Shimano M540 SPD Pedals
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Shimano M540 SPD PedalsShimano M540 SPD PedalsShimano M540 SPD Pedals
Code: PDM540
Compact dual sided SPD pedal designed for everyday use at good value price.
  • Stable platform can be used with any type of SPD shoe and provides support for the foot
  • Uses the same design pedal cleat mechanism from the M959 pedal
  • Mud repelling design is suitable for year round use
  • Cr-Mo spindle and low maintenance sealed bearing cartridge axle
  • Cleat tension adjustment
  • Weight: 352 grams per pair
  • Includes cleats
Mr Gutierrez RodriguezVery good quality pedals at affordable price. They are supposed to be MTB pedals but I used them with my road bike and they work like a charm
JeffExtremely well made and reliable.
Mr AmirGreat pedals for a great value
Mr TGreat pedals
Dr NoelThese pedals work great for my gravel bike and were the best deal I could find . Delivered with Merlin's standard shipping to the U.S. in timely fashion.
Mr tylerGreat pedals, I use them on my road and gravel bikes.
ArneDoes what it says on the tin. I have these on numerous bikes. Not the lightest in the world, but good balance between weight and cost if you'd ask me. I have pair of these on my CX bike, which has endured a lot over the last season!
Mr AlessiSolid durable product.
Mr murrayAlways go back to these pedals. Allows you to wear walkable shoes!
Mr FluryI have always used Shimano M540 SPD pedals on all my bikes. I love them.
DaleAs usual, the best SPD pedal for the money, hands down. Sure it's heavier than an XT set or the feather weight XTR`s but not by much - blindfolded you will be pushed to feel the difference. Excellent pedals, if you are new to the clipless world or want a reliable bulletproof pedal, look no further!
Mr ObenauerI've been undecided for years on whether to get clipless pedals for my mountain bike. I finally decided to get them and am very happy with my purchase. They are easy to clip into, easy to get out. You can't beat the great prices and service at Merlin
MartinKBought these pedals on sale - excellent bargain. Have previously used the shimano M520, but these have the slimmer looking axle, which looks good. Not much difference in weight. Have used other brand MTB pedals, but prefer the much better ease of release with the shimano (especially as I commute thru London - don't want a problem dis-engaging amongst the traffic!) Merlin service was excellent, delivered the next day!!
Mr TapleyAs usual there was still speedy and good service from Merlin. The pedals are for my CX commuter bike to replace the stock toe strap pedals. They have a very positive connection and good amount of float, not too much and not as tight as my SPD SL pedals. These pedals came with the SMPD-22 pedal adapters which I was not expecting (another bonus point for Merlin!) which makes them a perfect all round commuter/family bike ride/pub trip pedal. Would recommend these pedals.
Mr GibsonEarly days for these pedals, but they have withstood a solid strike to a tree stump without being compromised. So far so good.
mickBExcellent pedals. Much like XTR were only a wee while ago. Decent price and good quality.
Mr LudwigGood quality pedal with easy fit and adjustment. They come with a fitted reflector surround on one side that I originally intended to remove. However it's a good feature and has no adverse effect upon clipping in. Great speedy service, as usual, from Merlin
Mr PowellOne of the greatest bike components being made! Seriously - you can get years of service free, faultless use from these things. Only reason to buy anything else is because you're a weight weenie or you're just trying to look flash...
FitchettReally great value. Used these pedals before, long lasting, comfortable.
WotherspoonPedals have a similar construction to XT and XTR pedals and work just the same. I use these pedals for all types of cycling except road racing. They last for years an can easily be repacked with grease.
Velo-boyWas looking for a replacement for some egg beaters. Found these, came with good reviews, at a good price point. Secure positive engagement with a variable release pressure
Ms AThese pedals are good for my bike, a little smaller than I thought they would be but they work perfectly. Also gets the job done. I have the Schwinnic2 spin bike.
Mr BanisterRecommended to me and I am impressed so far, I have not yet adjusted tension as it seems fine as supplied. I think these are worth the little extra over the M520 - especially at a very good price from Merlin.
Mr GrahamHave already got M520 pedals on another bike so thought I'd try these. The M540s are a nice pedal but don't feel much different to the M520. They are lighter but only marginally so. If you can get them at a discount then they are worth getting otherwise the M520 is just fine. Be advised that the M540 needs an 8mm Hex key to attach them and the M520 needs a 6mm Hex or a 15mm spanner.
WotherspoonExcellent pedals, extremely good value for money, similar design to XT and XTR pedals which I have used on other bikes and look a little more upmarket than the very basic M520 (which still work well). With this type of pedal it is important to correctly position the cleat in the shoe, for many rider's feet a little outward rotation is required. Measured weight came out lighter than published figures.
Baris OnanHigh value for the money especially when I can buy here at Merlin's for a comparable price to the M520's!!. I love the idea of hex key tightening, more practical without the need for a bulky 15 mm key. I don't have any comments on durability yet but they definitely look sturdy.
TomI've been using one set for going on two years and just bought another so I don't have to move them from bike to bike. They don't wear out as fast as Crank Brothers, and seem less prone to impact-related breaks. However even as a seasoned user of clipless pedals, I find the included "standard" cleats don't allow release at all from certain angles which led to a few near misses for my knees not to mention other body parts during crashes. As it turns out the multi-release SPD cleats solved this - though now they are prone to sometimes releasing accidentally during pedal strikes, it's not a big problem (still better than Crank Bros) and well worth it in order to not have my leg twisted awkwardly under my bike in a crash.
chikaiWonderful middle of the road pedals. Slightly lighter than M520s, which I have been used to. Works just as well.
Mr TyrieBought these for my cyclo-cross bike, decided it deserved better than the M520's but no point spending anymore when these work so well. Feel rock solid and I'm sure as per other SPDs I've had, will last and last. Great price and service from Merlin as usual.
DarrenThese double sided pedals work well on my road bike, easy to get clicked in. Usual high quality from Shimano. Even got a bonus pair of SM-PD22 reflectors so you can convert one side for regular shoes.
jonesGreat product at excellent price. I have a couple of pairs of M520 spd pedals and the 540's are lighter and more robust in my opinion.
Mr DennisAfter my M520 pedals started clicking I replaced with these M540 pedals. Low cost, excellent for commuting and touring needs. Would strongly recommend. Great price, and were supplied with pedal reflector adapters for the UK market.
MMGreat pedals. Solid engagement. Plus, they last longer than any other mtb pedal I or friends have used.
IDGreat pedals, great price. Ultra reliable & easy to maintain. And of course great service from Merlin.
Mr BarrettVery well made, feels a lot more expensive than they were!
Mr AdlerAwesome pedals! Lightweight and super easy to clip in and out of.
Mr SISONI started with flat pedals and just recently tried clipless using entry level Exustar pedals. These M540's deliver the best value in performance, weight and looks. Legendary Shimano quality at the lowest price anywhere courtesy of Merlin. Can't be beat!
Mr RangoIf Jonathan Page can win a CX Nats with these pedals, I can finish Top 20 in the Bs at BASP with them. Excellent value.
Mr ParsonsMy second pair of these for a new bike. Bit lighter than the M520s and great value from Merlin with super quick delivery.
Mr banhamGreat value, great performing, punching above their weight spd pedals, same weight as xt spd, will last ages if looked after, what is not to like...
Mr CarterBeen using the M520's for 2 years now with no problems. When it was time to replace the cleats in my shoes I decided to replace the pedals too. Chose the M540's as they are (from the spec listed) the same weight as the XT versions. In use they work perfectly, haven`t noticed the weight difference but every gram helps! Usual Shimano bulid quaility, so expect them to last.
Mr CrawshawHave several sets of these, last ages. Reasonable weight for an inexpensive price. Great service from Merlin, as always.
Mr WilliamsGreat quality pedal, easy to fit and adjust. Bought as an upgrade from my original shimano pedals that have done 7500km. 30 grams lighter and much nicer to use.
Mr de BruinMy first pedals clipless pedals so nothing to compare them to. I use them with my road bike. They were easy to fit. Use, I have them on the easiest clip-in/out setting, and they are so easy to clip in and out of it's ridiculous. You dont have to "try" and clip into them, you can start pedalling (away from lights) quite happily, with reasonable power without being clipped in! My shoes just find their way into pedals without me trying within seconds... Clipping out is so ridiculously easy, - like I say, my first time using clipless pedals, i've not fallen off yet! (touch wood). Would highly recommend. I use them with Shimano M088 shoes which are also perfect for me - look good and are very comfortable.
Mr KnightonI bought these for my road bike as I own the XTR's on my stumpy and to be honest these are just as good!
Mr SmithGood pedals, I've had a set on my mountain bike for the last couple of years. Have survived much mud and jetwashing with no issues. Now got some more for my road bike.
Mr keen1st spd pedal and they are spot on look and feel solid with no clogging
Mr StilesGreat pedals. Lighter and better made than the M520s for not a lot more. They clip in and out much more smoothly and, even on lower tension, you are unlikely to unclip by accident. Important, you need an H8 allen key or crank wrench to fit these pedals - a normal pedal crank won't fit and tightening by hand isn't enough.
Mr malcolmI use these pedals for commuting as they are easy to clip in/out at junctions , roundabouts etc ..Its my fourth pair now, and I get around 10000 road miles out of each pair 10/10
Mr ArthurThese pedals are excellent look great feel great easy to maintain, quite light for spd pedals. I use them for cross country, would buy them again if i get another bike.
Mr McLeodLike all Shimano products these pedals are 100% reliable. Had several pairs over the years and have never had a problem. Merlin service as usual was spot on.
Mr LongleyNeed shiny lumps for putting under your feet? These are lighter than M520's and not too much dearer.
BrassknockerGreat price, great pedal. Does everything, used for MTBing, road biking and commuting.
M2Very nice pedals. Easy to clip in and out. Has transformed my bike! A fast transaction and delivery to Australia (9 days).
Mr TullochIt's a shimano pedal so its reliable. They are surprisingly easy to click into having only ever used road pedals/cleats previously. They came with a plastic cover (with reflectors) to enable riding with casual shoes. It took a long skinny screwdriver to get the leverage to release these from the pedal. Fortunately releasing your cleats from the pedal is not that hard.
JezzaSpeedy delivery - packed & sent on day of order..! Have only used pedals a couple of times but so far seem really good quality & really easy to adjust etc. Would recommend product and Merlin - will use Merlin again..!
Mr PearceFantastic. Purchased these to replace my the same model. I have never cleaned them or lubricated them so the bearings have failed. My fault. These are cheap enough to be disposable!
Mr UhmanWorks perfect, have them on both my bikes now. Seem bombproof.
Mr McSwainGreat value entry level pedal. The construction and quality are very good for a product of this price, they operate smoothy and lock in the shoes with a very positive 'click'. These pedals are also quite easily serviced using normal tools.
Mr FreemanGreat pedals for the price and with cleats. Put this pair on my Cross bike for the winter, as got a pair on my mountain bike which I have been using for over 12 month's in all weather with no problems. Great fast delivery from Merlin.
Mr RautenbachThis is the pedal you are looking for. Its way cheaper than the xt pedal and only a tiny bit more than the M520. Why not just get the M520? This pedal is lighter, has a stronger axle and has sealed cartridge bearings on the axle and spindle, the M520 only has sealed on the axle. Had mine for more than 6 months now, they are so smooth and easy to adjust.
Mr van AswegenGreat pedals, these are my 6th set of M540 after I started using them more than 5 years ago. The first set still in a good working order and now used on my commuting bike on a daily basis. These pedals are very light for the amount of money you pay especially when you order from Merlin.
Mr BirdExcellent service. Merlin was recommended by a friend. I Saw the same pedals in a cycle shop at higher price, but was in no rush so ordered from Merlin and was pleasantly surprised to find them delivered the next day
Mr SidwellExcellent pedal, look good, easy to adjust and are quite light.
Mr HendryExcellent Shimano quality as ever, second set of these I have bought. Good value for weight vs price
Andrew, NorthamptonBought these for my second bike. They work just as well as more expensive models and are only a few grams heavier. Look good too.
Mr Mullickhave these on all my city bikes, best pedals around by far, excellent as always from merlin
Mr Millsslightly lighter and better built than the M520;s and almost as good as the XT version - just not as expensive. Easy to setup and use with the action adjustable from light to very stiff. perfect for commuting, mtb or any other bike really :)
Mr hickmanMainly for off road use I have owned a pair of these for over a year and highly recommend them, easy to install, adjust and use. The versatility of this product has enabled me to use the recently purchased pair for my touring bike - Also,I do like the clip on reflectors supplied!
Mr petterssonExcellent pedals. Light and durabel.
Mr thomasVery good product
Mr GordonGreat pedals,very easy to fit and use,as always at Merlin Super price ,and prompt delivery
Mr MowbrayGreat design. Gives your feet more support than most spd's and easy to clip in/out. Great value for money.
Mister frostyDoes exactly what I want it to do! Best price anywhere. Excellent delivery and service from merlin. Time to ride&
Mr HurcombeGreat product which arrived extreamly quickly. Great service from Merlin Cycles.
Mr KerruishExcellent Pedals, XT quality for half the price.
Mr gillBrilliant pedals neat looking easy allen key fitting. I now have two bikes with these pedals both bought from merlin at a competitive price and excellent service.
Mr ConlonI purchased Shimano M540 pedals for use on my road bike after using these pedals for years on my mountain bike. They are lightweight and bulletproof. I have bashed so many rocks with these pedals it is miraculous that they have survived. (Perhaps I should learn to ride better?) I switched to the M540 pedals for road biking because they offer more horizontal rotation for the foot than the Shimano road pedals I previously used. As a bonus I can use the same comfortable Specialized mtb shoes for either sport. I recommend these pedals if you like clipless riding for either road or off-road. Merlin Cycles offers these pedals at the best price in the world.
AllanVery good price, super fast delivery and the product itself arrived in perfect condition, they are are now on my bike and work really well, really glad to have changed to these pedals and they work so well with my new shoes, bye bye straps
ReideeeeSuperb product, superb price and very quick delivery. I would strongly recommend purchasing these pedals from this site.
antinbathMy first SPD pedals and a great buy. I was nervous about buying clip-in pedals. Having read reviews about entry-level pedals I also read about how the bearings in these were a bit better protected from the elements. Simple to fit, quite easy to get used to (practised just clipping in and out in my landing) and transformational effect on my riding. Definitely easier than the toe-clips and with better power transfer. I'd buy them again for my next bike. Super quick service from Merlin too!