Sorry, this product is no longer available!
Hamax Kiss Child Seat is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 12th February 2018.

If you require help finding an alternative to this product please contact customer services.

The Kiss Child Carrier makes the outdoor recreation fun and enjoyable.


The Kiss helps to make bike rides simple and safe when you go cycling with a child on board. The Hamax freely suspended fastening bracket provides natural springing and protects the child’s spine during the trip.

All Hamax child bike seats are designed to ‘grow’ with the child via an adjustable safety harness and footrests. The child bike seat may be easily attached to and removed from the bike. By purchasing an extra bracket, you may easily switch the child bike seat between two bikes. Hamax recommends that a child should always wear a helmet when using a child bike seat.



  • Safe and easy fitting to the Hamax Safety System.
  • Can be mounted on bikes with or without a luggage carrier
  • For children older than 9 months and up to 22 kg.
  • Adjustable safety harness and foot supports
  • Belt buckle cannot be opened by the child
  • Tall backsupport
  • The child seat is easy and quick to connect to the bicycle
  • The free hanging carrier, fixed to the seat, offers excellent suspension to protect the child?s spine
  • UV stabilized material
  • Can be attached to cycles with or without a luggage carrier
  • Fits tubes from 28-40mm
  • Fits most oval tubes
  • Cables in the fastening area is no problem
This seat is easy to set up and comfortable for the little one. However, despite being rated for up to 22 kg, it felt quite wobbly and occasionally bounced off the back tire with a 15 kg child on the back. Better on a bike with a high, horizontal top tube as opposed to a more modern sloping MTB top tube, for the extra clearance of the tire
We got 2 of these for my road bike and my wife's town bike. Fitting was easy for the road bike where there was a lot of space, but I had to take the seat off my wife's bike to get the seat into the adaptor, as such, we've left this one on the bike now. Hamax do a range of other bars which may help to fix this issue, but I can't see it being an issue with the majority of bikes. The kids absolutely loved the seats, they were secure and comfortable for well over an hour on them. The feet straps help to keep them well planted and there is plenty of room for adjustments to straps and positioning. Pushing the road bike with my daughter on the back is a little tricky as the bike wants to wheelie with having the weight so far back, the seat will move further forward, but in doing so, my heels would be clipping my daughters feet.
A good basic seat, offering good value for money and is easy to fit. The foot straps are a bit fiddly though - more expensive Hamax models have improved this.
Fantastic seat - Easy to assemble and mount. Easier to swap bikes with the extra mount. Good quality and the baby loves it. Super fast delivery too!!
A great entry level seat, this is the second one I have ordered from Merlin, so both me and the wife can now take our two children out as a family. My son loves coming out with me on the bike (has been doing this since about 15 months), and now my daughter will be able to join us too when she is about 12 months old. Fitting was simple, and really secure too. Putting the seat on and removing takes seconds and the straps and foot straps hold the child securely. Be aware, if you are trying to fit this to a mountain bike, you will probably need to order the extra 'small frame' bar to stop the seat from hitting the real wheel on bumps
Cost performance is good.
I like the seats. I had to buy and additional bar to fit my wife's smaller frame. Only concern is that the child/seat is close to you and if you have big feet you can easily clip the seat as you pedal. Similarly, as you go over bumps the seat can rub on the wheel. Overall, it's great taking the kids out for a ride and fun as a family. Merlin delivery was top notch.
I ordered this item with great confidence having received excellent service from the sales assistant. He had kindly assisted me with regards to having queries of the Hamax child seat. Very swift and accurate response. Excellent service. It is store I would highly recommend, due to it's excellent customer services and amazing low prices. Thank you Merlin cycles.