Shimano MTB SPD Cleats
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Shimano MTB SPD Cleats
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Original Shimano replacement cleats, choice of single or multi release.


  • Genuine Shimano MTB cleats
  • SH51 Single release model
  • SH56 Multi release model
  • Fits all current  mountain bike pedals (excluding M858)
Martin Great Cleats Great Price
Mr fahey A testament to the design that there's nothing to say. Functional, cheap, great.
Steve M What else would you buy for Shimano SPD?
Mark Does the job pefectly
AlistairF What can you say about cleats? They work great and last forever!
Lee Why didn’t I replace earlier? So much better having new ones. Stick with branded.
S.N First time riding clipless so went for multi release cleats. No problems unclipping quickly and have not yet had any unclipping by mistake either, even tried a few hill sprints and all is good. Made the transition to clipless riding very smooth, would recommend!
CC Easy to clip in and out!
Mr Seffers A simple design that works!! Excellent product.
Haemon Its shimano quality. These pair of cleats easily and perfectly clipped in and out on my XT8100 pedals. Very much happy with this purchase. As always, Merlin’s signature fast shipping and quality customer service earns my business with them. Great job MC.
Mr BACERO Its just my replacement for my old cleats as i used Shimano SPD cleats for almost 2 decades now.
Pumos Clasay A classic. I prefer the more secure fit of the SH-51 Cleats, but I love that there are options for multi-release (SH-56 Multi-Release Cleats). My advice--make sure you know which one you want or have. I've come out of the multi release while trying to jump a log and my shin bears the scar.
Mr Martinez Good cleats that just work.
Brian Easy to adjust and they're working perfectly.
Andrew As expected. Quality product that fits well into SPD pedals.
M Vella Shimano cleats, work well.
David Not a lot to say about these - simple to fit and do the job well from the off - no problems clipping in and out at all despite being used with fairly old pedals. I definitely find the genuine Shimano branded cleats to be better than other brands out there.
Michael Good option for the M520 pedals, very easy to release from as a first time user
Mr Powley Work perfectly
Matthew Newell They do exactly what they are supposed to do. And they keep on doing it. Good value and well made.
Mr Headlam Perfect as usual. They just work.
McMillan An essential piece of kit for your saddle bag should one of your cleats break during an epic marathon ride.
Peter Great cleat system, easy to set up and use.
Mr Honeyman Easy to install on my shoes and still going strong
Mr Cheung Shimano is the brand you can count on, good quality, perfect fit to any shoes.
Jordan The standard of all SPD (mtn/road) clips, they will last (remember if they come into contact with water/moisture some rust can occur but wd40 removes it easy). Lightweight, always reliable and unquestionably solid no matter the terrain, A++++
Mr Gilding They just work don't they. Easy to clip in and out and very secure. Long lasting too
Mr Gough Attach them and forget, no issues and long lasting.
Samuel Durable
roland Finally wore out a set of cleats.
Dr JACOBS Easy to uncleat. Boosts confidence
Daniel Hard wearing cleats. Safer than multi release SH56 cleats.
gerard hughes What can I say, they do what they do. I found these cleats provide plenty of room to move your shoe about while attached to the pedal, without clipping out unintentionally. Very satisfied with them overall.
Mr Rasmussen They work. You do need to replace every 5000km or so or else suffer squeaky/rattley pedal interface, even if they don't look worn
Russell Simple to fit and very easy to use. So far I have had not issues with unexpected release described by contributors on some cycling forums. Delighted.
Kerry Fitted in fine - no problems. Not much else to say really.
Aimee Brown Does what it says on the tin. Very easy to fit and they work on indoor spin bikes at the gym.
Mr Walkley Hard wearing and easy to use
Rowbearto Love these cleats. Makes me more confident in technical areas knowing I can dismount from the SPDs easier and faster. Great price as well.
Clif As expected, nice cleats that are both reliable and durable.
jager Always trusty and dependable, outlasts other cleat systems
Durrant Multri-drectional release cleats - perfect for technical riding.
Dietz Cleats are easier to release but give me traction I am looking for in sand. Excellent purchase.
Gregg Like the action on these. Have not had experience with the multi release angle cleats but I've never had a problem unclipping in any situation with these.
Alastair I personally would not use any other cleat.
Mr Adler SH56 cleats much easier to clip in and out of than the standard SH51 cleats.
Mr Sisson Great cleats. Proven design.
Mr Mariano Now I don't need to over think getting off my mountain bike. Loving them.
Miss Wyke Great value Shimano cleats that are easy to fit. The multi-release action makes it easy for first timers to get used to being clipped in!
Mr Goodwin Multi way release cleat - added confidence over standard 51 cleats as easier to get out of in a hurry !!!
Alex Jones I have never used cycling cleats before, but purchased these to fit onto a pair of Shimano M064s for spinning classes. They were very easy to attach, even for a total novice like me, and I've had no trouble clipping/unclipping on the spinnng bikes. Great purchase!
Mr Carter I bought these over the normal cleats to allow me a few options for release and they work great with my xtr pedals on minimum tension. They don't release accidentally but make it very easy to release when you want to. Highly recommended over the normal one way release cleats especially if you are riding in areas where you need to release a lot.
Mr Whittham Purchased as replacement for life expired cleats of the same model. So knowing the product, highly satisfied. Works wonderfully.
Mr G Good quality and hard wearing, last set lasted almost four years, usual excellent service from merlin
P. Miller Cleats are cleats - these are easy to install and work fine.
Mr Porrino After using cheap alternatives it was great to receive these cleats. Shimano quality tells and the difference is clear. I won't be using cheap and nasty again. They are very good quality and not as expensive as I'd thought they would be. You know what they say, "buy cheap, buy twice"
MTBuys I always wanted to go back to flats as my technique isn't up to scratch, but these cleats makes unclipping so easy that it feels like flats! The bike doesn't stay with you during a fall. Great product once again from Shimano & speedy shipping from the friendly guys at merlincycles!
Mr Beney Spot on. Amazing service yet again. Can't fail to be impressed. Good prices but it's the consistently high quality of service that places Merlin above the rest.
Mr WALKER Shimano quality, Merlin's price and service what more can you say
Mr Worthington Great cleats. They totally fit my shoes! Chain reaction as usual very prompt delivery.
Mr elliott Not much to say really. They're cleats made by Shimano. Top quality and fair price. I use these for both my road and mountain bike shoes and have had no unexpected clip outs.
Baines The original and still the best. Why use cheap copies
Mr Busby great standard product
Mr Leung