Hope Hub Complete Bearing Kits
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Hope Hub Complete Bearing KitsHope Hub Complete Bearing Kits
Hope replacement bearing sets.
  • Complete bearing kits for Hope hubs.
  • Available for all the current models.
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Mr Scowcroftgenuine hope bearings at a good price not worth putting cheap bearings in for the money
Mr ButcherQuality kit very easily fitted with minmal tools.
Mr ForshawHope bearings are well made, smooth and long lasting. Great product
GilesWhat can you say Hope bearings, as fitted by hope, last a long time, well worth the money. Will buy again....... in a few years time.
William SHope hubs are the best bang for the buck on the market, in my opinion. Keep them running smooth for longer with Hope bearings.
PeterPartsWell priced quality bearings, all well packed with grease and easy to replace without the need for specialist tools. Hopefully should last as long as originals, 5 yrs plus, mostly commute 40 miles per wk....
Marc HandFirst time I've needed to change a hope bearing, aftermarket parts support that rocks- thanks Hope.
Mr MonkhouseStandard bearing kit for the Pro 2 Evo front wheel hub, now super smooth again. Next day delivery, great service.
BaxterGreat hope bearings, seem to last a lot longer than other non hope bearings I have used in the past.
Mr BrockmanLast set lasted me ages and very easy to replace.
Mr bellWhat can you say about bearings? Hope bearings just work, they're easy to install and last for ages.
Mr bennReplaced these Hope bearings after 4 years hard riding, don't go for the no brand cheaper bearings you will be lucky for them to last a few months, as normal Merlin delivered next day great service.
Mr LuffQuick and easy to fit. It is a good idea to have a look on the Hope website at their "how to" video concerning changing hub bearings. Instead of using the Hope tool to seat the new bearing I used the old bearing as a drift to seat it, a few light taps with a light hammer and job done.
rh23Great quality bearings, wouldn't buy any others. My hub is back to running smooth at last!
SteveWhat can I say. They are bearings. My wheel is now smooth and wobble free. Prompt delivery as normal.
Mr mcdonaldExcellent quality bearings as expected, fitted perfectly to my hope hub with no fuss and will no doubt last for an age as the last set did!
Mr KennedyPerfect, easy order, simple part to keep hubs running forever.
Dr DONCASTERI tried various 'cheaper' options from ebay but seems that the quality of OE and ebay ones is not quite the same unless you buy INA or SKF. Save you're self the grief and buy OE and use all the required drifts and hub support tools. Nylon faced mallet. The job is 30 minutes. My top tip is put the axle in the freezer for 10 minutes and then there is much less 'Hammer Time' to remove the out board non-DS bearing and the axle will then slot into the new free hub bearing without having to do too much whacking. Whacking on an unsupported bearing will ruin it.
Mr TaylorUsual Hope quality, simply fitted returning the hub to as new. Great.
Mr WaughSmooth, easy to fit and the best price on the internet!
Mr WaughSmooth, Easy to fit, and the cheapest price on the net.
Mr YatesLow cost, reliable and simple to install! Need I say anymore!!
Mr HollowayGreat replacement product from Hope supplied by great internet company Merlin cycles.
Mr OthenNo complaints so far, fitted equally expensive after-market bearings and didnt last at all and after a few very mucky rides these seem to be doing the job. Would recommend keeping original and going for these over bearings bought from online bearing suppliers.
Mr YatesAfter riding all summer my front bearings started to grind a bit. Bought these new sealed bearings. And now is like riding knife through warm butter. Happy days!!
Mr SkadorwaGood price excellent price
Mr LyonQuick delivery. Arrived without any brand packaging but the bearing seals have Hope on them. Took 5 minutes to fit and made a noticable difference. I think I got the last set in stock so might be worth ordering for spares. Not worth chancing ebay bearings, they sell them in packs of 10 for a reason!
NigelEasy to fit. Just changed these after 3 years all year use. Only 2 of the 5 were actually worn.
Mr ColeOriginal Hope bearings, wouldn't fit anything else. Exact fit good quality, last ones lasted for centuries in all weathers and abuse. Easy to fit with the proper tools or a bunch of sockets
Mr osborneBrilliant service, super fast delivery, very efficient, thank you once again!