Hope Tech X2 Pads - Sintered
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Hope Tech X2 Pads - Sintered
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Hope Tech X2 Pads - Sintered
  • Hope Disc pads for the Tech X2 range of Hope brakes
  • Fits Tech X2
  • Sintered gold compound
Mr Barker I prefer sintered pads becsuse they slow the bike down quicker.
Mr Franklin Pads were as advertised and were well packaged. Completely satisfied with the purchase. I have about 50 miles on the pads so far and they appear to make less noise than the standard.
Mr Smith Excellent brake pads that work well in the dry & wet of the Peak District and Lake District
Nick C After trying several sets of aftermarket pads, I've finally accepted that they simply aren't very good and returned to genuine Hope ones. Granted they're a few quid more but they just work way better. Usual excellent delivery time from Merlin too - quicker then asking my LBS to order a pair for me.
Mr NISBETT An excellent original product at a bargain price - pads bedded in a dream and stop whatever the conditions, I'm sure that they squeal less too!
CLARKE Better stopping power and last longer than organic equivalent. Buying factory always better than knock-offs that just don't seem to quite fit...
Mr Henriksen Stops better than organic.
Mr Allinson Great value and last a long time
Mr Petrik Cool braking power and durability
Mr Davidson WOULD STOP A TRAIN these are simply unbelievable pads they're hard wearing and simple to fit, no matter how much gunk gets into them they still bite into the rotors like a pitbull. testament to that they were totally submerged today on a very flooded muddy trail in water that was upto my knees and they still grabbed on and stopped me when I needed them to. Very excellent price and these we sintered too and really awesome prices, local shops cannot match these prices and ordering them in takes longer than ordering them from Merlin cycles !!!!!
Orange Al Lasts longer than the organic compound but no noticeable difference in stopping power
Mr Burroughs The previous time I ordered pads I cheaped out and bought a bunch of 'pattern parts'. Granted they were better than worn out Hope pads, but this last time I splashed the cash and went for the real thing. I now realise why they cost a little bit more. They are just so much better, better feel and more consistant once they've bedded in. For the sake of a few quid I'll be sticking with the real deal in future. FFS the difference in cost was probably less than the price of a beer or 2.
Mr White Easy to install and last that bit longer when the going gets wet and mucky. The usual great price and service from Merlin.
Mr Gibbons If you are going to be riding in wet muddy gritty conditions then you need these pads. Much harder wearing than the organic pads that came with my x2 brakes, they only lasted 2 rides in the dark peaks!! Very easy to fit and a decent price. Recommended
Mr B Excellent pads - working well in our wet/muddy summer conditions. Always buy Hope pads - they last for ages.
Mr Vlysidis This is the second pare i buy, the braking is much better than the normal pads, do try them worth every euro!
Mr Sangster Ye great product, they did the stopping business on a weekend at Fort William and again at Laggan on the way home. Service and delivery from Merlin was faultless as usual. Andy
Mr Foster Excellent pads much better wear value than compatibles