Sorry, this product is no longer available!
RockShox Reverb Seatpost is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
RockShox Reverb Seatpost
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RockShox Reverb Seatpost

This item was discontinued 15th February 2021.

If you require help finding an alternative to this product please contact customer services.

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RockShox Reverb Seatpost
  • Hydraulic remote actuation
  • Adjustable height reduction and return speed
  • Weight 535g (1.17 LBS)
  • Length:  420mm
  • Travel: 100mm
  • Colour - Black.
  • Material -Shaft: 3D Forged 7050 Alloy, Head: 7050 Forged Alloy
  • Finish - Anodized
  • Other - Zero Offset / 2-Bolt,
  • Adjustable return speed at the handlebar
  • Triple-lipped energized sealing system
  • MMX Shifter mount allow direct fit for Sram shifters, they can also be used without this feature to allow use with any independantly mounted Shimano or other shifter
faye Really good dropper post. Easy to install and set up straight out of the box. Drop and return speed are excellent.
Mr Stephens Great product. Can't believe I've been riding so long without a reverb. Adds so much to your riding. Highly recommend. Great value.
gordon Replacing a previous Reverb that performed flawlessly for over two years, this one came in full retail packaging and included the bleed kit and other standard accessories. First few rides have shown that the usual high performance still exists and its without doubt one of the best purchases/upgrades you can make over a fixed seatpost.
woodwards I've had a few of these now, definitely prefer this version over stealth for ease of service and fitting. Can't really fault a reverb as I am yet to experience any real issue with one and I ride most weekends in Wales which has done more damage to other components. Plus the current deal from Merlin is amazing
Mr darnold Great overall, easy install (the "instructions" it comes with are garbage.) Use this video strait to the point and no annoying music. Anyway about the seat: So far, so good. It rises as quick as I would feel comfortable having it do so, the remote is easy to push, and it feels rock solid, no wiggle or sag. If it were to start sagging, bleeding the line is a 1 to 2 minute process and takes no additional tools. This kit comes with everything that you may need to install. I would buy this again for my next bike if it didn't already come with it. My only slight complaint that I have is that it does make my seat creak a bit but in no way truly causes any change to the performance or how solid it is.
Mr mason Works very well so far. Shortening the hose and fitting was an easy with no oil lost. Have had no problems with the cable during operation. Nice that you get a bleed kit, oil and drop limiting collar with it.
Hall This is my second Reverb. My first is still going strong after 16 months of use, and I expect to get the same results from this new one on my new build. Merlin's has the cheapest prices, so just go ahead and buy one already.
RobM Most people I know have recommended this dropper. I can totally understand why. Getting the measurements right is the hardest part. Fits perfectly. Carefully shortened cable and didn't even need to bleed (followed YouTube vid). Works perfectly. People talk about getting opposite side so it can hang under the bars, tbh, get what fits n feels comfortable, just don't have it sticking up for when you turn the bike over. Speed adjuster. All good. Well happy.
Larry S Received in about a week in a retail box with all the accessories you need to install. Install was easy, just follow the youtube videos to trim the hose. The lower clamp on this post is extended so if you're looking for an offset post, this is kinda halfway extended - it supports under the rails about 15mm further back. Works great, no complaints on play or function, and I like the adjustable speed. Only 3 rides on it so far though. If I could improve one thing, I think the remote could be more ergonomic, but getting it positioned just right helps. A lever type rather than piston type would be interesting. Seat clamp bolts loosed up on the first ride, but have been good since. 5 of 5 because everything works great.
JasonM945 Probably the most popular dropper seatpost, works as it should. Extends and drops smoothly and is excellent when you hit the technical stuff.
Mr Brown Great price on Merlin! The seat post was super easy to install, and ready to go in 30 minutes, no bleed required, even though it comes with everything needed to bleed it.. Actually lighter than I expected it to feel, and the actuation works super smooth. I paired it with the Hope Dropper Seat Clamp for a clean look. Only 1 zip tie needed. Free delivery to Southern California, USA was 1 week! That's crazy!
Aram The post was received in undamaged condition and was thankfully my requested sizing, although the shipping time to the U.S. was quite long compared with CRC. The post operates as expected, based on my experience utilizing a Reverb Stealth in my other bike for some weeks. It was quite easy to set up, and per Merlin's Q and A threads for this product, I sized the post correctly. I was pleasantly surprised to find included in the post box a bleed kit and bottle of hydraulic fluid, as well as an aluminum colored post collar for limiting drop and all the other items necessary for installation on various frames. My frame is a large with a 50mm stem and a 40mm/800mm riser bar. I believe the included hydraulic housing will be long enough for an XL frame with a short stem and 810mm riser bar. There were no indications in the box, or in the online manual that the included aluminum colored collar was a post collar intended to limit drop, so I found out by searching online. I was not expecting these included items, but that's also because I didn't thoroughly read which items were included with the purchase because I was so focused on the post. There were also included some very helpful plastic cable housing clips that made routing/conjoining the hydraulic housing extremely easy - at least based on my existing external cable housing routing. I also deployed a few loosely set small zip ties as backup, but the housing clips are quite secure and also rotate freely to ensure the post hydraulic housing is anchored but not constricted. I can confidently recommend this post, even though my firsthand experience with dropper posts is quite limited, and not only because the Reverb Stealth is pretty much the current standard on high-mid to high-end bikes. In comparison, the Gravity Dropper post that a friend was utilizing on his ride was complete garbage compared to the understated elegance and quality build of the Reverb, for a cheaper price. I successfully encourage him to swap out his three position, awkward Gravity Dropper for the infinite adjustment Stealth. The externally routed post operates the same as the Stealth. It's durable and light enough, and so easy to set up that it's a great deal for $219.00 US!! In fact, one could even posit, for the price, that it's a recyclable and easily replaceable post once the seals inevitably fail and a major rebuild is needed. For the price, one could even purchase an extra as a "quick-install" backup for your internally routed Stealth or external Reverb post. Some reviewers have complained about the Rockshox release lever design, that it sticks up, above the components and handlebar in a potentially hazardous manner that may make it vulnerable to damage in an accident, but I have found the release lever to have a pretty stable and solid feel, with very little play. Of course, it also comes with a protective boot to keep out contaminants. Keep in mind, per other user's reviews/ingenuity, one can easily swap the lever to the other side of the bars to maximize leverage and reposition the release lever under the bar, rather than the default over position. The release lever also has rise speed adjustment built in. The post also comes with the matchmaker mount, which will allow you to mount your "SRAM only" brake lever or shifter to the Rockshox release lever mount. Too bad I couldn't take advantage of this very cool feature, since I ride with Shimano :( All in all it's a solid post that performs well and is a breeze to set up, even for the amateur bike mechanic and enthusiast level rider. Lastly, please remember: DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN YOUR SEAT TUBE COLLAR OR YOU WILL EXPERIENCE SLOWER THAN NORMAL RISE with this dropper post. This information is included in the manual, but may be overlooked.
B-rad This product is great! I was able to install it myself in less than an hour. I ride an XL frame so I didn't need to trim and of the hydraulic lines, and since I didn't have to cut the lines I haven't needed to bleed the system yet. This dropper post operates very smoothly. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a dropper post. I went with the 125 mm drop and it is plenty of drop.
Mr Roberts Why would I want to add MORE weight to my blasted bike? For this wondrous contraption, THAT'S why. Initially I was affeared for me nuts...but no need. It pops up fast but smoothly. It was remarkable how quickly Merlin Cycles got this to me...same week I ordered it! Across the pond and across USA to Seattle in 5 days.....sweet. This seatpost isn't as heavy as I feared and would be worth it if it were. Thank you RockShox and Merlin!
Mr marshall Love this product. Bought to replace a ks dropper post that was consistently sticking when covered in mud. No such problems with this post. Easy to fit and fast delivery from Merlin
Mr Horner Getting back into the sport a friend recommended I purchase one of these. Must admit has made a big difference to riding and absolutely love it. No regrets at all and the reliability on them are second to none. The service and delivery from merlin cycles was top notch aswell
SSmith Great price, and super fast delivery. The post is holding up well on my 45650b, and I can feel my riding style changing to find my new capabilities with each ride. Well recommended.
JW Have thought about buying a dropper post for a while and the decision was between Thomson or RockShox. After reading loads of reviews the deciding factor was the reverb can be serviced easily and the aftercare from Merlin and RockShox is far better than Thomson. Fitting the post is straightforward, and fits my Nomad XL without having to shorten the hose. The post and operation is flawless, there is a very slight rotational movement on the seat (5mm max on the nose of the seat) honestly you do not notice this when on the bike and the post does not sag in any height that it is set at, also came with the mmx bracket (which is detachable, but used it for the XO shifter giving less clutter on the bars!) Really I don't know why I didn't put this on the bike years ago as the difference having a dropper post is unbelievable, loads more confidence downhill and in trickier sections and just all round more comfortable due to infinite riding positions. Thanks to Merlin for such a great transaction from start to finish - really appreciate the price of the reverb too. Go buy one, you won't be disappointed!
ward Awsome post, after riding with this post I can't imagine riding with a standard post. The infinite adjustment also works perfectly to let me set it anywhere within the 5" travel. Compact design, fairly light and definitely worth getting
BackCountry Rider The RockShox Reverb is everything I expected it to be and more. I fitted it to my Epic Evo 2013 and its great. I've been thinking about a dropper for a while and Reverb ticked all the boxes. I like the idea of the stealth version, but my frame is lacking a hole at the front for the cable to come out of, so I opted for the original one (which is cheaper too). Fitting was simple, just pulled out the old one. Switched seats and plugged in the new one. Routing the hydraulic line was simple. I chose a 'right' version and mounted the button on the left based on numerous recommendations on the web. It works well on my 1x10 set up and looks nice. I was a bit concerned about shortening the hydraulic line and was going to leave it with an extra loop in it. I ended up watching a Youtube vid on how to shorten and bleed and grew a pair and cut it to size. There were no issues and I didn't end up needing to bleed it anyway. After 1 day of riding so far so good.
Miss Ashton Fantastic product making riding another great experience. Being able to adjust on the fly and its quick response means more time spent loving the descent and challenging the climbs. So no excuses to stop just keep riding. Only con I have found is that with the specialized Rumor the wiring will not integrate with the frame the holes are too narrow. So wiring is strapped to the frame and you can forget about the stealth post! Specialized have their own, but the reverb Rocks.
Mr strozinsky Love this dropper! Changes the way you pick lines on the trail. I followed the installation video on SRAM website and it was flawless. I am recommending it to every rider I come across and you!
Robbiet Really pleased with this purchase. Was easy to fit, came with the bleed kit included and is great to use. Only used it once but on a pretty long hard ride and it was great. Such a fabulous addition. One compliant was that there were no instructions for installation or bleeding the post. But a google search eventually found the necessary video.
Mr Valderrama Great adjustable seatpost. The added weight is negligible when you take in consideration how useful this is on the trail.
Mr inman Absolutely love my reverb! Fitment was a breeze including shortening and bleeding the line! Would recommend 100%. Seamless action and super quick reaction on the fast setting! If running shimano shifters I'd recommend getting the opposite side mount, I got a right hand lever option but fits excellent on the left.
Adam Very happy with this purchase. I have used a specialized blacklite for the past two years and this post is a massive improvement to the performance of my bike. I live in the US and shipping was fast and easy.
Campbell Amazing does not do the rockshox reverb justice. I have two of these now because after fitting one to my main bike and then building a "sore" hardtail I simply couldn't get used to riding without one! The ability to change into an attacking position for downhills by simply depressing the remote is an absolute game changer for racers and leisure riders alike. No more stopping to faff with quick releases anymore, just press and get on with it!
Mr glaubiger I've purchased three of these seat posts for various rigs and the thing never fails... unlike the less expensive giant contact dropper seat post...grrr
Hartty NZ This is my first dropper post, so I can only compare it to manually dropping the post. The type of riding I do is ideally suited to using a dropper post. I was previously stopping at the beginning and end of very downhill section to change my seat position, now it is as easy as pushing a button. I shaved 2 minutes off my best time on my favourite loop ride just by installing the dropper post. It comes with all the tools required to install and shorten the hydraullic remote. The action is very smooth and locks solid in any position. There is a little bit of twisting movement in the shaft, pretty sure that is standard in dropper posts.
Mr Copley Very happy. Ace product. Had to bleed after shortening pipe but it was very easy. Very quick delivery as per usual.
Mr savage Every one is correct when they comment it changes the way you ride and like everyone else I wish I had bought one years ago. Solid well made post did not need bleeding from new and service from Merlin was amazing ordered it two days later its on my bike. The post is smooth and responsive and you can dial the return speed to your liking. I have fitted the controller on the opposite side under my bars to prevent damage. Riding my local trails is a blast now as I can set my balance just right depending on the gradient of the terrain. For all serious off roaders this is a must. Merlins price is the best on the market including a bleed kit. Buy one you wont regret it. ps I have been biking for over 25 years and this post has just given me a new dimension could not be happier with this purchase
Mr Porter BEWARE: You can never go back once you ride with a dropper seatpost this good!
Mr Melcher Awesome seatpost! Works flawlessly. I do wish the cable didn't move up and down with the post, but hey that is minor. Where it counts, the reverb is amazing.
Dave Standfield I have used the Reverb for 3 days now and it's performance has been perfect so far. Installation was very easy and Rockshox provide and enormous amount of support via the internet. I was also very impressed to receive a bleed kit, seat tube collar with a hose routing attachment and a variety of other handy items for use in tidying up cables...(and a sticker!) I just have to remeber I have the dropper installed while I'm on the trail...I found myself high-posting it down a steep section tonight! Excellent post so far. Great price and top service from Merlin. Many thanks.
Jonathan Built up a bike over last winter and slowly been upgrading parts throughout the year.This is almost the final piece of the puzzle. Came with all of the bells and whistles, enduro collar, bleed kit etc. Very easy to fit and after playing with the remote position I got it all tightened up. Shortened the cable a little which was quick and easy. First ride was at the weekend and was a pleasure. Highly recommend.
Saunders77 Bought this as a bday present for the missus after using the stealth version for a few months now. A very well received present! It's a reverb, it came with all bleed equipment and installation extras (enduro collar, cable tie fixings etc) in reverb official box. Be wary of buying at similar prices elsewhere where you get oem packaging and no bleed kit... I can't mention the consistently excellent service from Merlin, or the super fast despatch time, in a product review, so I won't ;) Reverb, the first and only place to look for your dropper post needs! Do it, you won't believe how you managed before you bought it!
Andy Dent After a lot of research into dropper posts I decided to buy a reverb. Measuring the high and low positions of my current post I picked the correct length. I purchased a 125mm drop. Insert depth is 190mm to the collar. Total length is 380mm to the top of seatpost clamp. Add another 20 to 30mm to take your seat depth into account. Be careful of this as picking a post to long will force you to use your body weight to stop the post topping out and you are never able to extend the post fully for your high position. This is an issue on frames with limited insert depth. It's achieving the biggest range of drop you can muster while getting that top out correct. The post comes with a number of zip ties , cable holders and a bleed kit with oil. Also a small bar clamp and the match maker X fitting. Its very easy to route the remote cable, zip it to the top tube and actuate the seat post to make sure you have the correct slack loop and it doesn't interfere with the back wheel, esp full sus. I chopped the remote cable down which again is easy enough. There is a video to follow on the SRAM site. I found winding the remote barb back on afterwards was an easier way than forcing the pipe with pliers as per the video. Remember to route the pipe thru the strange loop looking cable holder and zip this to the seat post collar. This is not mentioned in the instructions! It stops fatigue on the fitting under the seat. Only cons are not being able to mount the remote actuator on the underside to avoid damage when flipping the bike over. For me, this is due to the brakes I run on my bike. Others have managed this successfully. Remember to buy the opposite side if u want to mount like this I.e. buy right to mount underside left and vice versa. Check clearance b4 ordering or you'll end up with an actuator on the side you don't really want. In use the post is great with an adjustment available for post movement speed. It has a small 1mm left right wobble against the post keys, but you don't feel it in use. I've just done a 10 day biking holiday with this post and its been an absolute dream. I'm wondering why I didn't buy one sooner!
Mr Jones Excellent product that changes how you ride as it gives flexibility of adjustment that is perfect. Good quality with clear instructions and came with cable guides to clip to your other cables, enduro collar (to limit travel if required) and bleed kit. Basically everything you need. Installation was straightforward with the most time taken to find the best cable route, less than an hour from box to ride. Whichever side you want the remote on your bars, get the opposite side and mount upside down so it's under your bars, much cleaner and safer.
Mr Banister This seat post has changed my riding style! Getting off and back on the bike to drop the post was a right pain, so much so that I'd not bother. Now I do it as I ride and am hitting bigger technical descents, drops and even beginning to get air! yay! The post itself seems to be built really well, easy to fit etc. I bought the left hand post so i could put the pusher button underneath the handlebar on my rhs which worked well - loads of people had mentioned breaking it by having it on the top. Only pain is the clamp is not big enough to go round my bars I've had to zip tie it on, still 5 stars tho.
SN I was always sceptical about paying so much for a dropper post and adding more weight to the ride but, if you want to do sketchier, steeper, technical and drops, this item will convert you immediately! Set up was pretty straightforward and it was used straight out from the box without having to bleed or cut the hose. Am converted...and will recommend.
Mr O'NEILL Easy to fit and didn't require any bleeding. Good solid post with smooth operation. Feels strong and well built. Only rode on it once and can feel the benefits so will be purchasing one for my other bike soon.
Mr Guise Surprisingly easy to fit and adjust onto my bike, slick action and very happy with the workings. So far no problems with reliability, although only used on a few rides, but would definitely recommend - does make a big difference to your riding!
Byka I'm very pleased with this post. I have taken the advice of a great majority and have also chosen to run the button upside down on the bar, so I'm still able to put the bike upside down, and I find it easier to get to than above bar as intended. It mates up quite well with my Hope Race Evo Lever and with a little more sweep on my bars I could have it even closer. The Post itself works flawlessly once set up. You press the button, the post goes down smoothly, press it again, it comes up smoothly. All very smooth and controlled. There is a tiny bit of play in the post itself, although this is unnoticeable on the bike, even on smooth tarmac grinding hard. The reverb was a doddle to set up, even cutting the hose length down was easy and didn't require a bleed. The hose isn't the most co-operative and is quite stiff, but carefully routed there is no problem and the extra hose sits quite nicely inside my 13" frames main triangle when fully dropped. Having a frame this small, the post is a godsend and makes a real difference on the trails. Brilliant product, I was a skeptic about the whole telescopic post hype and I'm now fully convinced and converted!!
Mr McCluney Had wanted one of these for ages and it was worth the buy! Merlin had the complete range of options meaning I could get exactly the one I wanted and at a fantastic price! Order arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The fitting instructions supplied with the product aren`t the easiest to follow but then there isn`t much to fitting it. Product is fantastic, better than I expected. Used it at the weekend and being able to adjust the seat height while on the move was brilliant. Would highly recommend the product and the service from Merlin.
Paul Definitely the best investment I've made on a reverb seatpost. It's totally changed every ride. No longer do I have to stop and drop the seat or stop and lift the seat. Great product.
scuffee Easily set up and fitted (the hose did not need shortening for my orange 5. There is no lateral play which might be annoying, whether that changes with time we will see. The bar control needs a good positive poke so it cannot be accidentally activated. In all it does what it says on the tin. Good price and speedy delivery from Merlin.
Andy Cheapest on the web by a country mile, this long awaited purchase did not fail to be the life changing bling that I had dreamed about. It really has transformed my weekend ride. Fitted really easily - I mounted it on the underside of the bar on the right with its own clamp and used the matchmaker fitting (supplied) to mount the sram brake and shifter onto one mount - so that the reverb plunger is not as exposed on the top of the bar if I fall off. I went for the longest cable and ran it under the down tube with the other cables. Make sure you buy the right length cable. No bleed required. As always Merlin is the best for price, postage and customer service - Keep it up guys!!
Mr WOOD My friends have banged on about getting a dropper for years and I've been thinking 'what's the point, it can't be that good?' Well, if the above sounds like you then just do it, just get one, you really won't regret it. The reverb is flippin' ace- you won't believe how much you use it. And at merlin prices, you can't go wrong!
ChrisM Looked at the Reverb and Thompson Dropper. Eventually decided on the Reverb due to it being serviceable, I like rockshox stuff and the Reverb being far cheaper than the Thompson. Took an hour to fit for routing and shortening the hose (easy with the kit). Things to consider are the remote, I have hope brakes and shimano shifters so placement took a bit of fiddling and the bleed kit isn't included so has to be bought or borrowed. Smooth action with the return speed controlled by a rotating collar on the remote. So far only done 4 rides with it and not been dissapointed. Don't know how I rode trails without one now - worth every penny !!
Mr brenkley The perfect upgrade for all range of cyclists. The product has a top quality feel, there is nearly zero twisting movement in the stantion it self which was my only concern when deciding on which seatpost to go for. It has very responsive fast/slow adjustment that is located on the thumb lever, this done by simply twisting it left or right. The thumb push lever is fine, good simple design that compared to others I have seen I'm pleased that they went fine this route. The hardest thing to do was to actually put the seat on, but it could have just been me ! Out of 10 of give this 9 I'd would of given 10 but because of the cable length it comes with means it has to go into the shop and be shortened.
Mr Dart This has really added an extra dimension to trail riding for me. The ability to drop the saddle for those short sections where you wouldn't normally stop to lower the saddle makes the ride even more fun and flowing. If you like to ride with attack its a must have. Obviously early days to comment on reliability, but looks good so far. Can't really go wrong at Merlin prices either.
Kevin Broadway Superb bit of kit. Wish I'd bought it ages ago. I would definitely recommend this product. Easy to fit and works very well.
Tam A Reverbs are considered the best dropper post on the market and I have no reason to doubt it - the quality seems very good indeed. I have experience with other dropper posts and there always seems to be slight play in the stanchion. Don't get me wrong, there is some with the Reverb but it's so small that you can't notice it while riding. Other dropper posts I have used you get a horrid feeling when cycling. I ordered the MMX version of the reverb which seems to be cheaper than other versions offered for sale. I read up a bit online before purchase and as far as I can tell the only difference is an extra attatchment on the handle bar clamp for the reverb remote. This attachment is completely removable so don't worry if you dont need it either. The MMX clamp is exactly as the clamp you would buy on a non MMX reverb once you've removed the attachment. It does seem a lot of money for a seatpost but I like to think it's worth it. They hold their money second hand well enough and after a year, once the post is out of warranty, I reckon if I was to sell I would only lose about
Mr Sundell Tried it, loved it, tried a new bike without dropper post, didn't work...Reverb is standard equipment on my trail/enduro bikes now, only reason I didn't fit one on my fatbike too is that the seattube is too narrow. Good adjustability, handles abuse with no problem n just works.
Miss Lyness Loving the seatpost, easy to install and works an absolute treat. Can't believe I have been riding all these years without one ! I would recommend buying a separate bleed kit which is needed if you have to shorten the hose to suit your bike.
Mr Jephson Great product, only had it for 3 weeks and already benefiting from its use.. Easy to install & does exactly what it says on the tin!
Scungeman I don't know how I road my bike without one, everybody should get one!
Mr Roostan Ordered this due to the outstanding price available through Merlin and haven't been disappointed. I mounted the right hand button under the handlebar on the left side to prevent it snapping off in crashes or when flipping the bike upside down, as has happened to other users and reviewers. The cable was long enough for my XL frame but if you have a smaller frame you may need to trim it down, not something I'd want to do myself. Cable is quite abrasive on the frame also, I secure mine with loose cable ties and have applied tape to my frame in the heavy contact areas to prevent too much erosion.
Mr Abel Truly ride changing
MentalMeatball Great seatpost and not as heavy as I feared. Reviews talk about play in the post but honestly riding it I can't feel anything different from the original non drop post I had on the bike. Saddle was straightforward to fit as was the cable with the supplied clips etc. I mounted the right hand lever on the left upside down and by removing the window on the front mech shifter (9speed XT and Juicy 5 brakes) was able to mount the lever in easy reach while maintaining my 2x9 set up and brake lever position. A little playing with it and you shouldn't have any probs! I've had no issue having to bleed the system it worked perfectly straight out the box.
Mr beesley Delighted!..The Rockshox dropper post is a superb piece of kit, works incredibly smoothly. Best deal I have seen as included the bleed kit. As usual with Merlin service was excellent!
Mr jones Very nice item does has exactly has it should and cheaper than other advertised outlets. Good on you Merlin. Again Thank you 5 stars from me. Dean Jones
Mr Macbeth Excellent - thought this might be a bit of a boys toy purchase, but actually really use it to adjust position on the fly much more than expected. Dead easy to fit as well.
Mr Whitney Great piece of kit. Easy to fit. Makes rides more fun and safer. Great price and prompt delivery from Merlin.
Mr Wade Quick delivery Came in full retail box Works a treat, this is my second reverb, the other one is 12 months old and has been problem free
Mr Giordano Wow, ride one and all I can say it has already changed the way I ride, the future is in between my legs!
Mr Craigie Fantastic addition to my lappiere zesty! Was unsure at first if I would actually use a dropper post. After many hours researching which product would be the best I decided the rock shox reverb had many positive reviews, and if I was to justify the money, it would have to be the best! A fantastic price from Merlin Cycles gave me the final push and the post was ordered. Great service again from merlin! Seat post was fitted to bike and since then i have been amazed how easy the post is to operate, and the advantage it gives you to get your ar.. over the back wheel when things get a little bit scary!! Post comes with everything you need-bleed kit and oil. Be carefully what length you order make sure it will fit your seat tube. Instructions on fitting are not great, but it's fairly simple and if your unsure there's help on YouTube ! At this price it's worth giving it a go, you won't look back!!!
Mr Petrie Buy one now! Flawless operation, nice quality bit of kit - ideal for Trail riding.
Mr McGucken Excellent seatpost at a fantastic price, even included bleed kit and all came in the official packaging etc. More than happy with my purchase and the speedy delivery
Mr stupple Excellent piece of kit, transformed my bike in 5 minutes, now I can adjust seat height on the fly without stopping. I know they are expensive but worth every penny in my opinion!!!
Mr Gordon Great price for a great post. In the box with all the bleed kit goodies and bar mount extras.
Andy Goz Great product, works as well as I hoped it would. Only critism is the instructions are useless but everything you need to know can be found on online tutorials
Mr B Ordered online & received a further 10 per cent off the sale price, & it arrived within a couple of days - chuffed! Boring, predictable Merlin...
Mr simpson Glad I finally took the plunge, so to speak, to purchase the reverb. Simple to install, depsite limited instructions being included and I did have to bleed it to get it working properly. Since fitting, use has been trouble free, no glitches and is as good as when it came out of the box. One of the best upgrades I have ever bought.
Mr Clowes Been running a 125mm Reverb on my other bike all last year and has been flawless. Really is one of the best droppers out there. This is for a new build. I run right hand mount on the left side of the bar so it protects the control in the event of a crash and if you need to flip your bike over
Mr brunt I looked at these some time ago and thought thats what I need untill I looked at the price!, Being 6' 2" and having my seat set high I found I would get caught out on steep decents. I went onto merlin who were selling these at a great price! and had to have one. Great bit of kit and a must and worth every penny!
Deano Great product, thought about getting one for ages... but was out off by price and the extra maintence etc. Only used it a few times and think its great... no more messing about getting off to manually adjust the mud caked seatpost at top and bottom of hills. Works so well you hardly notice you are actually using it. Just make sure you don't do the seat QR up too tight or it will restict the 'outward/extend' movement... as i found out! I think it must sightly deform the seatpost if too tight. Great.... even want one on the hardtail now! Can't comment on maintenance or service as haven't used it enough yet, although came with full bleed kit ready to service or cut hose down shorter (i didn't need to)
Mr selwood Amazing value and speedy delivery. Great product. Was sceptical at firast but wouldn't be without it now. No more excuses for stopping to change seat height!
Mr Davidson I've only used the post a few times but it's sweet. Smooth. Was easy to set up, didn't have to bleed. The only thing is that it wasn't fully extending initially but checked online and followed advice of checking pressure which was low so pumped up with shock pump to 250psi and works fine. I'm giving 4 stars as SRAM instructions are not adequate. They say not to check the pressure in the manual but (and this is according to blogs i read so dont quote me)when you ring them this is one of the things they suggest. I'm hoping some just ship with low pressure, but I'll keep an eye on it. The Merlin team were as fast as usual in posting it - arrived real quick over the Xmas period. Impressed. I give 5 stars to the Merlin service. James
Mr Watkins Great seatpost. Bought in Merlins sale, excellent value
Mr King Superb seatpost + great upgrade, stop looking and get one bought !!, I've been looking at seat droppers for a while and always wanted the reverb as it has the best reviews, when the 8days of Christmas sale came up with the extra discount ontop of the already discounted price I just had to get one, super fast delivery as well , top service from Merlin, Thankyou.
Mr Ellis Excellent purchase, price was good. Wish Id bought one years ago. Hose shortening and bleeding simple via You Tube with all bits supplied in the box.
Dean from Ross on Wye My second drop post and the last I will ever need. My first being a Crank Bro's Joplin 3 which was maintenance heavy, being needing a full strip down and service every 2/3 weeks. Including the suspension oil. Was costing a fortune. The Reverb is everything that should be right with a drop post. Low maintenace and very very reliable performance. Its the best dropper bar none, so I give it a full 5 star rating.
Mr lowe Great piece of kit, very easy to fit and no problems with shortening the hose and bleeding it. actuation is easy and the mechanism is as smooth as silk. Love it
Mr singleton Superb bit of kit yet again from rock shox. Others have tried and failed to do what the reverb has achieved first time, stability with style and reliability. Well done and why didnt we think of this invention? Thanks to Merlins description and superb pricing I have found the holy grail....
Mr Nicol Superb, great build quality, very easy to fit and use,wish I had one years ago.
Mr Roche Received the Reverb fairly quickly given the Christmas post and promptly set about installing it into my Santa Cruz. Shortening the cable was straight forward enough as the it was slightly too long. There was no need to bleed which was surprising and the whole process took about 15 minutes to do. Out on the trail the Reverb performs outstandingly well. Friends have other brands of dropper posts which all to some degree have a bit of play but not the Reverb. It's as solid as a normal post with a very smooth action an a satisfying clunk when it's at the top of its travel. All in all I'm very happy with the pricing and service provided by merlin cycles and the superior quality product that is the Rockshox Reverb. 10 out of 10.
Mr Campbell Everything arrived in the official packaging, unlike some products from other suppliers, and fitted no problem. Just waiting for it to stop raining to try it out. My son has one so I know they work, great price too.
Mr hayward Rockshox reverb seat post is top notch quality and usual first great delivery from Merlin. Possibly the best upgrade you can do.
Mr Walker The rock shox reverb is the best gadget I have ever bought for my bike! It's light, smooth and bombproof a must for any mountain biker!
Mr Winters There's not much to say really. You don't realise you need one until you've got one then you don't know how you managed without one. And this is by far the best one out there don't hesitate buy it!!!
Mr Stewart Great product. Remote fits neatly with the avid XO brakes. Operation is perfect, quickly lowers and rises the seat when you need it, greatly improving your ride. Allows you to safely move you body weight around the bike without the seat being in the way. Would recommend to anyone
Sazter Seems good so far, installed then left on holiday so will be testing it when I return! Works, nice swift action and all the bits and bobs included. Easy to fit and nice and tidy. Fast delivery from Merlin.
Mr Gifford Perfect. Best price anywhere, rapid delivery, great product. Useful reviews, all relevant information there and website easy to navigate as ever. Thanks again Merlin
Mr Forbes This was great, it just takes a few rides without messing about with a qr to see its advantage, this is the full kit with enduro collar and service kit NOT the oem that some sites are selling for similar money
Mr Bonehill Fab seatpost,what an upgrade at a brill price. Great service and advice from Merlin.Thank you.
Mr Phillips Such great addition to any around type bike, I don't think I could do without one now. I also love the way the post can be set at any height you like between fully up or down, and it has worked perfectly so far.
Lavatrax Daz How did I manage so long with out one. Only done a couple of rides since fitting it, but the action is really smooth and works well straight out of the box. Was surprised to see that the post came with a full bleed kit and spare fluid too which is fantastic especially when you consider the price this was on offer for at the time! Well done Merlin!
Mr dale Great bit of kit, also very good service ..... Highly recommended !!! #merlincylesareace
Mr Clement This is a superb product, installed one on my zesty , riding becomes a pleasure with no faffing on/off . So bought one for my stereo ... it's very well designed and easy to fit , enough ties to keep the cable out of harm's way. Couldn't imagine riding without one now!
Mr Morgan Fast service, will use you again, happy xmas
Mr Sewell Great product. As with many things nowadays you wonder how you survived without it.
Matt Very slick/smooth operation, easy fitting, SUPERB value (sale item) so 5 stars at this price (
Mr McGraw Excellent post at an amazing price. Thought the price of a dropper post was always going to be too excessive for me but Merlin came to the rescue with the post at half RRP! So far it seems superb, looking forward to using it a lot more. Merlins service is superb, delivery quicker than actually getting in to the city to a decent bike shop and a fraction of the cost too. Cannot fault the post (so far) and Merlin do an excellent job! Highly recommended!
Mr Jenkins Have you ever thought about how you could dramatically change your way of riding so it was more flowey and faster? If you have this is the next upgrade you need to fit to your bike. The first ride after fitting this completely changed the way I saw my local trails. The can't do sections have become the can do exiting sections with a push of a button. The post isn't heavy at all and considering what you get back it is really no compromise. Fitting is a doddle, just like fitting a normal post but with a bit of hose and a button on your handlebar. I have no hesitation in recomending this product. People who are saying you don't need it I can only assume they haven't ridden one on the trails.
Cbrsyd Quick delivery as always from Merlin. Fitted really easiiy. Shortening the hose only required a sharp stanley knife and even after shortening the system didn't require bleeding. A video on the MBR site is a good guide to fitting and shortening the hose. I got the left bar mounted "button" and it does stick up a bit on the bar so takes the weight of the bike if you turn it over and not sure how vulnerable it will in an off. I think I will try moving it to the right side, turning it over and mounting it under the bar. Only ridden on it once so can't comment on durability but it works beautifully so the 5 stars are for fit an function. Only time will tell how reliable it is but it definitely improved the flow of my riding. And it worked much better than my mates Gravity Dropper so that's a bonus !
Mr Orson One of, if not the best inventions in mountain biking since disc brakes. Feels very well built, nice remote with speed adjuster on it. Had a few rides out on it now, faultless so far. Quality product, quality service!
Mr brunskill This is the best seat dropper on the market at present. This is the second one I have owned. I have not yet fitted this one onto my bike and won't be untill the summer. But I know once fitted the seat works brilliantly.
Mr Clarke Excellent product - simple to install and use straight away. Didn't realise what I was missing 'til I fitted this...
Tom Hall I am very impressed with the Reverb so far, have only had it for a few weeks so cant comment on longevity, it is certainly worthwhile if you ride undulating terrain as you can be in the perfect seating position at all times with the push of a button. The RRP was a bit pricey for me, so now they are half price I couldnt refuse!
Mr Howe Best upgrade I've made to my bike to date. With the undulating ascents and descents at my local riding spots, this has made the climbs so much easier and the descents so much quicker. I've been riding with this post for almost 6 months and it has no left/right wobble like the J4's, and has solid up/down movement. Highly recommended.
Mr Masters Excellent bit of kit-easy to fit
Mr Speirs Great product and great service from Merlin Cycles. However, the product itself is a bit short on information. EG. the seatpost comes complete with various brackets etc. but no instructions about what to do with these items. The best/only information seems to be available on utube.
Mrs Churchman Extremely impressed with the spped of delivery. As always, Merlin is a reliable retailer - recommended.