Look Keo Cleats - Grip Model
Look Keo Cleats - Grip Model
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Look Cleats with the added non-slip grip feature

The Keo Grip cleats are non-slip, thus more reassuring when one gets off the bike. The material found at each end of the cleat helps provide a stronger interface between the cleat and the shoe sole (particularly appreciable when using carbon soles).

  • Works with Look Keo pedals
  • Includes left and right cleat and mounting hardware
  • Red = 9deg of float
  • Grey=4.5deg of float
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Anti skid works well, but wears off relatively quickly
Good cleats, some times the rubber pads make it difficult to clip-in. Great pricing from Merlin. Quick service to the USA.
I have been using these cleats over the years...they are simply great
Better than standard look cleats, good service
Great product top quality. My second kit and still happy with the cleats. Got the grey ones for ease of clipping and ease of unclipping as I ride in city. They fit great. Easy to install too!
These are the best quality cleats I have used. Everyone in our biking club love them. I order for the whole club, and we have been ordering a lot :). Merlin Cycles ships them out very promptly. I am a loyal customer.
These cleats provide a secure pedal attachment and a smooth clip in and out action.
Grey cleats offer enough float to protect the knees while being 'firm' enough for excellent power transfer. Delivered promptly by Merlin Cycles..as usual.
Standard choice for me, walkable without slipping.
These cleats work a treat and save all that slipping and sliding that I had with the non-grip models. Don't expect they'll last forever though.
Best pedal system on the market. The 9 degrees of float really helps with sensitive knees
Changing your cleats on a regular basis is a must when using Keo blade pedals, these Look cleats with the grip insert are excellent.
Great product, robust and excellent cleats for triathlon transitions!!!
Really like the grip model. Not often you're walking around on rough surfaces but helpful when you are.
If you ride LOOK then you have to get Grip Model cleats! No slipping, no annoying clicking when walking into coffee shop!
I always use these cleats. They're the best for my kind ofcycling
Keo grip is the best, prevents injuries because of it's grip strip.
I've been using these grey, 4.5 float pedals for many years. They're the best!
I like the rubber grip pads on these, but they sometimes fall off a bit too easily/quickly. Still, prefer these over the regular ones.
Been using them a long time and will buy them again. Like the grip on them feels better to do small walks with them
Don't buy knockoffs  I've been there, and the Look originals sold here are worth the extra money!
I never try other brand but for me, it's very good.
Excellent cleats, grip makes them especially useful
Good bits of kit that give you a firm clip in. Use them everytime.
Good cleats, seems to have a long life.
I have both the grip and non grip options on my shoes...non grip came with a cheaper Look pedal...Grip option the only one to opt for...during normal use positive engagement to the pedal lasts well as do the grip strips.
The genuine article is the only product worth buying, the red cleats offer the extra movement which suits my style perfectly.
I like this cleat and pedal system, have not had any problems with clipping in or out.
I bought the red cleat to give me more float when I'm wearing my winter boots. The grip model gives me a little more confidence on slippy floors.
Been using these cleats for the last few years the grip models are excellent, just avoid walking on stony ground as they are not designed for this and the grip will cut up.
An excellent product at a reasonable price from Look KeO and High Quality
Great product at a great price. The grip version is perfect for wet winter riding
Good cleats, the rubber helps a lot when walking around.
As they should be
Top cleats - easy to clip in and out plenty of float options and not bad for walking when you stop for cake. Also being plastic in the winter I think my feet stay warmer!
dgreat service again from merlin the cleats are great wish i had updated to look keo cleat grip model earlier far better than original ones will be buying off you again soon thanks again b helen
the usual high standard.cant really imagine using anything else.
Top cleats, light, clip in easy and with the grips a lot safer to walk in. I have also got the covers for cafe stops which save a bit of money.
Good cleats solid feeling with the pedals and easy to get in and out of.
The Grey cleats are the go for me, and with the rubber walking pads. The ones without don't last at all.
Good value from merlin seem to have good grip but I don't think they will wear well but time will see.
A replacement as the pads on my others ran out. Merlin always deliver quickly - thank you!
Replaced a fairly new set of beat up Xpedo cleats. They seem to be holding up rather better than the other pair.