Hope Vision R8 Front LED Light
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Hope Vision R8 Front LED Light
Code: HLNR81478
Hope Vision R8+ Front LED Light
  • 4000 lumens (3000 measured)
  • 6 power levels
  • Quick release bayonet fitting handlebar mount
  • 9600mAh ES Li-Ion battery pack with built in power gauge
  • 1 hour burntime on full power
  • Eight Cree LED’s
  • Integrated thermal throttling prevents overheating
  • Custom lens - four spot, two diffused and two elliptical beams
  • Weight - Lamp 180g, total system 690g


B MacSuperb light, a few rides in now and this is per other reviews. night really does becomes day with good burn times. Hope quality throughout. 10/10
Dr JohnBloody hell - that’s what I call bright! I’d read reviews elsewhere that say the R8 are bright, but it really is like turning night in to day?
Mr AKQuick delivery and top quality British made lighting. Brighter than a car headlight!
Mark WAmazing lights, I`ve used the cheap, ridiculous lumen rating lights for a couple of winters now and they arent a patch on these lamps. They are not spot lights, they produce a 180 degree flood of light with no hot spots so you can see what`s coming without any dark spots. As said, amazing lights
Mr ColesThe light itself is pretty much what I expected, and from a Hope flagship product at this price I expected quite a lot. The brightness is great, of course; but what maybe sets it apart from cheap lights in performance terms is the beam pattern, which falls off gently to the sides and is just about perfect. I have not had it long and can't comment on reliability, but the build quality seems extremely high. Beautiful engineering. Operation is easy, the changing colour button indicating the mode you're using is intelligently designed, and the options are fine. The light looks fantastic, too. The lowest "Race" setting is plenty for a non-technical ride, and using that for an hour and a half left at least three quarter battery is indicated as remaining. The quick release is nicely engineered, however I would prefer it to be a bit larger for rigidity and strength at the price of a few irrelevant grammes- I have read elsewhere that it wobbles a bit on very bumpy terrain, and looking at it I wouldn't be surprised. Note that this is not yet a verified criticism, and perhaps I will trust the Hope engineers for now! However, I am unimpressed with the handlebar mount, at 35mm it's far too big for my 25mm bar, and padded to fit with a cheap and nasty plastic part and a rubber strip included in the box it is, frankly, horrible. It does work- but it's a bodge that would be more acceptable on an ebay special. Considering the price and the number of other accessory parts supplied, an alternative bar mounting should have been included. The mount supplied with my ten year old Hope Vision R2 had engineered metal inserts to adapt to a narrower bars and was a vastly better implementation; luckily for me that I can use that. Otherwise, this would be a deal breaker for me, and disappointing that Hope did it better ten years ago. The battery is nicely armoured and sealed and fits ok to my stem or frame, but I have yet to use it on really bouncy terrain; it does seem that the strap should be a bit beefier. Improvisation is not difficult here if necessary. Overall, early days but I love this light so far. Build quality is outstanding. Illumination is the best I have ever seen. However, if you have a 25mm bar I would still advise considering other options.
Mr jonesSuper fast delivery first as always from Merlin and best price. Hope R8 is an awesome light, power and battery are great. This is my third set, for the money, reliability is brilliant, don`t even bother with cheap Chinese crap, they let you down. Hope, turn on, just ride. Plus extra in box head mount and head harness, bar mount. Super strong and made in UK. 5 stars
Ray WaiteAn expensive light, but the best you can buy. Brilliantly engineered, designed and manufactured. It is exactly what you would expect from a product by Hope. The lower road settings are good but when you step up to the Race/off road  settings you will be amazed at the spread, distance and penetration that this light offers. You will get 2 hours on the maximum power and the battery management steps down the power to ensure that you always have light enough to get home. The box has all the fittings you need for mounting on the bars or as a head torch (but it is a bit heavy for that use) strap it to your bars and just go as fast as your legs can because you will have no problem seeing you way through dark and woods
Mr BellamyWhat a light, lasts about 2hrs on full power, lights everything up,
Mr NaismithSuch a high quality and robust item. Does take up to 12 hours to charge, however, the light produced from this item is phenomenal.
Mr WzorekAbsolutely brilliant bit of British engineering. When people say they are pricey, they are right, but it turns night into day, looks amazing and you get what you pay for - brilliance. If you want cheap don't buy them, if you want quality, buy them - 10 out of 10 Hope.
Mr KirbyGreat light. More than enough power. The usual Hope high quality feel to everything from the machined housings down to the bespoke moulded connectors. Most riding done on the lowest of the trail settings, occasionally boosted to a higher setting for faster more technical riding. Running it like this means my legs run out before the battery. I wear it on my helmet for off road riding with the battery in my rucksack and don't find the weight excessive. For road riding I mount off the handlebars.
O'HaraEverything about this product oozes quality, right down to the packaging it comes in! I took it for a spin out of box and got about 30mins out of the charge that was left. Impressed is not the word. I used to ride somewhat cautious at night, not anymore. I can travel downhill and hit jumps with the same confidence as daytime. The only problem was mounting the battery as most of the tubes on the bikes were either rounded or triangular. There was one relatively flat section on top tube just behind headtube where it sat fine. I thought with the weight of battery pack it would move about, but I have had no such problems. This light is probably complete overkill, but seriously impressive. I held off buying it for a good few months, when I finally saw the price Merlin Cycles were offering it for, I snapped it up! I would recommend this product and store to anyone.
LockeLovely light, easy to use, loads of battery life. Solid build.
Alex BThis thing is insanely bright. I needed a new handlebar light to replace my aging Cygnolite that I use in conjunction with my Lupine Piko helmet mounted light and it fits the bill perfectly. The battery however is cumbersome and heavy. It can be mounted onto your frame although it needed minor adjustments every so often while traversing rough terrain. The light comes with an extension cable and I was also able to put the battery in my jersey pocket, run the cable underneath my jersey and connect it to the R8 light with the helmet mount provided. It looks goofy as the light protrudes pretty high, but that's another way you could run it as long as you don't mind looking a little funny. The light by itself on your helmet isn't very heavy. There is no way however you're going to want to have the battery mounted onto your helmet. If you're in the USA and order this light, you're going to need an adapter that will convert a UK 3 prong plug to a US 3 prong. I was able to get one on Amazon for $6.00. The Hope R8 does not come with it. The battery takes a very long while to charge, I'd charge it the day before you plan using it. Also the battery will not take a charge if the battery is at a certain level according to the owners manual. I had to deplete some of the battery power, per the owners manual, upon receiving it so it would take a full charge, Something to do with how the battery interacts with the charger or something.
Mr WongI trusted HOPE always provides high quality products. When I opened the package of the R8 Led Light, I appreciated a wide range of accessories attached. I also satisfied with multiple light levels and the battery life indicator. However, the main drawback is the weight of the battery. It's too heavy!
Mr RobersonAwesome bike light. Very high quality. Hope R8 is an excellent package with many accessories. Handle bar mount, helmet, an a nylon head rig if your not wearing a helmet. Illumination is outstanding. The light is a little heavy for a helmet light but still usable. Best bar mounted and paired with another smaller helmet light. The one thing Hope needs to offer is a wireless remote option for their lights to mount on a helmet. That way you are not blinding your fellow cyclist everytime you look at him. The button is pretty hard to Reach on top of a helmet. I know bikeray IV has this feature., but the R8 is a better light.
Mr CollinsThis is a very powerful light; I actually bought it to use with my yacht as I have other hope lights for mountain biking, it is a super bright light, quite heavy of course but super bright! Usual Hope quality
Mr millerWhat other company will fix a well out of warranty item at no cost.... Hope did for me hence why I will never buy from anyone else! Beyond comparable service however quality is also superb, and the level of light and display of the light is phenomenal.
Mr smithExcellent, lamp, it weighs a lot, but I use the smaller batteries from my R4 for shorter rides..Stupidly bright, really lights up the trail. Great build quality as you can always expect from hope.
Mr PascoeThis light is very impressive, and its overall power is like no other bike light that I have ever used. Highly recommended - Whats not to like ??
MrHThe hope R8 defines new standards in quality, fit and performance. It is in effect bottled day light, you will not get a better light on the market today. The mounting system used on the R8 places the light exactly where you want it over the front wheel. The finish is outstanding and although this light is not cheap you must be aware that hope never made it to fit a price range, they made it to be incredible.
JamesThe usual hope quality no surprises there. The amount of light this thing puts out is amazing the spread is brilliant. Its like having the sun in a little cnc box. The lamp is not too heavy for the helmet with the battery in a back pack. Only small downside is the battery is a bit heavy but this much light output for as long as it can do needs a good battery. Amazing bit of kit.