Shimano BR-M9020 (G04Ti) Metal Disc Pads
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Shimano BR-M9020 (G04Ti) Metal Disc Pads
Code: 8LW 9801
Genuine replacement Shimano disc pads.
  • Pair of genuine Shimano replacement pads
  • Titanium back plate with metal sintered braking compound
  • Will fit;BR-M9100, BR-M9000, BR-M9020,BR-M8100, BR-M8000, BR-M985, BR-M785, BR-M7100, BR-S700, BR-R785, BR-RS785


Mr Vail Cheaper alternative to the version with integrate d heat sinks
jojo Excellent pads. Some squeaks but probably need to clean rotors again.
Matt Much better brake pads than other brands. Excellent power and feel, and hard wearing.
Kenny For our level of activity (Bimble Plus) these work just as well as the finned versions so the reduced cost is worthwhile.
Rob Shimano is my preferred brand, I like a sharper feel to a brake.... when I want to stop I want to stop! These are pretty good the finned version is probably better if you can justify the extra cost
bell Needed new pads for my M785 brakes , normally just fit J04C finned pads, but getting very expensive. Noticed the G04Ti at best price anywhere. Thought I'd try them as nearly winter, so don't really need fins. Won't talk about fitting, wearing in as easy, obvious things. On trail excellent, reliable, powerful brakes, silent in dry, don't make much noise in wet. Haven't been using these pads long enough to give an extended review, but overall another top quality shimano product.
Blakemore Fitted to replace the standard shimano resin pads, I heard they can be a bit noisy, but I haven't noticed. Stopping power much improved though - ready for the alps ;-)
The Ash Have tried both resin and metal and I definitely think the metal have more stopping power and last longer, I only use the cooling fans F03C in the summer and the cheaper G03Ti in the winter.
Mr auch Great pads. Long life in all conditions.
Mr brown A good set of pads, decent wear rate in the winter muck and silent.
Baines Work well with my XTR brakes in the nasty conditions we have here in Hebden Bridge. Easy to fit and well made
Mr Mawson Brilliant pads for all year use. Excellent wear rate. The best I've ever used, I will not use anything else. Excellent service, as usual, from Merlin Cycles.