Ravemen PR1200 Rechargeable Front Light
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Ravemen PR1200 Rechargeable Front Light
Code: 35403-1200
Ravemen PR1200 Rechargeable Front Light
Ravemen Lighting. Ravemen is derived from their passion for bike riding and concern for bike riders as well as others’ safety. Coming from different areas of the bicycle industry and being biking enthusiasts, engaging in night riding is quite normal for us. To our regret, most of the high-output bike lights on the market have no anti-glare capability, which is dangerous to oncoming traffic, and as a result places them at great risk.
In fact, many people have had the experience of being dazzled by high lumen bike lights, and Ravemen believe that every rider also tries not to disturb others while enjoying the fun of riding. Based on such perception and being inspired by automotive headlights, the idea of applying a similar design to bike lights came into their minds. Through the entire process of conceiving, designing, proofing, testing and adjusting, they finally made it! That means the world’s first bike light with a simulation of the design of automotive headlights is available.
Combining high quality and durable material with innovative design, along with the concern for riders and others’ safety which has been fused into their genes, Ravemen promise their products will be not only reliable and easy-to-use to improve your riding experience, but also a trusted companion that will earn you respect from others.
  • DuaLens Optical Design for road biking mode, providing broad closed range flood light with anti-glare low beam for commuting, no dazzle and glare for oncoming traffic
  • HiLo Beam System for Mountain Biking and Emergency Modes, providing illuminating light similar to automotive headlight with far reaching high beam and low beam
  • Intelligent Memory circuit remembers the last used brightness level and mode when turned on again
  • LED real-time display to show remaining runtime in each brightness level
  • Micro USB charging port, compatible with most phone chargers
  • USB output port to charge other USB-powered digital devices
  • Intelligent thermal management circuit to prevent overheat of LEDs
  • Quick release design for easily slide in and out
  • Compatible with handlebar from 31.8mm to 35mm diameter
  • 21 hours run time
  • Max 1200 lumens, 3 modes and 8 brightness levels for various riding environments
  • LED: 2*CREE XM-L2 with a lifespan of 50000 hours
  • Battery: 5200mAh/3.7V rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Dimensions (Headlight): 100mm (L)*48mm (W)*27mm (H);
  • Weight (Headlight): 213g
  • Materials: The front and main body is made by aluminum with Mil Type III Hard Coat Anodizing; the rear part and the handlebar mount are made by durable plastic
Mr Kessell4.5 stars. The only reason it doesn't get 5 is because it is slightly heavy, but that isn't a surprise for a light of this power. It has brilliant power and can make night into day on whatever type of ride you're doing,and for a long period of time because of its good battery life.
TonyI'll give it a 4 because its sold as a road or MTB light, which is a bit misleading. As a road light its an easy 5, but it doesn't have the power for MTB. Having said that, I have used it for night time training rides using pitch-dark bike lanes and canal paths and its more than adequate. I'm on a hardtail XC though, so not hitting much more than 25kph. So if you're thinking of using this on the trails, I think you need a powerful, dedicated 'MTB' head light as well. As long as you're not shredding at night though, this is all the light you'll need, and is a 5 star rating from me
AndrewReally pleased with this light - its variety of modes meets just about every situation I can encounter on the roads or trail. Delighted.
BobbyGreat light , plenty bright , good mount and well made.
Mr AnisVery bright light but a bit heavy
Mira CermakIt has plenty of light output for road use. I am also using it for forest riding at night and on the highest setting it is sufficient for at least 30 to 40 km/h speed. The biggest advantage of this light are the two modes. The one that does not blind traffic on the opposite side of the road is great. What good is the exposure mk123456789 lumen light when you need to ride a bit on road, before you get to your local forest trails... I was a bit concerned about the lumen output, but it is enough for trail riding at night at a fair price. For road biking it is all you will ever need. pros: + sturdy build + you can charge your accessories if need be + two modes, each with different light output settings + does not shake at all + external handlebar button for light output control cons: - the cable from the button to the light seems cheap, so I hope it lasts, but it looks like it can be fairly easily repaired if damaged - the button change only the power output of the currently selected mode, and for the mode change you have to click on the light itself which is annoying, fast double-click to change the modes would be really handy
NathanThis is a great light with some really nifty features, e.g. the little screen that tells you how much battery is left, and the ability to switch quickly between a normal and very bright light. However, the clamp to fit the light to the bike is rather bulky and limited in the range of bars it will attach to. I have a bike with 'hybrid' cable-actuated hydraulic brakes, which work well but don't leave much room on the handlebar, and I was unable to fit the clamp for the light in anywhere. The bike manufacturer provides a bracket that adds a sort of mini-bar that sticks out from the front for attaching lights etc., but this bar proved too narrow for the clamp to fit. I ended up sending the light back, which is a shame because the light itself seems like a great product.
JohnThis light leaves me with a bit of a quandary. It does cost a lot of money but there are much more expensive lights out there. For the money the build quality appears very good. The fastening options are numerous and effective. I can see why other reviewers had problems getting a firm fixing. I remedied this by bulking out the shims with black insulating tape. Simple, invisible and effective for me anyway. When the light is working it is brilliant. It throws out a phenomenally bright light with a fantastic and controlled beam pattern. The dip beam is brilliant and I love the remote switch. However I used the precursor when it is working. In the six weeks I have had this light it has cut out three times on the way home. It has taken 5-10 minutes to restart. I assume it has cut out due to overheating. However as the temperature was below 5 degrees and I was running a low power beam I dread to think how it would cope on high beam in warm weather. The other day I was unable to charge the light. Plugged it in no charging symbol. Turned out that the power point in light not firmly attached and pushed into into light housing. Therefore not attaching properly and no power. I had to remove the rubber protection round the power point to remedy this. So now I have no weather proofing round the power point and I have probably invalidated my warranty. I have to get to work. For this price I would expect a light that lasts a good few seasons. It does not seems to be looking that way. This is close to the best light I have ever owned. It appears however that it has not been thoroughly road tested to iron out little niggles. So five stars when working however three stars given as lights are meant to work 100% of the time.
PeterAstonishing light. Well built as well. I really recommend this light!
Mr sammBright, long lasting and the charge feature was incredibly handy. Heavy but worth it for the performance.
Miss BradleyGreat light, excellent off road. Used it last week, brilliant.
Mr GonzalezPros. Great product. Impressive build quality. Perfect to ride in the forest as I intended to use it, it has plenty of power when using the both leds. The 5v charging outlet works like a charm. The battery is decent enough, do expect at least 5 hours using medium power settings. Cons. It is quite heavy for its size. The "car light" like function could be better I guess, by sending less light upwards, it is still being annoying for the people coming towards you.
AndrewHappy with performance of light but I also chose it specifically because fo the ability to charge other devices (mainly a Garmin on long rides) All works well but difficult to tighten up enough to stop it slipping on the bars even with the silicon tape provided for 31.8mm handlebars. It also has some side to side movement which is not ideal but I'm sure there is a way to use a shim to stop this.
Ms MarzecExcellent light, fantastic construction.
RoadbugFantastic light! It truly delivers on the promise of an anti-glare light for the road and an all around light for off-road cycling. It's built tough and feels secure. The handlebar fitting is very secure and doesn't jiggle like some reviews suggest. Maybe they've listened improved it or I got lucky but either way it's a perfect fit.
Mr KnudsenGood strong light with a nice wide beam. Smaller but heavier than expected. I like the fact that you do NOT blind oncoming traffic, and the amount of light coming out, even at low beam, gives me the confidence to go down unlit descents at 25-30 mph. I have not yet used the remote. The charge indicator on the light seem to be accurate. Charging via the laptop takes long though - however this is also indicated by the manufacturer. The bracket holds firm on the handlebar when you tighten it. The only slippage I have experienced was in the beginning when trying to find the right angle.
GordieloonMost expensive light I have ever bought so was expecting a lot from it. Living in the country, last winter was spent second guessing where corners and pot holes were but with the PR1200 there's no need now. It is a brilliant light, I love the dip switch so it doesn't dazzle oncoming cars. The digital display with the countdown time remaining seems to be working spot on (so far), now I don't panic that it's going to run out before I reach home!! The mounting fitted well and hasn't moved position despite the light unit being quite a heavy weight. I've tried using the remote switch but not convinced it's needed. Overall it's a brilliant light and I'm very happy with it, can't fault it so 5 stars from me.
Mr TurveyGood beam, good battery life and recharging USB capability. Mount is up to the job.
Mr HarrisWorks well, long battery life with a remaining time indicator that is realistic. Has a beam that can be shaped to suit needs of different types of riding & avoiding dazzle to oncoming traffic.