Loyalty Scheme

Merlin Cycles Loyalty Scheme


Merlin Rewards

The Merlin Rewards programme allows you to build up points within your account by purchasing the items you would normally buy anyway, which can then be exchanged for Merlin Gift Vouchers.

Account Creation: Earn 100 points for creating a Merlin account and signing up for our newsletter. This voucher can be exchange for for a £5 voucher once you have spent a minimum of £75 and attained Bronze level membership. All purchses from account creation onwards will earn reward points.

Purchases: You will earn 1 point for every £1 spent, please allow 21 days for these to be applied to your account after the purchase date.

Rewards: The points you accumulate will allow you to access the rewards shown in your account. They start at £5 for 100 points up to £25 for 375 points.


Reward Tiers: There are 3 reward Tiers, Bronze - 50 points, Silver - 100 points and Gold when you reach 250 points. In addition to your reward points being able to be redeemed for gift vouchers you will also be able to access better pricing where products are sold at or close to RRP.   ( UK Customers Only )

Bronze membership is reached when you have spent £50 in a 12 month period; this will give you 7.5% off list price for any product being sold at RRP.

Silver membership is reached when you have spent £100 in a 12 month period; this will give you 10% off list price for any product being sold at RRP

Gold membership is reached when you have spent £250 in a 12 month period; this will give you 15% off list price for any product being sold at RRP.

Once you hit the required spending threshold we will email you to welcome you to the scheme and advise you of the level you are at.

Once a member you will need to log into your account when you are on the site to see your personal pricing. The discounts are applied automatically and your saving will be shown on your order.

Example: If a product is being sold at an RRP price of £100 and you are a gold member, you will receive a 15% discount and pay only £85. If that same product is sold for £90 (10% off RRP) you will still get your 15% off RRP and will still pay the better price of £85. Once a product is discounted below 15% no further discount will apply.

Terms & Conditions: Not all brands may be included in the Reward Tiers but all brands will reward you points; brands may be added or removed at any time.

Discount levels may be increased, decreased or removed at any time.

Voucher levels may be changed, removed or suspended. If so we will give customers notice to allow them to spend any unused vouchers and exchange points for vouchers prior to removal.

The purchase of gift vouchers contributes to your qualifying rolling spend and you will be receive your Merlin reward points, but their use for further purchases doesn't. As an example, if you were to buy a £100 gift voucher for a friend, you will have an additional £100 qualifying spend towards your discount tier and well as receiving 100 reward points, but when your friend uses the gift voucher, their purchases won't count towards their (or your) rolling spend or towards Merlin reward points.

Only one voucher per order may be used.

The redemption of points for vouchers, and the use of vouchers, may be suspended during certain promotions and sales.

The scheme is only open to private individuals only, not trade.

Points Expiry: Merlin reward points expire 12 months after you last purchase. The expiry date will constantly move as you make more purchases and as long as you make 1 purchase in every 12 month period you points will never expire and will keep accumulating.

For example if you made a purchase in January 2017 and gained 200 points these would expire 12 months later if not redeemed.  However if you make another purchase in November 2017 and gain say another 100 points, your point total will be 300 and these 300 points will be valid until November 2018. So the 200 points earned in January are valid for 12 months from the date of your last purchase.

We reserve the right to vary these Terms and Conditions without notice.