Fizik Aliante VS Kium Road Saddle
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Fizik Aliante VS Kium Road SaddleFizik Aliante VS Kium Road Saddle
Code: 7059SA09
Fizik Aliante VS Kium Road Saddle
VS saddles feature a 7mm channel design that allows for greater pressure relief, whilst maintaining the stiffness and durability of a solid-base saddle.
Solid base ensures saddle's structural integrity is unaffected. No reduction in saddle's surface area, therefore no subsequent increase in pressure. Relief channel spans the length of the saddle, allowing the rider freedom to move along it.
Edge of relief channel is a gradual change in the foam mould leaving no sharp edges that might cause pressure points.
Aliante VS is for The Bull: Rigid Spine.
If you have a relatively low degree of spinal flexibility (more than 90 degrees between your straight legs and back when bending over as far as you can, keeping your legs straight a shoulders' width apart), you are a Bull.  Your degree of Spinal flexibility will top out quite quickly when attempting to adopt the performance position.  For this reason you will rotate you pelvis fully.
You will benefit from the increased curvature (pelvic support) of the Aliante shape. Provided this saddle's width isn't too narrow for them, some women may find this model comfortable due to the presence of the relief channel.
  • Shell: Nylon Carbon Reinforced
  • Rail: K:ium
  • Cover: Black/Red Microtex
  • Padding: Low density with relief channel
  • Scuff guards on either side towards rear of saddle
  • Integrated Clip System: Yes
  • Length: 265mm
  • Width: 140mm
  • Weight: 259g


RodolfoSelim muito confort√°vel, excelente compra.
StuartComfortable and good value saddle purchased for my winter bike. I've done about 80 miles so far and a big improvement over the one I was using. Its a little heaver but the comfort benefit easily outweighs this particularly on my trusty steel all weather machine.
Mr ReidI certainly fit the poor flexibility criteria for the Aliante VS and the saddle works great for me, I have been using this model since 2012 and fit them to all my bikes both on and off road. So if your hands dangle about 1ft from the ground when attempting to touch your toes then this might be the right saddle for you to...
Mr JakubowskiVery nice saddle, good comfort for me. Fantastic shop :-)
Mr de FayeA comfortable saddle even after a 5 hour ride. Well made and looks good. Weight comes in at 259 grms as stated on the box.
Mr CoulombeAlready using one on another bike. Perfect for me and at that price !!!!!
RodI received the Fizik Aliante VS in perfect condition with timely updates. It is a beautifully made saddle and just what I had hoped it would be for my new bike. Actually the wait time for the arrival was much shorter than I had anticipated so that was a pleasant surprise. These Aliante VS are very comfortable for my riding style and seem to last forever despite my best effort to wear them out.
Mr linaneHave spent hundreds of dollars trying numerous saddles. Have finally found one that feels comfortable. Definitely recommend Fizik saddles, and specifically the Aliante model. Have since found out it was the saddle of choice for Peter Sagan prior to joining his new team.
KeironExcellent saddle for comfort over long rides - bought to replace arione on winter bike that I find less comfortable over 2hrs. VS version I find suits me best, but have had the non v channel version and that is also good. Highly recommended.
Syed AliAwesome deal, fast delivery. Saddle is truly comfy for long ride
Mr RubinI am enjoying this saddle very much. It took a few rides to be sure that it was an improvement over my previous saddle, but the more I ride the more convinced I am. There seems to be just the right amount of padding and friction. At 105 kg I am definitely a "bull", and I recommend this saddle to anyone else that fits that description.
Trekker 50Please disregard Fizik's Spine Concept method of choosing a saddle. I downloaded the app, which determined I quite easily fell into the 'Snake' category, on the border between Arione Regular and Wide; and so I bought both widths. My road bike has a semi-aggressive setup of 90 mm drop from saddle to handlebar and my sit bones are 110 mm. Whereas the width of the saddles made little difference to my comfort, the angle did. I had to lower it forwards by 8 degrees to take the pressure off my perineal area. My right piriformis muscle , which is prone to inflammation, still remained tender against the firm seat. I then read that Peter Sagan, the world's best current cyclist (not now sponsored by Fizik) preferred the Aliante, since it gave him something to press against. If it was good enough for him... I bought the VS version instead of his Standard one and I have to say it is the most comfortable saddle I have ever sat on. After my first outing, I had difficulty peeing - a sure sign of an annoyed perineum - and I readjusted the saddle based on the angle of the middle section of the saddle, lowering it slightly. No discomfort whatsoever. Both the channel and the extra padding have benefited my behind. The Aliante models and particularly the VS versions seem to be available more cheaply than the Ariones and the Arantes; therefore, I suggest you start there first. My previous 'proper' saddles: Specialized Sonoma (unbearable), Brooks B17 Standard (too wide. causing chafing), Brooks Swift (badly inflamed piriformis), Brooks Swallow (mildly inflamed piriformis), and both Ariones (perineal pressure).
Ash MGreat customer service from Merlin with instant shipping and daily tracking updates. The package arrived to the US very well packaged and without any damage. The saddle is comfortable and a good replacement for my Cannondale Ergo that came standard with the bike. I still need to do some fine adjustments to the height/slant of this saddle as I experienced some discomfort in my lower back. Otherwise the feel and the looks of the saddle is fine. Will recommend.
Mr OZKANReally quite comfortable. All in all a great design.
Blair PhillipsFitted this saddle to my bike, went for a ride, and totally forgot I had a new saddle! No real suprise, as I have used Aliante saddles for the last few years. Saddle comfort is a very personal thing, and these saddles work very well for me.
Mr StevensEasy to fit and set up , (use the website) very comfortable saddle, I would like a more resitant surface though as I tend to move around a bit on the saddle.
Mr MontgomeryExcellent quality saddle. After years of trying to find 'the right saddle' - and about 2 dozen other saddles, this one is the best fitting/most comfortable. Though the Fizik 'method' rates me as a lizard, I went with the Aliente as I ride more upright now (I'm in my 60s and want to ride longer, not faster)
BrentEarly days yet, but after my first few rides on this saddle, I am finding the channel design more comfortable than my previous Fizik Aliante R5 saddle which does not have the channel. Appreciated the sale price on this saddle too!
WalkerGreat saddle at a good price. I find the channel really takes away the numbness I was experiencing with my other saddle
R. LynchBought a new Colnago CX Zero recently but the standard issue saddle was a "brick". I researched replacement saddles and the Fizik Aliante VS seemed right for my specs and use. The saddle arrived to me in the USA in a week as promised. I promptly installed and found this saddle to be very comfortable and well made on all rides so far. I would highly recommend this seat and Merlin Cycles.
Mr HoneI've got the mtb version of this saddle which has been great, so it was a no brainier to get the road version. In my experience Fizik are well made and I've had no issues with my mtb version, this looks exactly the same in quality and finish. Saddles are very personal, I find a channel suits me, these have a great shape, no snagging and so far have not split
Mr BerkonI have tried many....many saddles. I would often get about 20 km into a ride and the 'discomfort' would begin. I have only managed a 40 km ride so far with this saddle, but so far, so good. I would thoroughly recommend this saddle.