Shimano BM-M985 (F03C) Metal Pads with Cooling Fin
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Shimano BM-M985 (F03C) Metal Pads with Cooling Fin
Code: Y8LW98030
Genuine Shimano replacement disc pads with the cooling fins
  • Genuine Shimano parts
  • Replaces the F03C model
  • Pair of Shimano metal compound disc brake pads with cooling fins
  • Will fit; BR-M9000, BR-M9020, BR-M8000, BR-M985, BR-M785, BR-M666, BR-S700, BR-R785, BR-RS785.
IanGood pads, good price. Delivered fast. Fitted and working well with no squeaks.
MARKTop quality branded pads, not aftermarket knock offs. Fitted perfectly and so far working well.
Jim CathcartExcellent pads recommend. Quiet operation and great power.
DouglasThese pads STOP; wet or dry, they last very well and very easy to replace. Typical Shimano just the type of parts you want on you bike.
Mr Van DoornStop the bike well. Have not been on any long downhill decents on/off brakes to check out the theory regards the fins yet.
Mr JenkinsonGreat pads. They seem to have made some improvements over the H series pads. There seems to be a bit more modulation, but they bite when you apply enough pressure. Usual good quality
VahabI could buy them cheaper here than my local stores. My old pair last for almost 12000 km of riding
DanielThese are probably the best road disc pads available, long lasting and excellent stopping power, though do of course suffer from the inevitable squealing in the wet.
Mr smithThe usual quality from shimano. Great pad compound and easy to install.
Mr Al-TawilEarly days: work well, but noisy, presumably because of the harder compound or bedding in.
Tom VandermeelThese are great pads. Still not sure the cooling fins are a real advantage but they work well.
TrekscotIn my experience buying aftermarket pads doesn't workout cost effective over the length of the pad. I am fairly aggressive on the brakes and these pads do the job perfectly and do last a long time. Worth paying that bit more for the genuine item.
PaulGreat stopping power
CantyThese pads work well with plenty of stopping power in the wet or dry. They seem to last a long time with no noticeable degradation in braking performance over the lifetime of the pad.
Mr RichesThese were an exact, like for like, replacement for the pads that came with my gravel bike . Fantastic brakes - and therefore pads. Can't think of anything negative to say about these . Unfortunately the originals were ruined after getting bike spray on them and no amount of burning or cleaning got them back to adequate performance. Excellent price and service from Merlin as usual.
PJMetal pads work fine, I uses these in my disc roadbike, never overheat, stop perfectly.
PaulUsing with latest generation SLX brakes. Easy to change (watch for L and R orientation), and seem to work well.
The AshHave tried both resin and metal and I definitely think the metal have more stopping power and last longer, I only use the cooling fans in the summer and the cheaper G03Ti in the winter.
Mr KlingnerExcellent pads and the fins really help the performance
mcnallyGreat pads that are long lasting and good stopping power at a fantastic price. Backed with Merlin fast delivery.
Mikey KMetal pads rock! The bite is consistent, wear is low (even in axle deep mud) and if the caliper is adjusted correctly, they are silent. The cooling fins are gimmicky, but they do look nice!
Mr GAUTHIERGood product. No noise.
JerseyMattBrilliant stopping power, easy to bed in and work well in all conditions.
Mr brownGood set of pads, good feel to them and quiet.
Mr MassiBest pads! Don't bother with the non finned version.
fellhopperThese are not cheap but are excellent value for money as they last for ages! Top braking performance in dry or wet conditions and are quiet with my disc/caliper set up (XT Calipers) Well recommended for all year round XC use.
Mr DewA long lasting set of pads compared to the resin version . Well worth the extra (although a great price at Merlin ever)
Mr PettitFab stopping power.Needed hardly any bedding in. They squeal a bit when wet, but I have yet to find any pads that do not. Hopefully they will last longer than my old resin pads.
Mr CravenThese metal pads provide superb braking performance in all conditions. Cant say I've noticed much of a difference compared to pads without cooling fins but still, they look awesome!
Mr MawsonBrilliant pads for all year use. Excellent wear rate. The best I've ever used, I will not use anything else. Excellent service, as usual, from Merlin Cycles.
Mr OddieGlad I stuck to the official brake pad replacement when my original ones had worn out. Perfect..........
Mr BeswetherickGreat price and fast delivery. Don't go for cheap alternatives as they won't last as long and will be noisy. Used at bike park wales. Two mates had to change out a set of pads, these wore very well. Recommended.
Electroshiro3rd set of these I've bought. Great pads. Work brilliantly. Shimano disc brakes are the best out there. Excellent value and service from Merlin.
Mr redfernGreat brake pads - amazing stopping power that doesn't seem to fade.
Mr HandUsing them with XT M785 brakes with RT81 180mm rotors. The initial bite is better than resin pads, but power and modulation are slightly down (the brakes are powerful so its not really an issue). The pads are wearing a lot better than the resin pads they replaced.
ElectroshiroBought these to replace non finned versions. Standard pads used to smell like burning after long fast descents but these don't do it. So they must be running cooler! Recommended upgrade and easy to fit. Merlin are cheapest and quick delivery.
Mr WilsdonThey do the job perfectly but a cheaper alternative with the fins would be welcome.
Mr PetrieStunning pads! If you are looking for the best - get these! don't buy the cheaper replacements - you only get what you pay for. These have loads of bite & wear is excellent. Hard to say if the fins actually disperse heat, but the theory sounds good & they look nice.
Mr HarwoodExcellent pads, although I was quite concerned after I first fitted these replacements because the initial couple of "stops" were equivalent to rubbing teflon on an oil slick. They very quickly bedded-in though (2-3k of repeated braking to a near stop) and I can now lock the front at speed on tarmac with one finger if I try hard enough (M785 caliper with 180mm IceTech disc). My original set of these pads had lasted nearly a year before I accidentally spoilt them with a careless soaking of hydraulic oil and these are just as good as the first set was. Great modulation, no fade on long downhills, no squealing and they are even better after being wet; what more could you ask for?
Mr WeissThese pads are the same as the originals that come with the XT brakes. I was more than happy with all aspects of their performance some can't see any reason to renew them with anything else.
PedroI've tried other pads with my XT brakes but these are defiitely the best. A bit pricey but they last well. They don't take long to bed in either.
Mr HunterTremendous stopping power. I used these in XTR M985/8 calipers with both RT76 and RT86 rotors, by far and away the best brake setups I've used. Seem to be pretty good for longevity too. Price at time of writing was the best I could find in the UK, IMHO worth the price versus cheaper compatible pads (though I wouldn't pay full RRP)
Mr greenQuick delivery cheers merlin
Mr ParkFantastic service as ever from Merlin. Needed these in a hurry and they arrived next day. Cheapest I can find in the Internet.
Mr WilliamsExcellent brakes pads, great power and heat dissipation without any fading. These brakes last longer too! Great service from Merlin and will definitely be ordering more.