Hope Pro2 (Pre-Evo) Replacement Freehub Body
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Hope Pro2 (Pre-Evo) Replacement Freehub Body
Genuine Hope replacement freehub body.
  • Replacement freehub body for the older style Hope Pro2 hubs (NOT Evo)
  • Available in alloy or steel versions.
  • Includes bearings.
martinHaving after a long hard life my Alloy Hope Pro 2 Freehub finally gave up the ghost in dramatic fashion so as replacement for a minute weight increase I opted for a Steel replacement. As expected I received the usual Super quick delivery by Merlin. The quality of the Hope engineering is really top notch. I feel however I need to mention on fitting I experienced a threading issue when attempting to secure the Cassette locking ring. I contacted Hope direct, where I received absolutely first class customer service. I returned the Freehub to Hope & within 24hrs after posting it a replacement was delivered by UPS. NOW THAT'S CUSTOMER SERVICE!! The Freehub is fantastic, super positive engagement, properly sealed bearings , springs & pawls all are easy to service. The beauty of Steel is that the Cassette rings don't bite into the body & potentially 'jam' like the Alloy version. Highly recommended product & customer service. British & still the best!
Mr ScourfieldVery happy, couldn't find this anywhere else!
Mr ToyamaI used aluminum free hub of Hope Pro2 and the spline had worn off. So, I have looked for a steel version for a long time. I am very happy to get this.
CDKBought as a replacement for the aluminium freehub that had become so badly scored by an array of cassettes over the years that it was almost impossible to remove the last one. A great direct replacement. It's a little weightier but not noticeably so when you're riding.
MarkHard to find in the US. So ordered it here and the shipping was fast. Customs was slow. But still got it in 2 weeks. Perfect fit on my old hope pro2.
Mr GriffithsI went for the steel option as the old alloy one had split right through! A few added grams but solid reassurance .
Mr ChushevPerfect product, steel version is a lot heavier than the aluminum one, but it's fine because it's not as impactful as rim weight for example. Up side is that it will never dent as the aluminum one does.
BuddingtonsI've been using an old Pro2 hub for years and the aluminium freehub has been holding onto cassettes and making them almost impossible to remove for at least my last 3 changes. Hopefully, now I've updated to a steel freehub and fitted a new axle (now 12x142) my hub is future proofed for a few more bikes use!
GenneyExcellent Hope quality. I had an old aluminium body free hub previously that was chewed up because I used the wrong cassette. This steel body should solve that. It was easy enough to fit although Hope say you need a special tool to seat the wheel-side seal. I managed without the tool although it did take a few attempts. I like the positive feel of the drive, and the reassuring click click as you freewheel around a bend.
ArguelloJFreehub works great. Ordered the steel over the aluminum for better durability. There is a slight weight penalty with the steel, but worth it.
RobOuter bearing of alloy freehub had seized, and the freehub spline had started to break up. Was serviceable, but chose instead to by this steel replacement while it was on offer. Double the weight (150gm vs 75gms) but feels soooo much more up to the task. Love the noisy pawls - saves me using my bell!!
Trevor IversonWorks great, easy to install, taking my old freehub off was another thing though. But once you have the old one off, the rest is super easy. It's Hope, so you know it will perform
Mr daltonA steel freehub body for the Hope pro2 (not evo) hub. Good product, easily installed. The feeling of "spring" that I had in my transmission was not great with the alloy freehub. This, being steel and much harder, gives a better response when I put the foot down. Top Stuff!
Mr MannAnother quality item from Hope, heavier than the aluminium version but at least it won`t get chewed up by the cassette body. Fitted in seconds.
Mr ham fistI managed to damage my original Alu one, so I replaced it with this steel version. I'm not worried about the slight weight difference on my mtb. Came ready to fit with pawls and springs inserted and all greased up - perfect. Quick delivery (as always) from Merlin.
Mr ValtonenI bought the steel version becouse the alloy failed when I was screwing up the cassette lockring. The New steel freehub body seems to be top quality.
Mr BaconThe original alu body on my hub had become quite scarred so I ordered steel replacement. Very pleased with it, excellent quality as always from hope fitted straight on very easily, no hassles and should now not have any problems with the splines getting scarred from the cassette. Would definately recommend.
Mr AshLasted 5 years before needing to be replaced because of spline wear