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CNC machined aluminium top cap with engineered expanding wedge to replace the star washer.
  • Description: CNC machined aluminium top cap with engineered expanding wedge to replace the star washer.
  • Use: All 1 1/8" steerers including carbon.
  •  Material:  Aluminium
  • Sizes : 1 1/8"
  • Weight: 29g
Superior alternative to a star nut.
Looks brilliant, but slightly fiddly. The wedge sections get stuck easily, meaning you have to pry them out before inserting into the steerer tube. I managed to accidentally cut through the o-ring while trying to get the wedge to move. My fault I guess, but I've got similar designed items on other bikes and not experienced this. However, the Hope quality shines through and this is fit and forget at its best - so I'm being quite harsh scoring 4 stars !
I used this in an aluminium steerer and it is so much easier than hammering in a crude star fangled nut. Recommended
I bought three because I have three bikes. They work like a dream. We love hope.
Brilliant bit of kit!! the star-nut is dead... and next to useless
A little fiddly to fit into the steerer tube initialy (found a YouTube video that explained you should take it all apart and squeeze the collar before trying to install it) but once in it was a lot easier to fit than bashing in a star nut with screwdriver and hammer. Has stayed tight for the first few rides, so we will see how it holds up long-term. Oh, the usual Hope quality and bling (obviously)!!!
Easy to fit and long lasting. Mud and water do not ingress. Recommended
Flawless elegance, these as with all hope products are engineering perfection. Unlike the standard star nut which marks the inside of the steerer tube, is a pain to remove, and can be very easily driven in off line so the stem cap bolt is set at an angle, these are idiot proof, guaranteed to be 100% straight, do not mark the steerer and is simple to remove if required, yet is incredibly firm when fitted. The best star nut money can buy with a stunning stem cap included.
Completely removes alignment issues from star nuts and allows for removal and transfer between forks. Coupled with usual hope quality production and colour matching with the rest of my hope parts
What's to say, Hope as always produce engineering perfection, this as with all Hope products looks stunning, works flawlessly, and is a glowing example of engineering prowess at it's finest,,, keep it British, keep it perfect, keep it Hope :)
I found it a wee bit fiddly to fit to my forks but once in it the job very well and is total secure. It looks good and can be transferred to other forks so I'd say its a good buy.
Works well, light and looks great. Bit tight to install but that's probably a good thing.
Usual Hope top quality product. Does exactly what it should and looks good doing it.
Does what it's meant to do and save faffing about with star nuts.. Easy to install without specialist tools and it takes just a few minutes. As usual, super fast delivery and great service from Merlin.
Easy to install no need for a star nut
Fiddly installation but once done works like a good un!
A very tight fit in the steerer tube, but a great bit of kit. As with all Hope stuff, it's beautifully made.
I use these as the safest option for carbon steerer forks. Reliable, light weight product from a British manufacturer.
As usual Hope components are easy to fit, look good and come at a great price. But most importantly the build quality is high, they do the job and you know they will last.
Much better than the star nut that would be in the steerer and looks very pretty too.
Quick and easy installation. Removable and movable up or down inside the steer tube. Nice colours. Expensive compared to star nut.
Quick, easy transaction. Cheapest deal available on the net too!
Classic bit of british engineering , looks good, good price, whats not to like?
Good quality, easy to install, does exactly what it's supposed to do.
Does the job just nicely!
Installation was not as straightforward as it should be. Ended up wrapping a single layer of insulation tape around the expansion ring to achieve a satisfactory clamping force. Also had to rough up the steerer a little to get the expansion clamp to stop spinning. Think I stick to star nut in future.
What a great pice of kit much easier than a star nut to install Will be using the head doctor for future projects. Highly recommended .
Sorted the problem, looks nice as well.