Shimano SM-SH12 SPD-SL Cleats
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Shimano SM-SH12 SPD-SL Cleats
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Shimano front pivot floating cleats for tall Shimano SDP-Sl Pedals

Shimano SM-SH12 front pivot floating cleats blue.

Mr Waymouth hard to find merlin has them
Marilyn Great cleats. Little less play than the yellow which keeps me from hitting the crank arm.
Ollie Reliable, easy to fit, great as always.
Kieron Teo Good quality cleat as you would normally expect from Shimano. Was using yellow colour cleat with 6 degree float. Decided to try this cleat with less float. Work perfectly with my newly acquired Sidi Shot. Absolutely love it!
Mr Kimber My preferred Cleat, great quality and perfect amount of security and precise fit for cleat position
Mr McLaughlin As someone who has the occasional sore knees, I find the Blue ones give the correct amount of float for me
Mr Ross SPD-SL just works. Nice to have a more dialed-in drift.
Rob Stone Prefer these over the yellow version as my feet don't slide around as much which I like when I am out of the saddle putting the power down.
martin Changed from the yellow cleats and will now change all my shoe cleats to blue, feels better power transfer as long as setup correct and you have no existing knee problems, may not suit people with wider knee tracking.
Ben Good balance between the cleats with no float and to much float. Holds my foot where needs to be but still allows my knee to move freely.
Steve O Perfect cleats for day to day riding!
CWHATIMEAN Great price! Have always used the yellow ones but now using the blue for less play in the cleat.
Mr Kurt Approximately 15,000 km is used with the protector
Mr Tozer Nothing wrong with the cleats, but it does take a while to get them adjusted correctly on your own if you have just changed from the yellow cleats that have more float. Once you are aligned correctly they are nice and tight and feel a lot more efficient.
Mrs Daunais Perfect angle for me! The first pair I had last me for more than 5 years I walk/run on it for triathlon competition second pair
Mr ALVIN Less movements, means less ache. Highly recommended
Mr Troy Straight onto the Ultegra pedals, no issues at all and just the right amount of play. We'll see how long they last with a little bit of walking when required.
B. Seitz I can't say for sure that going from yellow cleats to blue cleats has improved my power transfer, but they do feel a bit more connected, while still giving just enough leeway to wiggle your heels a bit. Nice middle ground if you're sure you've got your cleat placement right, want a bit more direct, locked-in feel, but aren't ready to commit to the no-float option.
Mr Han It is wider than other brand cleats, and makes me feel much more balanced, wide cleat ditribute the press under the shoes to a wider area; if you don't have a rigid carbon sole, it feels much powerful. If you have to walk on cleats, plastic material has not much endurance it can wear easily on the gravel roads, carrying a couple of shimano's cleats cover extends the cleats life.
Mr Dixon Prefer these to the standard yellow as once you have the position correct its easier to unclip
Terry In my opinion the perfect amount of float
Mr Appelbaum The most reliable cleat replacement and I like the extra wear protection Shimano adds.
Gustavo Rodrigues Very good. Perfect docking / undocking and adjustment, with reduced float. I recommend for a firmer adjustment of the feet, keeping a smaller movement.
SRC Once you've got your cleat position dialed, these feel much more direct than the yellow cleats.
Mr Cleary Shimano are excellent cleats, I never have any issues while riding, clip-in/out is always easy and they never come out by themselves, but I am not a power rider, but i do ride 200k per week. These say there is no float but I don't find them much different to the yellow really maybe a bit firmer in the pedal. Good to walk with as well, but only to the coffee shop.
Mr M Sisson These are the usual excellent Shimano quality product. For me the SH12's are the 'goldilocks' cleat compared to the red and yellow ones - just the right amount of float, not too much and not too little!
Mr Tossany I initially tried these cleats as an experiment, to see what the 1 degree of float felt like. I find that it still feels very secure, while still giving a little bit of leeway for your legs to move. Be sure to dial your fit in before putting on this cleat.
Mr Hempsall Superb. Really like the lack of lateral float. These are very much the "goldilocks" cleats, between the tighter red and the slacker yellow.
Mr Sisson Great cleats. Find the 1 degree float much better for my knees than the yellow ones (with more float).
Mr Sisson Not much to say. They fit, reduce float to a minimum, and have helped reduce my knee problems. Seriously quick delivery from Merlin too.
Mr Sargeant Perfect balance between the red's which are too rigid and the yellow's which gave me too much lateral play/float. Best price online including postage and received next day.
Mr Davies Quality Shimano cleats with a bit less float than the yellow ones. Fast delivery by Merlin.
Mrs Leonard Great knees will like these