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Moon Handlebar Combo Mount
  • Mounts Garmin and GoPro Style Mounted Camera / Lights
  • Moon front lights (RB-28) Compatible
  • 31.8mm Clamp
Mr jimbob Nicely built. Godd quality and some nice design touches.
Anthony I was looking for a combo mount that was similar to the K Edge but without the high cost, this weighs no more that a dose of coffee heavier than the K Edge but looks and performs just as good, my Garmin Edge Touring fits perfectly on the XL, bargain, should have got it sooner, GoPro & Edge are extremely stable on this great looking machined aluminium mount.
Justin Just the right length for the Moon Meteor Storm Pro to clear the cables, which are level with the front of the tops of my handlebars. Very solid. Great Garmin mount.
Kenneth P The Moon Handlebar Combo Mount (small) is sturdy and light. It connects securely to the handlebar. It does not flex much, and it can take the weight of a bike computer and a heavy front light/camera (a Garmin 520 and Cycliq Fly 12, in my case). There is just enough clearance to reach the bottom buttons of the Garmin 520. If you want a bigger gap between the bike computer and the stem, or if you have a big bike computer, it might be better to go with the XL. Overall, great value for money since other brands' combo mounts seem to cost a pretty penny.