Hope Pick 'N' Mix Headset Cups
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Hope Pick 'N' Mix Headset Cups


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Hope Pick 'N' Mix headset cups.
  • As you might have worked out by now, headsets are a bit of a minefield! Integrated, integral, reducers, dimensions and types all contribute to confusing the situation. Don`t panic! We have now made top and bottom cups available separately allowing our headsets to fit almost any frame and fork combination.
  • A couple of things to remember though - we don`t necessarily do a headset to fit your bike! We have 4 `off the shelf` combinations and a further 18 `Pick n Mix` options. There are other styles, types and fittings out there. The first thing to remember is that you need accurate dimensions if you are at all unsure of what type you need.
  • The second point to remember is that unfortunately there is no `standard` - OK, we have the dimension 1 1/8", which covers the majority of headsets now, but as far as Integral, integrated etc... these are simply terms used by different manufacturers to determine what they consider that style to be. Measure, check and measure again!
  • One thing that is common throughout our range is the quality of materials used to manufacture them, here in our Barnoldswick Factory, the quality of the custom made stainless steel bearings and the time taken to hand assemble each and every one before it leaves, on it`s way to you!
  • Available in black only.
  • Hopefully this brochure will help you through choosing the right headset for your bike.
  • Hope Head Doctor/Top Cap NOT included with these cups so would need to be purchased separately if required
MarkExcellent quality as you'd expect from Hope. The Mix and Match is really useful in the modern climate of a gazillion different headset combos. If unsure visit the Hope website, they have a very useful guide to help you select the correct headset.
Steve PHope headsets are always worth the cash. Well sealed and high quality bearings that last longer than other brands in my experience. They also adjust very smoothly.
ANDREWExcellent quality ,just wish bike manufacturers would put these on as standard rather than the cheap rubbish they do!
D RawsonHave a variety of Hope headsets on a number of bikes including a well-used MTB 12 years old - the headset is still going strong, no issues!
MarkLiking this way of building a quality headset, well done Hope. Looking forward to installing this on my new frame.
Mr CowansTop quality, if a little tricky to make sure you order the right size.
JohnUsual hope quality and excellent service by Merlin as usual. I wont run another brand of headset. I have these in all three of my bikes.
Mr BeverleyNice to mix and match for different frame options. The rubber seal collars tend to need a little wear in period to make the steering super smooth. But hope make a quality product here.
Darren PFits fine for a carbon fork with an intergrated crown race (Kinesis Tripster) after I discarded the headset crown race.
NewmanFits like a glove, really nice cnc-work. The external cup feels really rigid. Note that the top cap and expander have to be ordered separately.
Mrs MillarUsual Hope quality. I've always used Hope headsets in all my bikes, love them.
WynnIt's black, it's round and it stops you bouncing on the ground. Hope make a quality product and the mix and match is a life saver in terms of making a fork fit your frame.
NelliGreat quality, check the dimensions are correct before ordering.
Jont77Good quality as expected from Hope. Fitted easily into the frame
hagueCan't fault the quality and ideal for when you don't need a full headset when you upgrade
Mike WatsonOnly the bottom half of my headset needed replacing so this Hope Pick n Mix was ideal. Dead easy to tap out the old 1.5" from my Five and knock in the new. Very nice fit, easy to set up - full marks!
AngusExcellent, easiest way to select the correct headsets for a tapered fork. Bit pricey tho
Mr FloridaVery good product, just be careful with size before purchasing
Mr MooreUsual Hope quality... neat machining and bearings that will outlast most others on the market by a country mile. Bought to replace an On One Smoothie Mixer where the lower bearing had collapsed and seized into the lower cup. Never had problems like that with Hope in the past and have their headsets on two other bikes.
DanPurchased the zero stack top and traditional bottom. Seem good quality, with nice bearings. Installed easily. The split in the crown race makes it easy to install, although will likely settle a little and will require tightening the headset after a few rides. Don't love the little hope graphics on the top seal cap, but that's really just personal preference.
Mr FugaziI never learn. Buy cheap, buy twice they say. I've used headsets from other brands before but they just don't seem to be as well sealed as the Hope ones and consequently they don't last so well. Really nice quality cups here. Very well made. Hopefully it'll be a case of two bikes, one cup.
Mr CrossHope quality. Fit and Forget 10/10
Mr clutterbuckWell made headset at reasonable price. Great you can just buy one end so if you change frame you may only need to change 1 race instead of complete new headset.
BashringTop quality headset with replaceable bearings, should last a lifetime
John O'ReganFitted frame easily by pressing it in a wood vice. Runs very smoothly. Paired up with head doctor it all works very nicely and looks great.
MikeVery good quality headset with smooth stainless steel bearings, great for using in the UK and anywhere else.
Mr MawsonSuperb quality as expected. Follow the guide, do the measurements. Nice and simple. Excellent service from Merlin as usual.
Nicky BGood solid headset without paying silly money. Got one of these on my single speed and one on my FS. Can't fault them.
Mr van ZylExcellent product and easy to identify and select what you need from all the variations out there. Easy to fit with correct tools and the sealed bearings are the way to go. Great price too.
SheepsExcellent way to sell headsets in the modern 'standards' era - pick'n'mix. Shame only available in black atm.
Mr sweeneyI have been using this head set for a year now and its been great not one problem with it :)
ThomasI purchased the 'H' bottom cup for a headset that would fit a 44mm ID headtube and still take a tapered steerer. Works like a charm! Although I obviously can't comment on longevity but, as with most Hope products, I have no doubt it'll hold up to long term use and abuse. Merlin Cycles have been solid in there service and pricing once more. Too easy!
Mr AungGreat headset, the seal on the bottom of the lower cup is great for keeping the British winter out.
Mr hintonGood quality headset. Its very handy being able to pick and choose the top and bottom cups. Got the 2 and H cups plus the reducer crown to fit my 44mm headtube with 1 and 1/18th forks. means I won`t need to buy a new headset if i want to change to tapered forks in the future.
Andy MorrisDo yourself a favour and measure every dimension of your head tube you can think might possibly matter. Then consider which headset cups you need over a mug of tea, or better still coffee (though not too strong). The pick'n mix choices mean that even the most freakish head tube is catered for. Get it right and a Hope headset will you a very long time.
StuntweaselThank god someone has managed to make sense of all this new headset standard jiggerypokery. Usual hope quality, well made, replacable bearings, etc etc, couldnt ask for more really. TopTip: Stick the cups in the freezer before hammering em in, errrrrm, ahem, i mean *carefully installing using a headset press*. No one is responsible if your cack handed with tools, if so you really should always get someone to do it who knows their ball pein from a pain in the ball.
Mr McAleerMeasure and measure again before ordering your headset. I made assumptions and had to return the first set ordered. Full marks to Merlin, for no drama swap. I was able to install rock shocks with a tapered steerer into a straight tube using these hope headsets. Quality of the hope bearings , seals, shims etc is of the highest standard. Bike has been transformed.
Mr JacobsUsual Hope top quality product. Does exactly what it should and looks good doing it.
Mr wildmanPerfect solution to getting the correct configuration headset for your bike at a great price, cheers Merlin. I ride in all weathers throughout the year and have used most brands of headset with rubbish results FSA, NUKEPROOF, CAINE CREEK with bearings failing due to poor sealing and dirt getting in.. I fitted a Hope one two years ago on my trail bike and its still perfect, so purchased this one for my new Enduro rig.
Mr RatcliffeTonyRWith the mix & match options all listed with their sizes the Hope range is my go to choice for a quality headset. Ive used them for the last 12 years.
JimGreat, easy to find the right ones and simple to fit. Nice and smooth in operation and great quality as you'd expect from Hope products.
Mr EverettI love the mix & match. I purchased a second hand frame with nearly new headset, but the Crown Fork Sleeve was missing - mix and match meant I got a Hope bottom (The one that takes most of the mud & stress) for the cost of standard headset. Happy Days. The tollerances were tight, which I'd expect from Hope, which made fitting the cup a little trickier than some I have tried. It wasn't going to tap in!. Used a Workmate on its side as a vice to squeeze the cup in, worked a treat. Only time will tell if the Hope lives up to its branding. Great price & service from Merlin again!
Mr Pons Minguellbuen material, facil de montar y la flexibilidad de montar diferentes combinaciones
tree!Real sealed bearing headset for my bike that I had smashed the original race on. Was difficult to fit and would not go into frame easily. Freezer and hairdryer helped but still needed encouragement. A little bit of grease on the outside also helps. Would recommend use of a headset press tool.
Mr JonesExcellent. No lateral movement and is very smooth!
Mr WillisBrilliant product at a great price. These ones should last a lot longer than the ones supplied on the bike 6 months ago!
Mr HillGood well engineered headset. Time will tell how long they last. However my headset feels solid and very smooth at the moment.
BainesFast delivery and well packed. Fitted my Scott Voltage perfectly and its very very smooth. Way better than the Ritchey headset it replaces. Am I allowed to describe it as mega?
MaximillionIts hope..... What more can I say. I run hope headsets, BB's and hub's on all my bikes and they are super reliable and fully serviceable. In saying that I hardly ever need to service their components as they run as good as the day I installed them.
Mr ShawyerAs always with Hope products their has been alot of input into the design. Good quality headset cups running seals bearing, should do a good job of keeping out the British mud & water. Good price from Merlin Cycles and delivery was fast!
Mr bakerAlways my first choice when it comes to headsets. Run these on road and mountain bikes. Merlin always have the best deal and fast postage
Mr JenningsGot a bottom cup a month ago, fantastic piece of kit. So I got myself a new top cup to complete the set...
Mr MulreeGreat headset at a great price. Ultra fast delivery too.
Mr DaviesThe Hope pick and mix is a great way of getting what you need. The price from Merlin makes it cheap too
Peat EaterJust what a headset bearing should be - smooth round and silent
JHBHope headsets are standard issue on all my bikes. I may use other ones when funds are short but they soon get changed out. Pick'n'mix means you can always get the combination you require. Bearing are very easy to swop when they finally go (but they do last and last).
StuAWESOME a must have once you put these in you'll never look back. I have the intergal set and the sealed bearings means you dont need to service as often.
100mphplusVery high quality product at a fantastic price. Goods were also shipped extremely fast and arrived the day after order, which TBH honest is a fantastic service. Highly recommended on all aspects of the order.
Mr WallisThank goodness for Hopes pic n mix! A new frame with a tapered head tube to accept the tapered steerers on forks. But I wanted to run my old forks so the Hope selection made it possible. You get to buy just the parts you need. Great stuff. Good bearings.
Mr JonesExcellent price, very quick delivery.
Mr ScotsonSuperb quality headset cups, as you would expect from Hope. Very easy to fit and look fantastic on the frame.
Mr TurneySuperb quality, easy to fit and looks amazingly cool all capped off with a decent price. Thank you Hope for making individual headset cups so we can get what we need rather than butchering other part headsets. Buy one you won't be dissappointed
Mr PickeringFantastic quality and great fit. *****
Mr ForssOne of the best on the market
Mr DrummondGreat quality headset as always from Hope.
Hannes OosthuizenHigh quality product as usual from Hope. What I really appreciate from this product is that if you switch from standard to tapered, you're not forced to buy a whole new headset, saving you a lot of money. Price is also very good.It does what it says on the box :-) Running the tapered traditional bottom cup with hope HS136 1.5: - 11/8" is all you need for a standard fork on a tapered frame. Give you also the possibility to upgrade later to a tapered fork if you want to.
Borders bikerGreat item allowing you to fit a quality headset for bikes with tapered headsets and obscure sizes. Easy to fit this quality item.
Mr ParkerEasy to install and very well built.
Mr DobbinMy utter HATRED of the ******* **** **** **** SHIS headset identification system led me to the excellent Hope site for the best explanation and diagrams. Also, the HS is great. Feels great. Looks great. Great.
EdDoes the job intended, not sure how long it will last yet.
Mr WilsonGood that Hope have such a huge choice to fit all the different 'standards'. A little annoying that the top cups don't come with a SFN or top-cap, but it's a great headset. I'd highly recommend
Mr TurnerGreat headset, fitting was easy, imagine it will last well as Hope normally does.
Mr WatsonBuy cheap, buy twice......buy Hope and be rest assured it will last with its superb machining and quality SS bearings.
Mr WatsonAll bikes now swapped to Hope headsets, well made with bearings that don't sieze and go rusty after a few wet rides. Quality kit!!
Mr WatsonAll bikes now swapped to Hope headsets, well made with bearings that don't sieze and go rusty after a few wet rides. Quality kit!!
Mr RootesVery useful pick and mix range from hope. With not that many tapered head sets out there for under
Mr GriffithsHaving gone through a number of headsets that have lasted less that a year due to water and mud ingress, it was great to receive this well engineered product from Hope. Roller bearings and sealed cups will hopefully see this headset last longer than it's predecessors. Initial expense will be offset by the fact that only the roller bearings will need replacing for the rest of the headsets life.
Mr ClarkeFit and forget!!