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Hope Shifter Mount Bolt for I-Spec B or 2

This Hope bolt and nut unit neatly replaces the set usually supplied with Shimano I-spec B shift levers to allow you to connect the shifters to your Hope Tech 3 master cylinders.

Please Note: M5x16 bolt and Mount Nut (HBSP322) are sold separately please select what you require from the drop-down menu above.


Miss Thacker Great for keeping the bar neat and tidy.
Ian For me this pairs Shimano ispec B with Hope tech 3 lever. The Shimano supplied bolt is still in the box and this with little square nut mate the shifter directly to brake lever body. Not sure I like the position but it is tidy, easy to install and secure.
Mr Edmonds Works ok, but should use a little thread locker to keep in place as mine worked loose.
ian Expensive for what it is but works fine for attaching I-spec B shifter. You need to order both parts separately (nut and bolt).
Mr Bolger These were exactly what I was looking for and needed. Would say that they are perfect value for money
pooleman Works exactly as it says and allows a shimqno IPSec-B shifter to be mounted on a hope tech shifter. You do however need to ensure you order the nut and the bolt.