Orro Bostal BED Rail Gravel Bike Saddle
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Orro Bostal BED Rail Gravel Bike Saddle
Orro Bostal BED Rail Gravel Bike Saddle

The unique challenges of gravel riding are experienced by the ORRO team regularly while testing bikes on our local Sussex Downs trails. This demanding terrain put us on a path to develop the Bostal saddle, a perch which matches optimised comfort with the added durability that adventurous riders expect. The Bostal is named after the local Sussex term used to describe a small road leading up a hill.


  • Bostal saddles use a graduated closed cell padding which gets thicker and softer toward the tail. This specific material zoning, combined with a pressure relief channel, enhances comfort with the more upright geometries of gravel bikes.
  • Three cut-outs on the underside of the tough nylon base allow the material inside to compress in response to rider weight for a personally tuned level of comfort.
  • ORRO black gloss details complement the wear resistant microfiber upper with a matt surface finish that ensures repositioning while riding is never an issue.
  • Steel rails offer durability and resistance to fatigue, perfect for mounting saddle bags.