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Code: RF11371
Fulcrum Replacement Freehub Body - 17mm
RS-113 HG
  • Speed: 9/10/11 
  • Freehub body: H17mm 
  • For: Racing Quattro/3/1/0/XLR
  • Speed: 9/10/11 
  • Freehub body: Campagnolo H17mm 
R0-113 HG
  • Speed: 9/10/11
  • Freehub Body: FW (PEO)
Had a Fulcrum Racing 1 (2-way fit) wheelset. It was 10 speed Campagnolo. I wanted an 11 speed Ultegra Groupset but didn't want to purchase new wheels. This Freehub worked excellent on my old wheels and 11 was installed.
Great upgrade for my old Racing 3`s. Simple to fit. Good design