Shimano R55C3 Brake Cartridges - Alloy Rims
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Shimano R55C3 Brake Cartridges - Alloy Rims
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Direct replacement brake cartridges to suit most Shimano brake calipers.
  • High performance road-specific pad inserts designed to fit all Shimano Road Systems
  • Compatible with Dura-Ace 7900, 7800, 7700, Ultegra 6500, 6600, 6700 and 105 5500, 5600 & 5700 brakes
  • Block compound formulated for use with standard rim braking surface
  • Exactly the same specification as originally supplied, ensuring consistent performance
  • Comes in a pack of 2 pads or 4 Pads (enough for front and rear calipers)
Mr Green I have used these brake cartridges for the last 8 years. They always perform well. Fast service from Merlin, as always.
tim Simple to install, good to have new brake pads for my new wheels
Mr Harvey Perfect replacements, easy to fit and I can stop again now!
Mr Andrews Stock brake cartridges - work flawlessly
Richard Stockwell For the traditional brake user, these are the choice product. Previous set lasted two years of winter and summer use. In the pot-holes and environment of the Berkshire Downs, that shows good durability. Merlin Cycles delivery was prompt and efficient.
Y. Keehm They are as good as the new R55C4. When you can get a pair for less than US$4, I think it's quite a steal.
Mr eldridge Great value and good performance, not that clever in the rain, but not many are
Mr Dord The bench mark. Very good indeed.
Mr Cook Just perfect for the application, great all weather braking and the best price / delivery. Came with new grub screws which are now 2mm hex key, handy!
smith Decent brake pads, wet and dry conditions
LM from Texas I did not realize how worn out my brake pads were. Stops like new and are quiet as a mouse.
Mr farrelly Excellent replacement pads very good in wet winter cibditions
Mr P Good standard pad. Not much to add
Bailey I purchased these as stand - by items. They are identical to the blocks I am using at the moment and I'm confident that they will perform just as well. These blocks provide excellent feel and wear well.
Badger Stopped the bike well enough on alloy rims.
Mr farrelly Excellent product great grip in the wet
Paul S. Bought to replace a set of generic pads, what a difference!!
John Dory Brake pads - the make your bike stop when fitted with a set of brake calipers of the appropriate design and connected to your brake levers through good cables. These seem to last around 2-3 months. All brake pads seem to be less effective in the wet when combined with alloy rims. So be careful when it rains. Otherwise a good price for a pair.
Fugaziworld A good cheap brake pad which compared to some very expensive ones stops you in good time.
Mr wilkinson Fitted in minutes, cheap, great stopping power, usual fantastic Merlin service. Recommended.
Mr Wong Nice brake blocks, a lot for the money as you don't have to replace it until another 5k miles.
Tomm Superb brake blocks, great price . Stop well in wet or dry.
Mr Munro Nothing fancy, but just work.
Deano Always use these pads, great longevity, feel and bite.
Mr Dzurick I have used these as brake pad replacements in the past and am still using them. No frills and work great.
BC_Dog Great replacement pads! Replaced my brake pads when I purchased a Shimano Ultegra WH-6800 wheelset from Merlin. Works well in dry weather and is decent in the rain.
Mr Print Easy to change, work fine. Good.
Mr Barton Spot on easy to fit. Work well. Would recommend
Mr Hendershot The brake pads were easy to install and have increased my stopping distance exponentially. Replacing your pads often is a must!
Mr Kormylo Easy to fit and they stop you in all weather conditions. Possibly slightly tough compound for very light alloy rims.
Mr Green Good pads with fairly decent wet weather performance. Seem to have a softer compound so less stress on the rims.
Mr McKinley Ace brake pads. Work well in wet and dry. Last ages.
Mr Gitter Long lasting, easy to replace!
Mr ELGAR The last set lasted 2 years so can't complain. Does leave some black marks on the rims but easily removed with spirits.
Andrew James I still haven't fitted these! I bought Shimano replacement pads as the originals that came with the bike were starting to get low after 2500 miles. I'm almost up to 3000 miles now and there's still a few miles left in them. I've bought cheaper brands and they don't last anywhere near the miles that the original Shimano pads do!
Mr Henderson Excellent quality replacement blocks as you would expect from Shimano and really easy to fit!
Mr Henderson Excellent quality replacement blocks as you would expect from Shimano and really easy to fit!
Mr Jones Effective brake cartridges at a good price.
Mr Nelson Excellent pads, easy to fit, great longevity, will definitely buy again.
Mr Cheetham Very good item, especially the way I ride down hill
Mr Small Good pads for alloy rims.
Dave Brown Reasonable set of pads with decent stopping that as you'd expect tails off in the wet. Seem to last okay although as it's been unusally dry lately this has probably helped...
Mr Northover Good hard wearing pads with excellent stopping in all weathers
Tomm I bought these to replace the original R55C3 blocks that were on my 105 callipers. They offer confident braking in all weathers and the ones they replace have last me over 4000 miles. Would recommend.
Mr Steele Great price, super fast delivery. Original Shimano parts. Doesn't get much better for mail order bits. Merlin is the first place to look for great deals.
Dr Miles Good value pads that seem to work as well as any others.
Mr van Toorn Perfect and send in original packaging. Also send fast and well. I love dura race products!
Johnny very happy with the braking performance you get with these pads I have no reason to look else where.
Mr Jones They do what it says on the box ,,and well priced at Merlin.