Look Keo Cleats - Grip Model
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Look Keo Cleats - Grip Model
Look Cleats with the added non-slip grip feature

The Keo Grip cleats are non-slip, thus more reassuring when one gets off the bike. The material found at each end of the cleat helps provide a stronger interface between the cleat and the shoe sole (particularly appreciable when using carbon soles).

  • Works with Look Keo pedals
  • Includes left and right cleat and mounting hardware
  • Red = 9deg of float
  • Grey=4.5deg of float
NanetteLove it
Mr KeyMy favorite cleats.
RichardAs fully expected , a quality product that does the job
Marie CherryVery good quality.
Mr WalkerGreat cleats with good range of float. The addition of the rubber pads makes the usual 'walking in cleats' experience a bit easier and safer.
OwenValue for your money, highly recommended cleats because of the plastic/rubber bottom.
Tim CookBought some alternatives from another supplier which were no good . Always best to stick to the real thing from a good supplier. Quick and efficient service.
Mr hanniganNew to keo but so far these are fab. Very pleased.
Mr TowersMy favoured pedal solution and always wear well with the grey being just enough float. Grip works well when off the bike too.
Miss ShearerBetter grip than the old keo cleats the Allen bolts now supplied are far better than the old slotted version.
Mr CovellHigh quality, just as expected.
jamesThey work well enough but they wear out pretty quick.
Mr HuntUsual Look quality, no point in using copy or aftermarket parts, when you can get genuine parts at good prices.
Mr ZambranaI use this cleats for years i liked
Mr TayValue for money and long lasting
Mr Al AliThe best one. Using it since 3 years.
Miss MorettoMy go to! Great float, and grippy. Grip wore off after 4000kms
FoxSturdy and trustworthy as always. Look has been my choice of cleats and pedals ever since I bought my first bike secondhand which was fitted with these.
Mr FosterThe grip model is specifically good for training shoes where more walking may be required than purely for racing.
Mr millerWell, new shoes so new cleats - always reliable, comfortable, easy to use
DuncanCan't ever complain with these. They do the job and the price is good
Mr ji wonIt is a genuine cleat that you believe in durability.
Mick WNever used Look cleats before having always used Shimano pedals, however I recently purchased a pair of Assioma pedals which naturally prompted a change to the Look cleat, slightly narrower than the SPD-SL ones but every bit as easy to use and just as stable in the pedals, i'd go so far as to say I can't really notice any difference, which to me is a good thing!
Mr LeeBought the grey version. No complaints when clipped in, works as it should. The grip model provides more confidence when walking. However, in my experience, the grip wear very easily and tend to detach after a month of use. The need for frequent replacement is a deal breaker for me.
SteveGrip model is better than the basic version but wear quite quickly unless you use cleat protectors
JonathanBest thing Look did was to put the grippy tread on these great cleats - helps durability and longevity but there is always a need to change from a worn pair to a fresh new pair. Grey seems to offer the right float for me.
Mr PitchkoBeats the OEM cleats. A must have if you ever get off the bike
TrevorI always get the correct order from Merlin Cycles and the LOOK cleats are spot on.
Tony36They attach me to my pedals, not much more to be said. Not sure the grip adds much
Mr Mungo the Magnificent.Just the job for my Keo blades pedals, easy to swap out.
Mr McNeillI always buy the Look Keo cleats rather than the cheaper but inferior quality brands. Well made and last a season.
Alexandra EmilyGenuine look product, quickly dispatched and delivered by Merlin Cycles. I use these on Favero Assioma pedals and they work perfectly, the grip pieces seem to work just fine.
AllanSo much better than the copy cleats, new contact points always feel good
GuilleGreat cleats, they last for really long. Never needed something different. The grip is really useful.
EdBought to replace cleats from my Garmin Vector 3S pedals. Good fit.
Greg KGreat cleats, must've up into double figures for the amount I've used. Use every day for commuting and most weekend rides with Sidi and Northwave shoes. Solid choice and great service from Merlin, cheap, fast delivery and are there to answer any queries.
DannypsmythEasy to attach, relatively hard wearing
HK PhooeyTrying for the first time after swapping from Shimano (fishing tackle!), clean lock in mechanism, feel fine.
JayGrey version has all the float you'll need, when purchased Merlin were the best on price
jasonBought to replace worn out ones, they are what they are, last well.
NicI`ve used these for years. Never falter
LeonI have Look KEO carbon pedal and these are the cleats to use. the grip model makes them easy to walk on
c40jimWould prefer non grip version since they're easier to get into and out of the pedals.
simonThey do the job and are better the the none grippy ones when it come to sloppy floors!
Mr rosenThe grey cleats are a good balance between fixed and too much float.
SergioIt's always a good idea to have a little bit of grip to prevent slipping when walking.
Mr YoungGreat Look product as always
Mr HuntI only use this brand of cleats, no point using cheap aftermarket ones, good value and the usual good quality from Look.
AldoGreat cleats except the sweeking noise when new
Richie M NZCleats are cleats - does what it says on tin
DonThese Look cleats worked well with the Look Keo Blade pedals.
LouisStandard look cleats that u must have with look pedals. I use the black 0 float ones, but there's still a bit of movement. Would still buy again though. Great for walking and durable too
NicholasThe cleats work. I removed the little center rubber pad because it makes the cleat really lock in to the pedal which almost caused me to wipeout when I tried to put my foot down. The grip parts may not be the most durable but they work.
Captain KangarooLove the Look Keo Blade Max pedals, but these cleats leave something less than desirable. Don't use the "grip" center pad if you pedal like a bear, it squeaks under heavy pedaling and if you remove the pad, the cleat doesn't fit tightly.
Robert9 degrees of rotation, and they make walking a little less slippery. You still wouldn't want to have a punch up with a road raging driver, but there is some noticeable grip.
mosheCleats are very good, very easy to release, lock your shoe to a pedal very quickly and very easily
PeterThey do the job well. My knees love the large amount of float.
DomenicoDefinitely worth investing in, the normal cleats are like walking on ice, these grips allow for my ease when walking however can make it a little more difficult to clip in because of the grip, just means it should give you more incentive to learn how to track stand :)
GeorgeHave been using Look Keo cleats for a long time, like the option of degrees of float offered.
Northern FerretI find that the Look cleats tend to wear quite quickly when compared to the Shimano ones I used previously but they do what they have to do. Just keep an eye on the contact areas and replace before they become too worn and break at the front clip in point...
PhilGood cleats, the grip really works, no slipping like the regular cleats. The red cleats have a lot of rotation, a little hard to un-clip.
JamesThe only cleats I will use with Look pedals, because the standard ones are like being on Ice Skates.
Mr BienvenidaPerfect cleats with Grip as anti slip. Suited for my Look Keo Classic 3 spd sl pedal. Easy to install in the shoes, there is a line marked in to correctly align your foot to pedal axle. Not bulky and good looking cleats. Its walkable but still perfect and safe with a Look Cleats cover.
SimonabikeGood quality replacement for cleats I've been using a while and prefer to SPD
Dr KanabarAs you'd expect. Great product from a renowned firm. Would purchase again in the future. Easy to fit.
JeffNothing feels as good as new cleats. Nice and crisp. As expected and at a good price.
Norther FerretNot as long lasting as the Shimano cleats but they do a great job nontheless
Supensa TehWalking is so much easier with this compared to gripless. Only bit extra to pay for your own safety. Life saver!
RobUsed previously and they are great. Non slip when walking is a real plus.
Miss MartinI bought the red ones but it was too much float for me. Still the product is really good with the addition of the grip to feel more comfortable if walking.
Felimon Gian CarloI got one pair that I use and it has been awesome so I decided to just get a spare so I get to keep same quality after it wears out
Elias AngelisGood quality, nice grip. The rubber helps on walking more safely.
NoelHighly recommended, good wear, excellent grip compared to non grip cleats.
Mr LOWEOpted for the grip model and the 9 degree pitch which allows me to set up the shoes to a comfortable setting....good buy
Mr SmithReally good cleats, just got mine to replace a worn out set and the difference that it made was amazing. It made clipping in and out seem so much easier than before
Mr DrinkwaterThese are good and I use them with some power meter pedals that require these cleats. However, in my opinion, clipping in is not as easy as with SPD-SL pedals/cleats and even these grip model are not as easy to walk around in.
Mr francoGreat product. The rubber grip adds a little extra confidence when walking and minimizes the clac clac noise on floors.
Mr CharbonneauGrip model, harder and harder to find, but so useful
HendersonPerfect set of cleats with a minimal float of 4.5 degrees. Easy to install and set up, with plenty of adjustment.
JuppI always buy the red cleats. Clipping in is secure. They do seem to squeak a little when new which can be annoying.
Mr TaylorTheses are ok, they do tend to chew up pretty fast especially if you are out in the wilds such as Lanzarote where the roads are quite gritty naturally and simply putting a foot down at a junction they seem to chew up. That said they do the job and release on time when required.
Mr SaundersonLook cleats are definitely the ones for me. Better all round performance and feel to them
Martin KI recommend the grey cleats, the red have too much float, and harder to pedal efficiently.
GochyaLike the float. Long lasting typically.
AMRubber tends to wear off before the rest of the cleats wear out which means they need to be replaced regularly. Good product though
Alves Garcia JúniorVery durable and safe for walking cleats.
BrianPreferred cleats for look pedals, grip wears out pretty quickly, and they have squeaked intermittently, but overall very happy with performance
ArvinThe grip makes you walk a little easier
Mr AkgöpGood quality cleats.
Mr rosenAnti skid works well, but wears off relatively quickly
Major TomGood cleats, some times the rubber pads make it difficult to clip-in. Great pricing from Merlin. Quick service to the USA.
Mr MendesI have been using these cleats over the years...they are simply great
martinBetter than standard look cleats, good service
LSebastianGreat product top quality. My second kit and still happy with the cleats. Got the grey ones for ease of clipping and ease of unclipping as I ride in city. They fit great. Easy to install too!
Junaid IslamThese are the best quality cleats I have used. Everyone in our biking club love them. I order for the whole club, and we have been ordering a lot :). Merlin Cycles ships them out very promptly. I am a loyal customer.
McManusThese cleats provide a secure pedal attachment and a smooth clip in and out action.
Mr HammerGrey cleats offer enough float to protect the knees while being 'firm' enough for excellent power transfer. Delivered promptly by Merlin Cycles..as usual.
Mr ArnessonStandard choice for me, walkable without slipping.
swhittakThese cleats work a treat and save all that slipping and sliding that I had with the non-grip models. Don't expect they'll last forever though.
Mr Martel DyeBest pedal system on the market. The 9 degrees of float really helps with sensitive knees
Mr HoptonChanging your cleats on a regular basis is a must when using Keo blade pedals, these Look cleats with the grip insert are excellent.
BurnsGreat product, robust and excellent cleats for triathlon transitions!!!
JenkinsReally like the grip model. Not often you're walking around on rough surfaces but helpful when you are.
Mr DowlingIf you ride LOOK then you have to get Grip Model cleats! No slipping, no annoying clicking when walking into coffee shop!
Mr SaundersI always use these cleats. They're the best for my kind ofcycling
Mr LamarreKeo grip is the best, prevents injuries because of it's grip strip.
Mr rosenI've been using these grey, 4.5 float pedals for many years. They're the best!
Mr Antonio M.I like the rubber grip pads on these, but they sometimes fall off a bit too easily/quickly. Still, prefer these over the regular ones.
Mr BinghamBeen using them a long time and will buy them again. Like the grip on them feels better to do small walks with them
SamDon't buy knockoffs  I've been there, and the Look originals sold here are worth the extra money!
Mr BilodeauI never try other brand but for me, it's very good.
BrunoExcellent cleats, grip makes them especially useful
Mr McAuslanGood bits of kit that give you a firm clip in. Use them everytime.
Mr GomesGood cleats, seems to have a long life.
Mr BroomI have both the grip and non grip options on my shoes...non grip came with a cheaper Look pedal...Grip option the only one to opt for...during normal use positive engagement to the pedal lasts well as do the grip strips.
Mr DanceThe genuine article is the only product worth buying, the red cleats offer the extra movement which suits my style perfectly.
Mr MacgowanI like this cleat and pedal system, have not had any problems with clipping in or out.
winter roadieI bought the red cleat to give me more float when I'm wearing my winter boots. The grip model gives me a little more confidence on slippy floors.
Mr garthwaiteBeen using these cleats for the last few years the grip models are excellent, just avoid walking on stony ground as they are not designed for this and the grip will cut up.
Mr FUNGAn excellent product at a reasonable price from Look KeO and High Quality
Mr WignallGreat product at a great price. The grip version is perfect for wet winter riding
Mr DaviesGood cleats, the rubber helps a lot when walking around.
Mr BaumalAs they should be
Mr JordTop cleats - easy to clip in and out plenty of float options and not bad for walking when you stop for cake. Also being plastic in the winter I think my feet stay warmer!
Mr Helendgreat service again from merlin the cleats are great wish i had updated to look keo cleat grip model earlier far better than original ones will be buying off you again soon thanks again b helen
Mr carterthe usual high standard.cant really imagine using anything else.
Mr JordTop cleats, light, clip in easy and with the grips a lot safer to walk in. I have also got the covers for cafe stops which save a bit of money.
StuartGood cleats solid feeling with the pedals and easy to get in and out of.
Mr RisbyThe Grey cleats are the go for me, and with the rubber walking pads. The ones without don't last at all.
Mr biltonGood value from merlin seem to have good grip but I don't think they will wear well but time will see.
Mr BucknallA replacement as the pads on my others ran out. Merlin always deliver quickly - thank you!
Mr BayfordReplaced a fairly new set of beat up Xpedo cleats. They seem to be holding up rather better than the other pair.