Hope Pro 4 Freehub
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Hope Pro 4 FreehubHope Pro 4 Freehub
Hope Pro 4 Replacement Freehub Body
Replacement freehub body for the NEW Hope Pro 4 hub (11 Speed)
  • 4 Pawl Ratchet with 44 tooth engagement (8.2°)
  • Sealed stainless steel cartridge bearings
TimMerlin have the cheapest price on the web. VERY fast delivery! AND when they say it's in stock - it actually is! Bought this steel freehub to replace my chewed up alloy one. Very easy to fit, but lots of "how to" videos out there if you get stuck. People talk about the extra weight of the steel one....nonsense! 10 out of 10 for Merlin.
Mr BURNExcellent quality as you'd expect from Hope but Excellent customer service at Merlin too
Hope fanBought a couple of steel HG freehub bodies because I didn't like the gouging issue on my aluminium freehub body. The swapover is simple and straightforward, and I end up with new bearings. Happy!
Mr AshcroftHope products allways abit on the expensive side but the quality speaks for itself, they’re tried & trusted components 👍🏽
Mr GustavsonChipped a pawl first ride on this steel freehub, think due to badly worn hub shell ring drive (Hope sending me a new hub!). Other than that, steel freehub felt solid and likely the better choice if you ride fairly hard. Aluminum freehub too soft for me that likely damaged the ring drive and prior freehubs.
Mr MorganJust as described. Straight replacement for a worn aluminium hub. Used a flat screwdriver to seat the green seal. Easy. Great service. Fast delivery.
Mr KirkThis product was delivered on time and in perfect shape. It replaced my other Hope 4 freehub perfectly and just popped right on. My new Cassette fit perfectly as well. Great product
Mr EdeEasy to fit. You just need a Hope seal tool to help you engage the green seal.
MarkTop quality stuff as you'd expect from Hope. I chose a steel freehub body to replace the aluminium one that came with my wheels as the cassette was chewing up the aluminium body (and I wasn't bothered about the weight difference). Fitting is made much easier if using the Hope press tool as the green plastic sealing ring is a really tight fit when new so get one of those if you are fitting yourself. Bearings in the old one were just starting to grumble a bit after 2000 miles of riding in all weathers on sandy and gritty surfaces.
ChaankI purchased the Pro 4 Replacement Freehub as an upgrade to the aluminum freehub which came on my Hope 20FIVE-RS4 Road / CX Disc Wheel. Nowhere on Hope's site does it appear as being compatible, but one review indicated that this freehub fits their RS4 hubs, and it does! Now my commuter has a super durable steel freehub that shrugs off weather and is fairly resistant to cassette slotting! The thing is noticeably louder than the stock 2-pawl hub, but not necessarily in a bad way. For a commuter having some extra noise is sometimes the difference between having a pedestrian jump out in front of you and riding safely by, so it's actually a welcome warning sound for others. Definitely recommended!
RaymondTypical Hope quality, just make sure you get the seal setting tool as well or you will make a mess of putting this on
GregWell it's hope so it's right good innit? Yes, yes it is right good. Real nice build quality as you would expect. Also if you are using a 9/10 speed cassette a small spacer is supplied to keep everything tight.
Mr StevensI am a long time consumer/user/fanboy of Hope hubs. I'm in the process of building up a new bike and the Hope Pro 4 Hubs that came on the wheelset I purchased had a SRAM XD driver body, but I prefer to run a 2x9 or 2x10 drivetrain so I needed to swap the freehub body.