Hope Floating Rotor
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Hope Floating RotorHope Floating RotorHope Floating RotorHope Floating RotorHope Floating RotorHope Floating RotorHope Floating RotorHope Floating Rotor


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Hope Floating Rotor
These Floating rotors are now a firm favourite amongst both performance orientated riders and those just looking for something a little different. These rotors have a stainless steel braking surface riveted to an aluminium central carrier. As well as offering a significant weight saving, they also allow the rotors to expand or contract with changes in temperature. Our floating discs have been redesigned with a wider braking surface to enable them to be used as a replacement on many other braking systems in addition to our own
  • Popular amongst both performance orientated riders and those just looking for something a little different
  • New design with wider braking surface to make them more compatible with other companies brakes
  • Custom steel braking surface riveted to an aluminium central carrier
  • Floating design deals with changes in temperature
  • Weight 180mm: 146g
Mr cleopas5
Andy BrownGreat quality nice design rotors, bought initially to go with Magura MT7 / MT5 setup (220F / 203R) until I could source some MDR-P rotors which are difficult to get hold of. 220 work perfectly with the MT7 but the 203's rivets catch very slightly on the MT5 caliper - this can be overcome by putting a 1mm washer under the caliper or (as I did) filing the outer edge of the rivet down very slightly. I swapped these out on to another bike running SRAM Code R's and there was no interference problem whatsoever, great performance and look great!
WesleyLook great
SallyPerfect. Added Hope rotors to my trail bike after fitting new brakes. They work perfectly and give the bike a bit of extra bling 😃
Junnesesgreat stopping power and add bling2 to bike
JamesUsual hope quality,hard to fault.
KarlosBling and quality plus made here
RICHJust the best rotors. Highly recommended.
Mr DuongBest rotors available
ChadGreat quality, as expected with Hope products.
AndrewFitted some e bike specific forks to my bike and needed to get a bigger rotor this ticked all the boxes and Usual great hope quality even came with new bolts and all at a great price.
Mr EgertonQuality product which looks great and performs just as well. Very happy with the product and delivery.
Mr HughesTough rotor with good stopping power. Would be difficult to warp these and they look pretty awesome with a good selection of colours
Mr DuongGreat match for any brake system. Great quality.
Mr NeoFinally in stock! Arrived and worked well with my hope tech brakes that I got from MerlinCycles too!
Mr WoodsTop quality product to complement Hope brakes
DavidEverything Hope is super quality. Such great attention to detail. Quickly Dissipates heat.
LeighI feel like the floating rotor design helps shed heat on long descents, but I don't really have any data to support that.
Mr DeanExcellent product as expected from Hope.
danielNice and straight out of the packaging and obvious quality and attention to detail
Mr SarsfieldTop quality and performance from Hope as always.
Mr NelsonGreat bit of kit as you’d expect from Hope. Super quick service from MC as always.
TCUsual Hope quality. I like that it comes with stainless steel torque bolts. Nice touch.
PhillExcellent rotors . Brakes are much sharper with no issues fitting. Also look great
LyubomirAmazing rotor, looks cool and huge braking power!
PBGreat rotors for MTB and Cross. Have raced cross in the worse conditions and the rotors come out fine.
LukeHope rotors last longer than most brands I've used and you can't beat their bling factor.
Mr RaynerThese rotors are awesome and really good colors
Mr BarberGreat rotors, perform great and look the nuts!
Chris LyonsLooks awesome with great performance. 👍
Mr bladInsane brake qualities , great looks and build for braking in all conditons
scotwell built rotors from hope as expected. 203 rotors needs a little bit of truing.
bradUpgrading from slx rotor. Much smoother and better stopping power with this
LiamWell made braking much smoother now
Mr douganthis rotor is by far the highest quality brake component available and after doing research, found it at merlin for the least expensive price, even after sending it to the united states.
david2nd set off these now for my bikes, originally ordered silver ones, recently bought the blues. They may weigh slightly more than the standard shimano gear but they look beautiful and are bomb proof. Total faith in their strong power.
Glenn BlakeMagnificent braking performance whether matched with Hope calipers or other manufacturers.
IanAgain, Merlin Cycles delivered it promptly and well packaged. The rotor, which replaces my very worn shimano ice rotor, works excellently with no squealing.
Mr DolorA great rotor, and stylish. Performs well. Colour matches with other components.
Mr DolorOne of the best looking rotors around
Mr LooThey are a bit thicker than my stock rotors took some time to adjust my calipers to stop rubbing. Works great and looks good
Mr RyanI have used Hope floating rotors on my MTB for years. I now have them on my gravel bike and they have been fine for two years, no squeals or squeaks. Recently, the rear rotor (140) started squealing badly, to the extent that neighbours commented on it! By braking hard down the first hill I came to I could burn off whatever contaminants were causing it and for the rest of the ride it was fine. However, the next ride it was the same. I tried Muc Off brake cleaner on both the pads (Shimano resin) and rotor and it worked to a degree but not for long. Never had this issue on my MTB. I changed the rotor and pads together and its back to being silent. May have been the road crud (oil, salt etc) that gets thrown up at the rear rotor from the road that finally did for it. I do ride all winter and in all weathers. I love Hope kit though and have gone for the same rotor again. The quality of their engineering is fantastic.
PAUL GQuality product like all Hope, well made and fits perfect, complimented the bike with the Red finish.
Mr BurnsBest rotors around. Period. I`ve had just about everything from Shimano to Formula, Sram etc. And the hope floating rotors are the truest and quietest of the bunch.
Old SchoolWorks very well with Hope brakes and look cool! Have trashed these disks for 2 seasons and still going strong.
Mr King-turnerGreat value rotors that add that extra bling as well. Using these rotors with the hope V4 calipers for a superior brake setup
Mr AlonzoNice solid rotors. No warp after a handful of rides.
Hafiz NoormanI thought XT rotors were good....not until you pair these rotors up with Hopetech 3 E4 then you have perfection
nockFitted these to Mavic road wheels and the braking is smooth and precise.
brianA beautiful object with a degree of precision and performance not found in non-Hope products.
ScaglioneWorks great with my hope brakes, dissipates the heat very well and the shipping was very fast
Mr King-turnerMy favorite brake rotor available. Functional and great looking design. Finish is superb
Mr BolgerThese are amazing. The colour stands out second to none and they look amazing on the bike
AlanI purchased a pair of 203mm rotors for my tandem. The front one fit with no issues but the rear one had some interference between the brake mounting tabs and the rivets on the rotor. I might have been able to just clear the rivets with an Avid BB7 but I want to use TRP Hy/Rd brakes on this bike and it looks like that combination won't work on this bike. I'm going to end up using the second rotor on a spare set of wheels so both wheelsets will have the Hope rotors up front and Avid rotors on the rear. Paired with the TRP Hy/Rd brake the pads bedded to the rotor quickly and it has been completely silent in use.
madidiNo los he utilizado mucho tiempo pero tienen buena respuesta, los estoy utilizando con los frenos Hope V4 y en conjunto son capaces de hacerte dar un doble salto mortal si los aprietas a fondo.
Philip MurrayRotors bed in quickly and no squeal so far 2000 kms, also seem to stay relatively cool
Mr GNot cheap, but excellent quality and look amazing. I use these with Tech3 E4 brakes and the performance is outstanding.
Mr JimenezBest rotors, they replace the oem TRP rotors that came with my bike and these are day and night. The quality is great and the finish is amazing.
Mr PavlovskyBought this to upgrade from a 180mm to a 203mm of the same on the front of my Rune. These rotors are a must with Hope brakes. I was skeptical that I would notice any difference between these and the Ice techs I had on before, but there was a noticeable increase in power, for whatever reason.
Ron CallahanCan't say enough about how nice these are. While a little more pricey than some other options, the floating construction keeps them cooler and allows you to add some color interest to a new bike build.
COLEMANQuiet, looks great and stops the bike with a smooth and modulating effort. Highly recommended.
johnsonThe wider braking surface and face lift gives these a one up on the older style floating rotors
ChapmanHope goodness through and through. Well made, look fantastic and work exceptionally well. I have used these on long descents and they have never let me down.
Mr BarrusPerfect complement for Hope brakes. Great heat shedding and stopping power.
Mr SalasGreat rotors to match your Hope brakes, they look nice and are nice and quiet.
Mr GormanJust bought a second set because the first worked so well. I never have to straighten them, they shed heat very well, and they look cool. I run 183mm front and back with the Tech3 Evo4 and it is by far the best brake setup I have owned.
Mr OttoFirst try on this design. The saw tooth rotors are good, I'm hoping these are even better. The only complaint on Hope rotors is the side to side tolerances could be a bit better.
ErwinBest rotors I've ever had. Light and tough. With different colors to choose from. A good upgrade.