Raceware Garmin Tab Repair Part
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Raceware Garmin Tab Repair PartRaceware Garmin Tab Repair Part
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Raceware Garmin Tab - Replaces the Tabs on your Garmin

The Raceware Garmin Tab repair part replaces the tabs on the back of your Garmin. A great solution to the problem of losing the original tabs on your Garmin should they break. This part will work with any of the newer ¼ turn style Garmins.


View this video for full fitting instructions

Mr FulcherGreat little accessory, to repair my broken garmin, very easy to fit
markGreat fix for my broken Garmin tabs
VasManSolid tab repair part that you can install very easily, seems very strong and most importantly saves you £130 and time from sending it to Garmin for replacement if outside of warranty
Mr ChiDoes the job perfectly, just sand down the existing tabs and stick over top. Make sure to use a very strong glue when attaching and let set fully before trying to mount.
Mr PorterPart as expected. Working so far. Happy with it.
Mr GibbinsDoes the job , fits in the normal garmin 1/4 turn holder but does not fit in the one with the lock function . Still it saved an expensive bit of kit for a tenner
Dr GreenfieldThis product saved me £100! Yes it's a bit expensive for what it is but compared to buying a whole new Garmin it's a no brainer!
RobinSo glad I stumbled across this. The original lugs on my Garmin had somehow disintegrated and I didn't want a new GPS. After a few dollops of glue and waiting a few minutes to dry my Garmin was as good as new. The repair part also feels more sturdy as well and so glad to be able to view my stats again on the move instead of keeping it in my pocket.
Mr O'BrienExcellent and clever piece of kit. Works brilliantly and totally saved my damaged Garmin
EvanPerfect, just the job to adapt a light mount
MelvinDoes the job nicely....saved my Garmin
Richard HThis mount does the job but when you put your Garmin in it does not lock at 90 degrees like other mounts I have. You can keep turning the Garmin through to 180 and it comes back out. The connection from Garmin to mount is fairly stiff so this should not be an issue but I would prefer the 90 degree lock type.
Mr HopkinsThis is an excellent repair solution should you break one of the tabs on your garmin. I have used this on my 530 Edge. You should note that it does make the copper connectors redundant, not sure what they are used for. It does sit higher when in the handle bar mount but its only about 8mm. However this has saved me buying a new garmin so happy days
Mr BorgGreat piece of equipment for your precious Garmin. No need to replace your computer if you break the support mount tabs!!
C OatesPerfect solution to those pesky broken garmin tabs. Ready made with lugs to locate correctly, simply cut off the remainder of original tabs, rough up the mating surfaces and superglue it on. Hey presto
bryanProduct works well, just follow the you tube video for fitting instructions but £10 is a lot of money for a piece of plastic that must have cost pennies to produce, the required adhesive isn't even included and had to be purchased separately...way too expensive
G. CaetanoGood fit. Seems to be made of a stronger material compared to that on the garmin unit.
A JGreat for saving my wahoo bolt from a life in my pocket!! 1/4 turn difference from garmin. Easy to follow instructions for use. Exceptionally quick delivery
Mr GrovesSo far so good, I fitted the repair part a few weeks ago , I filed off the broken tabs and went over it with sandpaper , the fitted it with Gorilla Gel Super glue, Its now as good as new if not better, so I would definitely recommend
StashSo this clever little bit of kit saves you a couple of hundred quid from lumping out on a new Garmin (because they ain't robust enough) but a tenner for what must be 5p worth of plastic is a bit cheeky? In saying that it's easy to fit & does the job it's intended to do.
Mr VataseluJust perfect, work like a charm
BelindaArrived very quickly and does the job brilliantly. Helpful video showing how to fit it, although it made removing the remaining tab look much easier than I found it.
Mr KrobbachSeveral attempts to fix my broken Garmin tabs failed, this repair cap solved my problem. It fitsquite tight in nonngarmin holders, but does the job. The headunit will be slighty raised in the holder with the repair cap.
Mr HallinExactly as described. Easy to glue on. No problems what so ever. Adds a bit of height to the unit.
Mr lenehanGreat product , saves the expense of buying a new bike computer, i used it to repair a Giant Neostrack, took a bit of filing down of the computer but it is back to 100% . I ordered a second one as my boys have similar computers. Good to have a spare.
Mr BoydReally useful product. My Garmin edge was rattling in its holder with a broken tab. This worked very well - useful YouTube video helps
Mr PerrinQuick delivery - part works well - better plastic than the original.
Mr McCullochI previously bought a £9.99 3D printed replacement which was useless, only lasting a few months before disintegrating. This is a proper plastic solid moulding which is much better quality and worth the slight extra price.
Mr BPerfect! I watched the video first, got some Gel Superglue, I also scored the back of Garmin and the mounting face of new part with sharp point scissors to increase surface area and grip for the glue. Leave to bond for several hours in a warm room, I fixed two Garmins that have been sitting unused in a drawer, perfect gadget.
BruceOrdered this item after managing to break the lugs on the rear of my Garmin 500! Recieved and glued it into place, took about 2 minutes to do and works a treat! Nice and secure and saved my Garmin from being an expensive ornament!
Mr RobertsThis part worked flawlessly. With some minor sanding and super glue it fixed my broken garmin tabs and mounted to my existing bike mounts! Great product!
Mr CallaghanGreat little part. Saved me having to buy a new Garmin unit.
Mr NelsonFit was as described, installation was simple and I am no longer fearful of losing my Garmin off of my bike!
billPerfect little piece of kit for swapping over to wahoo bolt
Mr CarvilleWorked perfectly after the tabs snapped on my edge 520.
Mr LockwoodGreat product. Saved the cost of replacing my Garmin. Attached to the Garmin with glue. Gives a secure fit when attached to my Garmin mount.
MatthewWell made, ease of fitting. Most of all, a very inexpensive way of repairing an expensive Garmin . Broken tab seems relatively common breakage, yet seemingly no repair option provided by Garmin.
Mr BakerPerfect for the job. Garmin back up and mounted. Quick delivery from Merlin.
StevenI used this when my wife broke one side of the mounting tabs on her 520+. Easy to install and works a treat. Leaves the unit a little higher in the mount but for most people I don't think this would be an issue.
Mr gillionThe perfect solution to broken tabs on my Garmin 810! Affordable and easy to fit, what more could you want!
GraemeA brilliant piece of ingenuity. So easy to fit and a fraction of the cost of a new computer. Very nice and secure action when clipping into mount.
Mr BradshawGreat fix to broken tabs on back of Garmin 500
TerenceI brought two of these to repair two Garmins with broken tabs. These are excellent, easy to fit and do what it says on the tin!!
Mr DonovanVery quick delivery. Very easy to use. Fixed like New.
Mr BrantmanI’m surprised how easy this product worked. I used the Gorilla Gel super glue (according to the manufactures spec) and it has completely fixed my Garmin. This does cause your Garmin to stick up 8-10mm higher but that is better than buying another unit. Highly recommend it and simple enough for anyone to install.
Mr BThis worked perfectly to repair my broken Garmin quarter turn connector. Spent hours fiddling and trying to fix it myself before buying this part. Highly recommended, it worked great.
richardGreat product which enables me to keep using my 810 where the tabs seem to be a design fault
Mr McKennaDelivery was fast. The product was easy to glue on, and it works very well. I even used it on rough gravel and it stayed perfectly on.
MichaelExcellent item. Instructions on line for a very fast & easy repair. Have used before & durability is great.
BryanSimple and cheap way to fix your Garmin mounts. Works great! Possibly better engagement than original mount and spaces Garmin from bars for easier mounting.
GordonOne of the tabs on my Garmin 800 had broken off most likely due to age. Raceware repair Kit did the trick. What I would say is mask the screen off before glueing the repair kit on, just saves getting any glue on the screen
MickBHave fixed two Garmin Edges with these. First fix is now nearly 2 years & still going strong. Really easy to apply with just minor trimming of old mount & gel super glue. Unit rides a tiny bit higher on mount but this is no issue. Connection with mount is also much firmer after fix. Highly recommended rather than pay Garmin's price for exchange unit!
Pete VanceExcellent repair kit...works perfectly...fast shipping by Merlin cycles...to be recommended
Mark MacariolaGreat way to bring your broken garmin Mount into life. Great design and easy to mount with glue. Highly recommended.
MervynIf I had known about this product sooner, I wouldn't have wasted money buying a Edge 820 as a replacement when the quarter turn on my 510 broke. Great little bit of kit and I am amazed no-one thought of making this product sooner.
GeoffIf the mounting tabs have broken off your expensive Garmin device, then buy this fabulous item. It is so easy to install, and looks as good as new. The GPS is now held more securely in the holder than ever.
Mr DaviesGreat product, has extended the life of my Garmin Edge 810
StuartExcellent item did the job
Mr BohnWorked excellent and very easy install; shipping from the UK was 9 days, just in time for my weekend race! Thank you.
Ms SmithIt was exactly what our garmin needed to work again!
AndrewGreat replacement, works perfectly after my Garmin tabs cracked.
Mr SchembriGreat product. Saved the life of my old Garmin 510
Mr HodžićGreat thing. Match with the Edge 1030 broken tabs. Fast Delivery .
Mr HughesAmazing product at the best price on the market! Brought my Garmin back from the dead !
allanSaved baying a new cycle comp, not sure if it would work on mine, just glued it over the broken bit and away you go.
DanielDoes as expected. Ensure you use suitable glue as this will be the weak link, not the tab.
geoffDid the job - much cheaper than buying new back to your Garmin. Watch the video and follow the instructions but it's pretty simple - 1. clean away what's left of the tabs on your Garmin. 2. lightly sand the surface. 3. superglue it. Done.
Mr OatesGreat fit and easy to replace. Well recommended fix for a garmin with a broken tab.
Mr HickeyGood Quality product. Installed using the many youtube guides. I used super glue after roughing with sand paper and seems to be fine.
RyanQuick and simple fix to an increasingly common problem. Its been rock solid so far and actually fits in my K Edge mount better than before with no play in it whatsoever
AnthonyThe two tabs on the back of my Garmin 1000 broke & this little beauty fixed the problem. Very happy with my purchase..
RobertExcellent solution to repair/replace your Garmin mount. One of the wings broke off my 520 so I ordered this piece. Merlincycles sent it asap and it arrived within 3-4 days in Spain ! Job well done, happy customer. Thanks.
Mr GregoryGood bit of kit which is easy to fit after seeing a clip on you-tube on how to attach the Tab
Matt ParkDid the job.. has extended the life of my old edge 800!!
Mike MooreWorked absolutely brilliantly to fix a broken Garmin 800 and to recover a computer that would have otherwise been binned. The Garmin sits about 10mm higher than it used to though.
GrandVinoVery useful part. Simple to fit. Economical repair for the unit and seems secure and durable.
CarlA great and inexpensive way to fix a Garmin with a broken tab.
ShaneIdeal when the flimsy tabs break off your garmin, great product
TimGreat little repair piece and the only one of it's kind I could find on the interwebs!! Those little mounting tabs on the Garmin wear off after a few years of twisting on/off. There is no way to replace the back without some $$$ and you should just buy another unit. But this little part takes care of it! This is the second Garmin I've used it on and have not been disappointed. The previous one on my old Garmin lasted 2 years until the Garmin died a horrible death and was replaced. Now the newer (3 years old) Garmin has it. I hope they never stop making it!
Mr BoulayThis part is great. Installation with glue could hardly be easier. The tabs on this seem much more robust than the original ones on the Garmin Edge 1000 and are just a bit thicker, which gives a nice positive hold in the holder. If I had known I could have nice tabs like this on my head unit, I'd have broken off the original ones way before.
Mr ShortPerfect for repairing those dodgy tabs
Jens EllingsenExcellent! Cheap and easy way to fix your broken Garmin Edge tabs. Glue is not provided, though.
TroyAbsolutely brilliant repair kit for when the tabs break for mounting my Garmin. They can either fail through wear & tear, or due to a crash etc and for the sake of £10 it's saved having to replace the complete unit. Easy enough to fit and does the job fine. Well recommended
RichardThis part was the optimal solution to one of the two tabs used to mount my Garmin breaking off (apparently this is not an uncommon problem). Once I filed off the other tab, this part sandwiched on nicely to back of the Garmin, on which I had applied some Gorilla Glue. I would emphasize that this part covered up the original tab, slipped over it, did not just go on top of it, which other, inferior repair parts might do. If once of your tab breaks, get this part!
Mr CudlippExcellent piece of kit, saved my Garmin Edge 810 from the bin when both tabs broke off the back. Easy enough to fit if you use proper superglue, had it in place for a couple of weeks now with no issues. Usual speedy service from Merlin
KevinJust what I wanted. Bought a XOSS to replace my Garmin (mistake) and this part has bought my 3-month-old XOSS with no warranty support back to life. Thank you.
michaelWell all I can say is that it works. Simply followed instructions given in the video and the Garmin is back in commission again. Hopefully the mount will last longer than the original moulded mount on the back of the edge 500. A bit pricey for what it is but a lot cheaper than a Garmin repair.