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Look Keo Blade Carbon CR Pedals is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Look Keo Blade Carbon Pedals
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Look Keo Blade Carbon Pedals

This item was discontinued 24th December 2019.

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Code: PEKBC1513
Look Keo Blade Carbon CR Pedals
The Blade Carbon is the product of lengthy research by LOOK engineers to optimize all the innovative concepts developed within the family of blade pedals. The result is a pedal that is even more secure, stable, light and powerful.
Its design fully integrates the blade for unsurpassed aerodynamics. Fitted with a carbon body and blade, the Blade Carbon version Cr (Chromoly+ axle) only weighs 110g per pedal. It is available in three release tensions: 12Nm, 16Nm and 20Nm.
  • Usage: Recreational to Competition
  • Body: Carbon
  • Axle: Chromoly+
  • Bearings: 2 ball bearing, 1 needle bearing cartridge
  • Float: 3 types of carbon blades: 12, 16 and 20
  • Cleats: Kéo Cleats Grey
  • Weight: 110g (288g per pair with cleats and screws)
Mr Morris Nice pedals. The 16 Nm release is a bit firmer than I would prefer. I would go the 12 Nm next time
Mr King Nicely made. 16nm retention quite firm but just requires some focus to ensure a clean release.
Shaun I love these pedals, I should have bought these first instead of carbon platforms & Eggbeaters. These pedals are so easy to clip into, they feel solid and stable. The efficiency of one's pedal strokes is dramatically improved. I use 0º float cleats for extra stability/contact. Look pedals are easy to get out of in a pinch as well. I found clipless pedals intimidating but really recommend all cyclists try clipless at some point.
Mr Foulds These look great and works great, love them.
Caleb Great light weight and strong pedals! Would highly recommend!
Mr McBryde I went for Look pedals as they invented the clip in concept and boy does it show through. These pedals are excellent , of course I can only compare to my Look Keo Classics but they are certainly a major leap forward. I love the loud click confirming you're locked in and the grip on my cleat from the 16Nm blade is perfect. Would highly recommend these pedals, quality oozes out of them.
David Excellent. The 16 Nm takes a bit of getting used to and it was a shock when I first came to unclip, but my feet certainly feel secure in the pedals. The look good and are very well made.
Mr Allen Nice big platform and solid click for clipping in and a great price
Mr Williamson My second pair of these pedals, love the clean lines and secure engagement. Great price from Merlin and as usual first class service and speedy delivery.
ERDO Slim & nice shape, lighter than previous one. Pretty cool.
mark I broke these in during the Winter months which to be fair isn't really their forte, 5 months of daily riding in wind, rain, slush and snow, and they performed admirably, no squeaks or groans and that carbon spring really is a delight to clip into in with a reassuring and distinctive "Clunk" The 12nm is really all you need unless you spend all your time sprinting to the lights. At this price and for this weight, dependability and lack of spring maintenance (are you listening Speedplay?) they are an absolute steal, great pedals
stefan Pretty great set of pedals for a very reasonable price. I had some creaking with the previous version at higher power outputs, but for now these ones are quiet. So far so good.
Mr rosen I've never had any problem with Look pedals, Been using them for 25+ years. Think they are great!
Jason Great quality from Look , lightweight , wider platform for easier shoe to pedal engagement and better power transfer. Use these pedals on three of my bikes.
Mr Lex C Light and reliable, very easy to cleat in and out despite the high tension
Mr Bingham Haven't put them on the bike yet but had 2 sets in the past, ride my bike everyday and they last me about 1 year in Irish weather.
Colin Ryman Great price and very speedy delivery to Australia. Great pedals that I have used before. A definite click in and out, so there's no guessing. They provide a very secure platform.
Mr Gussert Look's Blade line is the most widely accepted race pedal among American road bikers. The design is eloquent, and the pedals will last as long as you are willing to care for them.
Olie At the Merlin price, it's hard to go wrong with these. I bought them to replace some 10 year old Keo max carbons. Only one ride in, but so far so good.
Rev Fredrickson Love these pedals, light, stiff connection, they seem to have a larger platform than my previous Carbon Keo pedals. Merlin thanks for your help!!
Mr Angeles I took this pair because they are currently on sale. The construction are the same as the Look Keo Blade Titanium. The only difference is few grams. These pedals keep you going and almost no maintenance at all.
Himatt68 Excellent product at an excellent price. A great improvement on Keo 2 Max that I`ve been using for years.
Mr Figueroa Very lightweight, aero design, and look amazing. I bought them 12N and the clip off is very easy. You need to break them in though.
Mr shand Very high in quality, very happy with my purchase I need to say the Merlin Cycles staff are very well trained and know their stuff. Thanks for the great support
Kelvin Purchased these pedals for a new bike build based on my experience of using them for the last year on one of my other bikes. These pedals tick most of the major attributes that are important to me as a cyclist: they are very stiff, some of the lightest pedals on the market, require very little maintenance, and most importantly; they are very secure when mated with the Blades of peference. I pefer the 12Nm tension Blades personally but I do have other cycling buddies that prefer the 16Nm tension Blades.
Luis Light system, beautiful, and a wide platform. Very good pedals.
Paulo Upgraded from Keo 2 Max for the lower weight and bigger contact area, and slightly less stack too. They feel great. My biggest concern was the absence of adjustability in spring strength but the 12Nm spring feels about the same strength as I had on the previous model. I do recommend these pedals and for the price they are hard to beat!
GrumpyOldPizza A new set for another bike. My go to pedals from Look. Lightweight and stirdy (i.e. better than Shimano). Haven't found any downside yet in the years I am using them.
Robert Nice looking pedals, easy to clip in and out, and very light.
Mr Cumo Great price, and fast delivery. Pedals are your typical Look, light and functional.
Zac This is a great light weight set of pedals. I now own 2 sets as I liked them so much. I really like the feeling and solid click when clipping in . I find the 12Nm great for road riding.
Scott Lightweight, carbon, great connection to the cleat. Aesthetically they are some of the best pedals on the market. Great Value too!
Liem from USA Very light weight and firm fit when clipped in. Surprised how easy it was to clip in. I got the 16 (stiffness rating), which takes a little effort to unclip, but nothing I couldnt get used to. Wonderful product and unbeatable price!
Mr P For this price you cannot go wrong. Went back to Look pedals after trying out other brands and I can honestly say that these are great for me. Great platform the best power distribution and I think the cleats are much better now than they used to be. Delivery was very quick. I think they must have sent them as soon as I pressed the purchase button!!
Monte In my opinion the best road pedal system. These carbon edition are slightly stiffer than the plastic ones and there's a pleasing click as you engage.
Dave Great pedals. The 16nm are plenty stiff to click out of though, so if your new to clipless go with the 12s.
Javelgar More rigidity than spring system. Easy on/off. At the moment (600 km) free of noises described form some reviewers. No rubber pads on cleats; warning when walking!
Renato Costa The pedals look great, are very lightweight and they do their job very well, keeping the foot firm and secure. Although, the 16Nm blades are WAY to tight, it's a bit difficult to unclip the cleat. I'd go for the 12Nm now.
adrian Swapped to these from speed plays, feel really good under foot now and the cleats are cheaper and easier to replace
Neil Great pedals - very light and lovely quality. 12 Nm feels perfect for road.
Christopher Light, secure and stable. Fast delivery to the US and awesome price.
El Greggo The most secure Look Blade pedals I've ever used. Gives you that 'pro' feel as soon as you clip-in.
Barry Brilliant set of light weight pedals. Very smooth action and at a great price
JimBob928 Moved to Look from Time - like the feel of the wide platform and chose the 16nm release which is nice and snug - no way will they accidentally open.
Scotty Having used and liked Shimano pedals for years, I was a little wary about switching to these. I needn't have worried....they are simply fantastic. Assured engagement and great aesthetics.