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    Seatpost collars

    Also known as seat clamps or seat QRs. Seatpost collars hold your seatpost in your frame. They come in different sizes and you need to have the correct size for your frame. Please note, this is not the same number size as your seatpost. Seatpost collar size will be a few mm bigger than the seatpost it clamps around. For example, your seatpost may be 30.9mm so will more than likely need a seatpost collar that is 31.8mm size. Or if your seatpost is 31.6mm you will probably require a 34.9mm collar. Quick release seatpost clamps are heavier but allow quick height adjustability, so they are still a common sight on mountain bikes. Non-QR bolt clamps are prevalent on road bikes because there's less of a need to adjust the seatpost height once it's set. Due to the increasing use of dropper posts in mountain bikes there is something of a return to bolt clamps being used on mountain bikes now too.