Shimano XT Ice-Tec 6 Bolt Rotors
Shimano XT Ice-Tec 6 Bolt Rotors
$32.11 - $37.47
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Shimano XT Ice Tec Rotors SM-RT86, 6 bolt fitting in 160mm, 180mm & 203mm
  • SM-RT86 Ice-Tec rotor gives excellent performance made from a stainless steel / alloy 3-layer sandwich construction that manages heat while riding
  • The clad steel / alloy / steel rotor construction allows heat generated from braking to radiate quickly through the aluminium core achieving surface temperature drops of around 50 deg C. When used with Ice-Tec pads surface temperatures can drop from around 400 to 300 deg C, this provides great improvements in performance all round
  • Ice-Tec rotor achieves long pad life, less noise and less fade due to improved heat dispersion
  • 6-bolt mounting system
  • Rotor contact surface has been developed for excellent pad clearing and cooling which increases pad performance and life
  • Large forged alloy spider supports rotor surface, increasing rigidity and reducing weight
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Bought this for my Reynolds Assault to go on a CAAD12. Works great with fast braking. Tremendous improvement over the stock discs. Highly recommend and would definitely purchase again!
Smooth rotors and do make a difference to stopping power and more importantly the squeal of the stock rotors that came on my wheels. Very pleased. Fast delivery and great price as always from Merlin
What a well constructed rotor. I was impressed with the look but more impressed with how well this rotor works. Great heat dissipation and little brake pad wear. Combine this with the shimano XT 8000 brake set and you have a winning combination for guaranteed stopping power. Great price and fast shipping to the states. Thanks Merlin Cycles
Perfect combination with XTR brakes, so powerful!
Works well with Trp Spyre
Awesome rotors, did a full weekend at our local ski lift mtb park and they held up perfect
I purchased the 203mm disc for an upgrade for the front wheel. I now have 203mm in the front and 180mm in the rear. The increase in power combined with less fade is really a no-brainer upgrade. Just make sure to check max rotor size, correct adapter, and check bolt sizes also. I had an issue in which a rear caliper mount was custom for the frame with one bolt a 5mm and another was a 4mm. There was no way to make it work. Concerning adapters, use a 180mm for a 20mm increase - so if you go from a 140 to a 160mm rotor, you still use a 180mm adapter-Shimano is so damn stupid sometimes. A 203mm adapter is a 43mm jump. My front rotor WITHOUT an adapter was sized as a 160mm - it had a 180mm rotor on it and used the 180mm adapter (20mm increase). I removed the 180mm adapter and am putting on the 203mm adapter which is an increase of 43mm over "stock" no adapter rotor spacing. Once you get all that figure out, it is really simple.
Great rotor for effortless sure-footed braking under all conditions.
The best and only rotors for shimano groupsets. Hardly squeals and grabs quick. I have never bent these whereas with Avids they were always in need of adjustment.
Functional, a million times better than sram, quiet, not much else to say!
Great product, really solid, but light. Their simple lines look great as well as performing their necessary anchor role.
Quality feels excellent. Looks so much better than the ones they replaced. Lighter too. Been on a couple of rides and I am thrilled with the performance.
These are well worth the extra money, good stopping no squealing of pads, plus Merlins great prices, need new rotors - buy these.
Purchased 2 for a new build, they are nice and quiet and weighed 126 grams with hardware.
Upgraded my rotors and brakes to XT. They work great! I have had them for a few weeks now have thoroughly tested their stopping power! Glad I made the switch!
Good braking response! Tried on extreme trails. I will be using the same stuff on my first FS bike, have no worries!
Reasonably light weight, and great performance!
Great rotors. Remove heat well.
I can stop, and my bike doesn't squeal like a banshee!! Great brakes.
Best prices in town on these rotors. You can not find them anywhere in the states for what Merlin Cycles are offering them for. Picked up a set for my XT brakesets and I couldn't be any happier. Light weight and incredible stopping power. Plus they look super cool. Thank you Merlin Cycles.
One of the best brake rotors out there.. it performs to its expectations!
Nice looking rotors, quick, easy to fit. Good stopping power
Always use these as a "large" rider I need all the help stopping I can get! I am unable to confirm if they run a lot cooler then others but they work and that's good enough for me.
Is great product. Quickly cools. I am very satisfied. I feel safe.
I find these generally last longer before warping, clear mud better and still offer massive levels of stopping power. I also really appreciate the spring-locking washer system.
Great heat dissipation rotors
These rotors are much better than the Avid Clean-sweeps I was using with Elixir 5's. Since they stay cooler on descents, I don't notice a drop in braking performance. Paired them up with Shimano Deore M615's and my new brakes are incredible!
Better braking than the ordinary, good look and design
Works perfectly with Icetec XTR brakes on hope wheels, appeared to offer more braking capability than standard rotors I had on wheels. Wouldn't hesitate in recommending
Ice-Tec rotors, when matched with Shimano 785 brakes, are as good as mtb brakes get without paying ridiculous amounts of money. Very good kit.
Cracking rotors, light weight and look to cool very quickly.
Stops on a dime! Unless you are going down hill at 60mph, I can't imagine why you need anything more.
I was losing braking power and getting a lot of fade on the previous Ice-Tec rotor I had - it was worn out after 9000+kms of hard use. Replaced it with this identical model, and the usual level of power was restored immediately. Great rotors, good price and fast delivery.
These rotors are exactly what I had hoped for. Have not had a chance to test the extremes of heat yet on our tandem, so cannot compare them yet to the all steel rotors that they replaced, but the heavy central aluminum spider should certainly help. Will report further with definitive results.
Not much to say...I have these rotors on all my bikes and I think they are the best out there...never squeak, squeal or squawl and always stop!
Usual excellent Merlin price and service. At this price, these are a great upgrade, they do offer consistent braking on long descents when combined with SLX calipers and ice tech pads. Smooth, silent did want to stop didnt you?! At full RRP...perhaps less of an upgrade, but at Merlin price, well worth treating yourself.
Having fitted these to the bike I use to carry my kids, both they and I are appreciating the smooth stopping power. Not only that. They make very little noise under braking, unlike the squealing avids that I have ditched. They also look great, well made, and I think they're worth the extra cash.
Fantastic match to the Shimano XT M785 Disc Brake Set - Front & Rear found them easy to install. Quality brakes at an affordable price.
So far these rotors have been great. Offer real power and grip. I've had no fade at all with these on some seriously long downhill sections. So for me Ice tech is more than just a marketing gimmick.
Great product usual shimano quality, light weight and keeps my brakes cooool :-)
produto muito bonm , valeu a compra. parabens a Merlin Cycles
Very best rotor!
Upgrade to the 160mm rotor that came with the groupset. Reading the Shimano marketing literature there appears to be some solid foundation for the technology involved. At the end of the day though, as long as it stops me I'm happy. In conjunction with XT brakes it provides powerful braking with good modulation.
The excellent product! Excellent seller!! Excellent quality! Excellent Site.
Look good stop even better
Great looking rotors at a very reasonable price. They work great too.
Look and work amazingly well.
Very good item, well put together, well priced, can't wait to finish my bike and use it.
I bought these to go with my new XT brakes and they are superb, fitted straight on, work brilliantly.
the rotor is good. yet to test it to exceed the limits of the non-ice tech so unable to comment. merlin 5*'s
They're amazing! Perfect braking and they're very silent too!
Light and strong!!
Excellent product. Highly recommended. Service and price second to none. Buy these rotors - You won't be disappointed.
Rotors are great quality and with the Ice-tech system performs great the whole time. Good choice in sizes as well and ready for all conditions.
a pair of 180's perfect for my transition covert. look pimp too.
Excellent rotors to use with 2012 XT brakes, although more expensive than regulars!