Shimano SM-SH11 SPD-SL Cleats
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Shimano SM-SH11 SPD-SL Cleats
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SM-SH11 SPD-SL-cleats,with 6 degrees of float

Genuine Shimano replacement part

Mr Klimczak Good
Mr Nam-ay very good
Jeremy Great product and nice quality
Mrs Hayward Arrived quickly, good product as usual
Aaron Fillion You don'nt realize how good these are untill you buy the no-named brand off ebay. The ebay ones have peices of the cleat snap off wihtin 2 weeks of use, the shimano one don't ever snap. The shimano one last around 10,000km, with is fine for me. You could use them much longer, but I don't like the loosness that comes as they get older and older.
Richard L Previously bought what I thought were genuine Shimano cleats on eBay and regretted it. These are the real deal and clip in perfeclty and stand up to walking on them
Neil Been using these for years no problem
Mr Halgraves Great quality, just as expected from Shimano
James They just work
Richard Haven’t installed them yet, but I expect they will be just as good as the ones that I am replacing.
Mr Hendry Replacement for old cleats 👌🏼
Anthony I'm no expert but these cleats are fine for me. A previous pair lasted about 18 months before they got deformed through walking with them
Mr B Good product for the money... reliable !
Mr Abell They're cleats at the end of the day! Do the job!
Mr Cooper Does the job. Standard cleats at standard price. No grumbles.
Barry Excellent cleats. Secure and easy to mount.
Ben McCartney Great product, easy to fit and replace my old pair. Clip in excellently.
Mr Liak Haven't used other road cleats but Shimano hasn't given me any problems
Scott A quality product at a competitive price. You can't go wrong with 6* of float.
ZodGoBoom Been using Ultegra pedals for 13 yrs. Just needed a cleat replacement. Durable enough for my rides and short walks into the coffee shop.
Mr Dominguez Merlin is the only place where I got my cleats all the time, durable, good quality
Mr Rees The standard for cleats, still buy originals although non brands makes would be considerably cheaper.
S Kiernan Perfect product, as you might expect from Shimano. Have bought cheaper non Shimano versions previously which I don't think are worth the savings you get price wise.
Mr Hounslow Can’t go wrong with shimano replacement cleats.
James E Precision fit as always. Reliable even when heavily worn on a daily commuters shoes
Graeme SPD-SL set waiting to be used when my current set finally fail.
John Usual Shimano quality. Just replace as needed when they wear out!
Mr Bowen Great price. I go through cleats fairly quickly and always order them from Merlin.
Ricardo Standard shimano cleats, works well
Dr Gaber Good
Dr Mohamed Good quality
Mr Sahin good quality
Mr Magramo very good
Mr Goetz Replaces original that came with pedals. Works like it should.
Mr K Prompt delivery and well packaged. Tried some non original cleats due to cheap price but after a month they were ruined. Original Shimano cleats are far superior.
Peter I have used these particular Cleats for many years I have found that the genuine Shimano Cleats are the best so I am very happy with the product and particularly with the price
Peter Typical Shimano product. Good quality and reasonably priced
Mr DENNIS Long wearing cleats, value
Stephen Solid Shimano cleats, plenty of movement - as expected.
Gregory Standard cleats: Work as expected.
Thomas Replacing cleats is a safety and performance necessity. Don't wait till you crash because of a faulty clip in.
CaptainPico Genuine Shimano cleats at a price too good to pass up. I already had a spare pair but decided to get a few more since I typically end up helping my sons and/or friends when they need replacements.
Mark Standard Shimano cleats with float. They tend to wear on the walking pads quickly, but otherwise function very well.
jimmy Shimano, they just plain work with no drama. Unlike look grip cleat, the rubber protection lasts.
Wiggy The usual shimano SPD-SL cleats that do what they say at the best internet price that I could find at the time of ordering.
Mr Chapman Replaced my old worn cleats with these Shimano cleats much firmer lock into the pedals. Would recommend.
Stephen Original product (not like some eBay options ) and cheapest around. Fast delivery as always
B. Seitz The basic go-to Shimano cleat. If you know you don't want float, look at the blue or red cleats. If you just don't want to think about it and want a cleat that works with your Shimano SPD-SL pedals, these are the way to go.
kenneth They are what they are had many pairs work well never had a problem
Mr Dransfield Bought these cleats before, good quality
Gráinne Appropriately priced and very durable.
Andy The last pair lasted 11 years - will update on progress in 2029
Mr Vafias Basic, reliable, leaves some degrees to move your feet a little.
Mr Little What can you say. Shimano SPD Cleats. Does exactly what it says on the tin. The only thing I'd like them to be is a bit tougher wearing as the yellow rubber tabs soon wear down & come off & then the cleat starts to look a bit scruffy. However this has never effected their performance in my opinion.
Peter This is my third or fourth set of these cleats. Very happy with them.
steve They do what they are supposed to do, are easy to fit and give reasonable wear if you take care or use rubber cafe cleat covers.
Turbo Inexpensive cleats that do the job, without breaking the bank
Norther Ferret Some time ago I swapped over from Shimano to Look pedal system. After riding both, I would say the Shimano cleats wear well and last longer than my Look cleats. Locked in, they both perform well
Edward Purchased these on 2 other occasions and they are fantastic.
Mrs Bradshaw They do the job just fine. Took a while to get used to the first time I used them, but this is my second pair and I was happy to just do a straight replacement.
Mr tiffen My second pair of cleats, great product, service and quick delivery.
Peloton21 Have used these for the past 4 years; excellent cleats for road riding and racing.
Mark Good price for stock Shimano cleats. Tight to unclip when new, but a little bit of grease / lube helped.
Mr Teixeira Normal cleat for your shoe, that gives you some float. Best for beginners
Andrew M You never realize how bad clicking in has become until you get a new pair of cleats
Mr Lemons I have only used these cleats for the past 6 years. Like.
Williams The cleats were exactly what I needed to replace my old set...good quality fast shipping! #winning
Mr Guimarães de Medeiros I use these for many years now, I like the loose feeling they give me.
Zapatista Long lasting cleat
jim Excellent cleats.. shame they don't last longer and cost less but you can't have everything!
Mr Cleary Shimano make good cleats and I use them all the time. I have tried other makes of pedal/cleat, but they always let me down, Shimano never do.
Hague I have tried the cheaper cleats in the past and they don't last nowhere as long as the Shimano ones. The Shimano ones are the best value for your dollar.
Mr Lawrance Your gold standard cleats. Enough said.
Ms Leung Very durable.
Mr Taylor Always reliable and long wearing.
DK There's not much to say about the yellow Shimano cleats. They are super dependable and long lasting. I do more walking in them than I should and they still last. These are a staple.
Mr Misner I have always relied on Shimano cleats and they have never failed me.
Mr Whittles As a first time buyer of a Road Bike I had never used cleats before. I spoke to the sales dept who advised me which cleats, pedals and shoes suited my learner style. Delivered within 48 hours they are easy to clip in and out of and have given me confidence. My only criticism is that they wear out very quickly, I only had them for 3 weeks as a learner as I constantly unclipped, walked across the road and clipped back in due to nerves of cycling in a busy city centre.
Mr Wilson Good solid cleats.
Mr Polansky Great cleats, although I wish they were more durable. I live in an apartment complex and I need to do a lot of walking to the elevator and then to my door. Combine this with the rough concrete outside, and the yellow rubber wears off quickly. They still clip into the bike fine, but if you walk on smooth or wet surfaces with worn cleats, be very careful not to slip. Alternatively, I've started walking out of my apartment in my socks and putting on my shoes right as I get on the bike. This reduces walking on the cleats and increases their lifespan.
Mr Wilson Excellent service, cleats well recommended for road bike as I always used spd mtb clips, much more power to the pedals with cleats
Mrs Spice Absolute standard for biking cleats and easy to fit.
Mr Jaunce Great price from Merlin for these cleats, can't fault them for training/sportive riding
Mr Russell Shimano cleats are a little overpriced if you ask me, but they are good. Shimano makes good stuff, you can't go wrong
Mr Starford Excellent quality product supplied with all fittings. I like these cleats as the float built in makes for comfortable rides. Was amazed to find them at this price as well
Anonymous Not much to say except they are the best I have used. Clipping in is easy, and perhaps more importantly, clipping out is also easy even with worn cleats. There are replica SPD-SL cleats around but they fall apart very easily and were downright dangerous when worn as they would get proper stuck in the pedal.
Road Runner Gives that little bit of flexibility/give to avoid knee issues
Mike C Best choice of SPD-SL cleat for those first few goes with the new pedals. I am well used to SPDs, but the road equivalent takes a bit of getting used to! The extra float is, therefore, invaluable.
Mr Mannix Always get a full season racing and training out of these cleats.
James Not too exciting but really easy to fit and use.
Mr REED Moving form MTB to Road riding as well means I wanted float to start with. Ideal probs stay with them as knees you cant replace for the sake a 0.02% increase in power transfer.
Mr rigler If you are a weekend and sportive cyclist like me, these are the best cleats on the market by far.
Mr kiernan Having used SPD and look in the past, I must say I prefer SPD SL. The float is really good and the cleats wear really well.
Mr BALL One day my existing cleats will wear out, but I needed to replace a bolt/washer lost on a ride. Good price and delivery.
Mr McNamara What fantastic service, order delivered next day !! Could not believe it when postman knocked on the door. Merlin offer great service and great prices.
Mr McFarland Very impressed with the quality of this product it is far better than the original cleats fitted to my old shoes. Delivery and service exemplary.
Gordon Shaw Do what they're asked to do and do it well
Mr GARRARD Excellent. Product was exactly what I expected.
Mr Davies Decent cleats good quality
Andy Curtis-Cody Plastic cleats that do the job. Will be interested to see how long they last.
Mr Walsh A good price for the item, so very happy.
Mr welding Quality product. Long lasting a provide just the right amount of float to keep you comfortable after hours of riding.
Mr OHalloran Perfect, recommend getting replacements when your current ones are all manky like mine were. It also includes screws and little square plates.
Mr Drysdale They're cleats so not that exciting. But the price was good and the right bits arrived in the post the day after I ordered so I'm happy with the normal great Merlin service. Thanks!
Mr Stones Quality product from Shimano
Mr edillon Nothing much to say, this spd sl is another excellent product of shimano well done to the company...
Mr Jacobs Competitive price and arrived quickly