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Lightweight bottle cage with X-grip architecture.
  • Constructed of durable, fibre reinforced Composite Matrix material for a high-strength, low weight bottle cage with the greatest value.  
  • X-Grip architecture and dual upper bottle catches ensure that bottles will stay in place.
  • The wide opening in front allows for easy on the bike bottle access.
  • Weight: 44g
  • Colours: Black, White
Lightweight but seems durable
Hold the bottle very well. Great look too.
I now have two of these cages, really like the way it really holds the bottles I use very securely, haven't had a bottle bounce out when riding red /black off-road routes, highly recomend this cage
Nice, stiff, very secure, but little too tight for easy access to bottle.
They hold on tight to the bottle, just what a bottle cage is supposed to do. No more bottles popping out on rougher trails and small drops.
It is tight, but the bottle isn't shaking in the cage. Good if you like a quiet ride
Great cage. Solid hold of bottle. I find it hard to believe that bottle will ever shake free!
Solid cage. Almost too solid. Very stiff to get bottle out. I bought it for caddy so happy with that. I can imagine in the freezing winter I might not be so happy!
Holds my tool bottle in very securely with a couple of added cable ties
Excellent quality and ultra secure for MTB use. Usual first class service from Merlin.
Nice and light for such a rugged cage. Looks good. Does clamp the bottle very tightly though - on one hand this is good as the bottle won't fall out, but on the other hand it can't be hard to grab the bottle out of the aero set up attached to the seat post or saddle.
Very tight even with a big bottle and nice discount .
Very good, ideal for MTB as it holds extremely well and will not shake out even on downhill
They are very tight for my Podium Chill bottles. I solved this by putting a small amount of hand soap on the cages. These would be good for cyclocross or a MTB.
Bit of a tight fit for bottle for no chance of shake or falling out. Light and seems strong.
Great value. Surprisingly sturdy cage.
It's nice looking. Very tight to hold the bottle.
Solid and holds the bottle really well. Got these for my road bike but they hold the bottle so securely I'm buying two more for my mountain bike.
Holds my bottles nice and secure on my mtb.
Looks good, sturdy, fits well, has a few millimeters of adjustment. Not much more to say, but I've been happy with it so far.
Tight fit for the camelbak podium bottle but at least it wont be falling out on a ride.
My second Lezyne cage, great price and does the job.
Nice looking in black. Holds on to bottle really tight. Suitable for xc, but perhaps not for children.
Great little cage. Holds the bottle very firmly while still making it easy to get it in and out.
Cage hold the bottle very solidly. It does look quite plasticy but I wasn't expecting anything else.
I bought a couple of these for my road bike thinking that they would be super nice. They are indeed super nice but a struggle to get your bottle out while riding (may need to take a dremel to it). Will keep them, but will use on a mountain bike and will keep my stainless steel cages on my road bike.
Holds the bottle really secure, is nice and lightweight. It does everything a bottle cage should.
Lightweight, stylish and secure design.
Very secure and high quality finish. No chance of losing your bottles on rough roads - would be fine for MTB use as well.