavaWorked exactly as expected. Terrific value.
TrevorThese bar ends are fantastically comfortable, easy to fit and allow the easy ftting of the Zefal Spy mirror in exactly the right place for rear view.
Mr StirlingLove these things. I had them fitted to a previous bike to alleviate wrist pain and they worked a treat. Just fitted to new bike. Perfect!
LauraLove them :) Super comfortable and very easy to install. They replaced quite good no-name ergonomic grips that came with my hybrid bike. My motivation for the change was additional hand positions on longer rides, so I mainly wanted those bar ends. What I didn't expect is how amazing these grips are at absorbing offroad vibrations when riding on bumpy/stony trails or gravel roads. They fit my small hand much much better too. I received an updated and better looking version with removable end caps although at the moment of writing (Aug 2016) the product picture still shows the older version. Very happy about this too.
Mr EdlingtonFound the grips easy to fit once I had worked out that the bar ends had the tightening bolt. I bought these grips following advice from a physio after suffering numbness in my hand after a visit to Cuba and using a hire bike with poor grips. To help get them in the correct position I put the bike on a turbo trainer and was able to adjust them quite easily. The numbness has subsided and hopefully over the next few weeks will get even better. I can recommend these grips and getting them at the reduced price was a bonus.
John MGreat product. Really helps to improve climbing. Bar ends offer a great alternative for hand rest. It really enhances riding primarily for fitness.
Mr DythamI have had my left wrist fused because of arthritis and these grips really help me to be able to ride without to much discomfort, not cheap but in my case worth it.
Mr HartThis is the 3rd set Ive ordered from Merlin. They are easy to fit when you know how to get the old one's off. They look great but they feel right and certainly help spread one's grip on the bars and lessens the risk of wrist strain injury. The other big positive is that Merlin was the cheapest supplier I could find on the Internet and their delivery after purchase was indeed First Class.... 5 stars all round.
SlitemereThese were bought for my sister in law who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome and she loves them. Highly recommended
Mr Simon FieldPurchased these grips as I was getting wrist pain when cycling on my hybrid and they were recommended by a friend. Have to say they are an awesome product. They are so comfortable, and the built in bar ends are an added bonus! I no longer get wrist pain when out on my bike now and it's clearly down to the grips because I've changed nothing else. Really, really pleased with them, cracking piece of kit.
Mr rasberryI can't describe how comfortable Ergon grips are, they are not the cheapest grip on the market but with such quality and good design they are worth the extra money in my opinion. I use them on my road bike.
FekkeSecond pair of Ergon Grips ; ) My wife tried mine and told me to order a couple directly for her own bike ; ) Very very good and and highly reccommended : )
Mr sinagogaReceived this item in double quick time as usual, one of the best items of bike gear I`ve bought for ages, saved me getting numb palms and pins and needles in my fingers on longer rides, highly recomend these grips
Mr FinchI had been suffering a bit from tingly hands and read some good reviews of the Ergon GP1, so I bought a pair. They certainly helped stop the tingling, but I then started doing longer rides and realised I started moving my hands about on the bars including holding the ends of the bars (not recommended!) in an effort to give my hands a secondary position. This time I did a lot more homework and finally went for the Ergon GP3's. This now gives me the best of both worlds. A grip that prevents pin and needles and which also allows me to use a comfortable alternative position when required. Incidentally, Merlins service was once again spot on - I received these grips within 24 hours from placing the on-line order.
Mr HodgkinsonThese are expensive grips but you get what you pay for. They are very well made and easy to fit. The ends can be adjusted to suit and they spread to load across that palm of your hand nicely. Well worth the money for long distance xc and communting
Mr hogarthGreat product. Easy to fit and highly adjustable. Much better at relieving palm pressure on those longer rides.
Mr CareVery nice grips delivered quickly at competitive price. A* recommended.
Mr BishtonI bought these grips after a recommendation. In one word: Excellent. My previous grips made my wrists ache, the Ergon grips are very comfortable, feel solid and give great control of the handlebar. Installation was very easy, just a single hex bolt to fasten, once tightened they do not shift at all.
Mr jonesKept getting pins and needles in fingers, called carpel tunnel syndrome, fitted these grips onto easily, since then have ridden every day with no hand pain, very comfortable grips Steve Jones
Mr HasanI converted my road bike from drops to flats and needed some grips, great grips, hands sit comfortably on them, delivery. many thanks.