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SIS BottlesSIS Bottles
Multi-Buy Savings!
SIS drinks bottles in various sizes.
  • Clear drinks bottles to fit standard bottle cages
  • Various sizes available
  • Increments to allow easy mixing of SIS products
  • Bottles may differ slightly in appearance to the picture
RSG Like the ability to see how much fluid I've got left. Loses 1 star as the valve is a little stiff to open with teeth. Good value though.
Mr Brett Why pay more? Great bottles with handy measure guides. Proven to be durable and do not hold old taste
Mr Rollins Basic bottle, useful measurement marks. Does the job
Christopher Good quality bottles. Plastic is relatively soft making it easy to squeeze fluids out. The lids fit tightly and have a good seal preventing leaks. The openings are quite a tight fit as mentioned by others but I've not had any issues opening and closing when on the move. Overall I would recommend these.
Mr Simmons Great bottle as expected
Mr Dixon Quality bottle should last a while.
C H Top quality bottles
Simon McCormack Great product & price to match.
Mr Simpson still my favourite water bottles
webike restricted space in bike frame so got the 600ml , quality is good
Folding Gareth Wide lid makes for easy filling and cleaning
Mr Khiew Good value and quality.
Mr Chapman I've got a few of these bottles now and all but one of them are great. One of them started leaking from the lid after a few months so I get water down my front when I tip the bottle up to drink. That might be refreshing in summer so I won't complain!
chris b Great value
Ian it's a bottle. positive click on closure and nice solid cap.
Mr Jenkinson Good quality bottle at a great price
Mr Towers Do what it says with useful measure for SIS products on the side. Not a hint of a plastic taste either !
Mr Nunn So cheap but great quality, lots of different sizes so you can have the same looking bottles/brands band also different sizes depending on the dimensions of your bike frame
Peter Its a bottle what more is there to say, doesn't leak and has a good top on it
Speedy Nice large bottle. Good quality. Me and my son go though a lot of these. A life saver.
Mr Leslie Light, leak proof, easy to use
Mr Nunn Best value/looking bottle on the market!
Mr Chavez Great tall bottles
Peter Great bottle, what more is there to say
Mr c A bottle that will carry 1L. Useful for a long ride. More so with Covid, when self sufficiency is required.
Hamish Keeping me hydrated! Dispatched super fast. Ace
William Simple but effective at an excellent price.
Tel. I like these bottles because they open easily when getting a drink while riding and they fit most bottle cages, they also do not leak from the screw top.
Ms Barnes Love the 1000 ml. Fits fine in my bottle cages/bike.
Mr Day Nice bottles, easy to open and close on the move.
Ali Cap is a bit hard to open but will probably be easier with use
RICKY I bought all the sizes of SIS bottles, highly recommended
Mr McGarry Good bottle. Durable
Mr Davies Good size bottle, after a couple of washes in hot soapy there's no plastic taste. Good price and would recommend.
Yutaka Great bottles, low price, not insulated but holds water, just what I need
Eric Good to have clear view water bottle.
Mark Nice bottle. Pull spout is firm and no dripping or leakage during use.
John Good bottles.
Mr Owen Functional bottles! And good value.
Mr Knox Awesome bottle, 1L size is great.
Steph Great bottle fits in my bottle cage and easy to drink out of when riding.
G. Caetano Nice fit on the elite cages.
Mr Rennie Basic bottle. Seems ok.
Mr Richards They don't leak. What more do you want
Mr Hunter Great price, great bottle
Ryan Great value for money, does what it needs to
Mr Russell Total Value for money, you know what you are getting with SIS.
Mr Kurata 格安ですが安心して使えます。
Mr Gerard Bought the medium size,good thread on twist on and doesn't leak. Being clear you can see how much water is left at a glance.
T Meagher Cheap and well built. Great bottle.
David KERR Best bottles out there
Mark Value for money. They hold liquids and you can drink from them. What more do you want
Mr Randon Decent bottle
Mr Brunt Good quality, large volume bottle. 2 of these enough for 5 hour rides.
Luke Great bottle, the 1000ml is good for longer rides.
Graham Good basic bottle. Lost a camelback bottle on a bumpy road. Needed a cheaper replacement. This is ideal. Went for 600ml which is a good compact size as a second bottle. Great price and service from Merlin as always.
Mr owen Good quality bottles and well worth the money, middle size is the best fit for bottle holders
LE Good sized bottle (1000ml), enough for rides on recent warm days!
Mr Sparks Fits perfectly with the Zefal spring bottle cage, just what I needed
Shaun Excellent product. May order some more in other sizes
Mr Smith Water stays in until I want it out! They were cheap and do the job great.
Mr Iliffe Snaps and holds very well in my Elite bottle cage even through rough terrain, not to ridged allowing for an easy squeeze, mouth piece easy to use while keeping all teeth intact also a great flow. Most importantly, it's easy to clean.
Mr Ollett Always good quality.
James These bottles work great and they are great value.
Mr Wibmer Work well, light, easy to drink from and fit my carriers well. So far no taste from bottles.
Mr Lines Quality bottles
Mr Wasik A well-made water bottle with a practical measure for SIS nutrition.
Mr Saltinstall Fantastic value for money! Good quality bottles
Mr Young Always use these bottles as they last well
nicholas Changed shape from the old ones but still excellent. The lids are still better than others in my opinion
Mr S Bought the small ones to fit in my evoc fanny pack, worked a treat.
Mark Great quality, love the yellow version. Best price on the net too.
Simon W Good bottles for the price (Merlin's is competitive - Wiggle don't seem to be stocking the yellow ones anymore). Tops don't leak and they fit well in my bottle cages. Re-order as the kids keep losing them or chewing the rubber pull-tops!
Dung Nguyen It's good and clear so I can see water in the bottle and it is fit with my black bike. Thanks
Marek Solid, good value, reliable. My go to bottle.
V2r guy Basic bottles. Basic price. No plastic taste.
Mr Punzalan The nice is very Nice to use in 2-3 hours of long ride ....
Tilly I love the SIS bottles and at this price you can't go wrong
BIKEBUILDER2015 New design which work as great as my old 1 liter version.
Alex Good size and not had any issues with leaking. Quite loose in my cages so wouldnt trust on anything rougher than tarmac
Mr Sharpe Good bottles and pretty cost effective. The 1L one fits in my bottle cage which is handy for longer rides.
Mark Excellent products and competitively priced. Have always used SIS as they stand the test of time and stand up to anything. Easy to clean too.
Mr moore Quality water bottle, purchased the 1L for longer rides.
Mr Paradeisas Nice bottles!
Gear Bought these bottles before but like to replace them after a while...great bottles
Timothy Nice wide mouth to get ice in the bottle.
Mrs BERBEROGLU Absolutely liked the quality of an excellent bike bottle
Mr Douma Good product. Easy to drink and opens easy.
lyall I purchased a 1 litre bottle last year. I was using it so often I bought another one.
Mr Spurr Nice bottles. I use elite normally. These seem just as good. Slightly thinner case but all high quality material. Easy to open and close on the move. Nice large capacity for when tool bottle takes up the second.
DK Love this bottle! I got the yellow one to match my bike. Not too soft but just right. It works perfectly.
Mr Schembri Good quality bottle. Thicker than some of the cheap and nasty bottles, so I'm sure will be durable
Miss Magowan Fantastic size and fits perfectly into my bottle cages or into a backpack
Jersey Socks Great design, easy to use, have bought many during my orders. Lastest top is better design.
Clinton I got the 1L bottle, perfect for longer days out.
stephane Fits perfect in all bottle cages on different bikes. Nice colours
Jersey socks Have bought many of theses for gym, bike and every day use. Great product. Recommend.
Andi Capacity, nothing better, purchased the 1L bottle and it is a great size
Mr Taylor Love the 1 litre capacity. They're excellent for longer rides to avoid carrying a pack
Mr tomlinson Great bottles and excellent value
Mr Soutar Used this for years. Perfect
Mr Aston Good bottles that are easy to open on a ride
victoria Good bottles, I have two bottle cages and the standard size won`t fit on my frame. So the small ones are perfect fit for easy access.
Mr Roberts Great bottle and they last for a long time. Very durable
Rick Good bottle at a good price - works perfectly and looks good on my bikes.
Cath My favourite bottles. Good for squeezing and easy to open!
Mr Mario Like these bottles, great value & easy to use. The one litre bottle will come handy on the longer rides
Mr Francis I have a few of these now, works great
Matthew Nice bottle, easy to open close mouth piece and soft enough plastic to give a quick squeeze and get plenty of water onboard.
Craig Good quality, clip into bottle cages and don`t leak when chucked into a bag.
Mr T Easy to squeeze, durable
Mr Hayes Like the litre size so much bought two more for longer rides
Mr Lindsay Very nice bottle, thick plastic and a nozzle that stays where you want it.
Daniel I got the small bottles, as my bike frame doesn't accommodate the larger size bottle. Good quality, great to have the wide mouth, and the sale price was terrific too!
Nestor The best one-liter bottles made (of very few) for cycling
Mr Jenkins Great bottles, super price. Very easy to clean
Mrs Rothwell Got loads of these bottles - very useful and good price.
Tone Was looking for some 1lt bidons for long rides and these are great for that. Easy to squeeze with a tiny bit of spillage now and again. Saw many riders in the Indian Pacific Wheeelrace using these so thought they can't be too bad.
Mr López Suarez I already have other ones. I purchased a new ones because of usefull transparent plastic and variety of capacity
Simo Excellent quality, the large opening allows easy filled with electrolyte powder, 1 litre model still fits a standard cage
Jersey socks Have bought many of these SIS bottles, great for the bike, gym, travelling , whatever. Easy to use.
stephen I bought the one litre size as I was doing a 100km ride with lots of hills in the heat. Worked very well. Easy to hold and pull out of water cage. Easy to drink from. Make sure you give a good rinse before you use them as I needed to do a couple of quick rinses before use to get the plastic smell out but after that, it was perfect.
Dave K Its my favourite bidon/plastic water bottle as the lids keep sealing for years!!! And the logos don`t scratch off too quickly.
Price My bottle of choice and a good range of sizes. Hold up well over time and easy to clean.
Rice They're bottles. 500ml is right at the top of the SIS "band." I mention this because it is not stated. If you are using powders, the markings are great. When using tablets (like me), any 500ml bottle will get the job done. They don't seem to leak any more than other bottles but the valves do take some time to "break in."
Mr Phelan Got the 600ml wide mouth bottle. Does exactly what you expect and the wide neck makes it easy to add whatever powders, etc you want.
Mr Haeusler Nice big bottle for those long rides. Its big though so may not fit in all frames. Ok for my road bike but does not fit in the MTB
Burgess Wanted a couple large bottles for those long rides and the 1000ml versions are perfect.
Mr Jordan I've got 2 of the 800ml WIDE neck bottles. The wide neck provides easy access to put in drinks powder and easier cleaning. There is no odour or taste from the plastic and they fit securely in my Elite bottle cages.
Mr AYAZ Bottle quality is ok. When you put water it is not smelling of plastic. And looks good.
Hugo Insulates decently, wish I got the biggest size available
ALBALLAA Easy to squeeze
Mr Mulvaney These are great. Have to buy some more. One of the few bottles that has a nice wide mouth and nice and clear so can see whats left. Also slightly bigger small size ie 600ml so for me these are ideal.
Mr Morgan I got the Big ones. BIG-Both in volume and the ability to swallow the biggest ice cubes without hesitation. I washed them out with soap and water, then baking soda/water mix for a day and they had no plastic smell nor taste.
Mr Mosley Easy use bottle for mixing your drinks correctly
Mr Riley Good quality bottle, top fits securely, no leaks. I had a SiS bottle before this one which lasted me for almost 3 years. So far it feels like this one could do the same. Very pleased with the purchase.
Mr Hendershot These bottles look great on my bike. I love the narrow neck they have.
Mr Williams Excellent bottle, durable and doesn't leak. Happy to find the large version with a wide top
Mr Dunnett The wide top option is perfect for powder energy drinks etc. No more waste and sticky mess down the side of the bottle. They also don't leak like some at twice the price.
Mr Prenzel Good size, easy to fill and drink out of.
Mr Stewart Nice wide neck for putting in drinks powder. Solidly closing bite valve. Good value for money - SIS bottles last for ages.
Mr Chapman This is the second one I have purchased. Nice bottle with a wide neck.
Mr Norcross It's a water bottle, it does not leak, it works. Great value.
Mr Stone It's a bottle. Easy to squeeze, measurements on outside useful.
Barry Not a lot to say about a water bottle but these are definitely one of my favs. Robust and very comfortable and functional top.
Mr Bird This is a good bottle which fits into the cage that I bought, the elite custom race resin bottle cage, it doesn't leak when you go over bumps.
David Morris Nice bottles. We use them for hiking etc, and they don't leak that much.
Mr Gonzalez Great water bottle. Easy to drop into bottle cages while riding, and no hassle getting it out.
Richard Good price, good bottles, good soft nozzle.
Mr Ågren Easy to drink from, easy to fill up! Does smell alot and without a real cleaning the water taste "plastic".
Mr Clark Got the biggest bottle. Stores a litre of water which is good, but it is a little unwieldy. On reflection I would go for the 750ml bottle. Easy to drink from though.
Mr Brookes Great bottle, and wide neck means you can get the powder in the bottle and not on the table top. Flexible so you can squeeze for quick gulp! Would buy again for this price
Mr Biggs Opted for the small bottle, great for using on a smaller road bike frame where the larger sizes can catch the frame and make them hard to remove. Good quality and cheap as chips!
Andrew Valve was a little stiff to start with but soon loosened up. They look good and are easy to squeeze. Excellent value at this price.
M Sisson Great bottles. Like the soft-squeeze cap. Used them a few times now and no hint of a leak. The measuring marks on the side are also handy for making up your carb drinks.
Mr Bayley Struggled to find many 1L bottle for the road. This one is good. Wide neck makes it easy to fill and mix powders in if you want.
Dr Gillespie Very pleased with the bottle. Went for the middle size which sits perfectly within a standard cage. As always, the delivery was sharp - can recommend.
Australian Customer * Awesome quality * Fuctions well * Is transparent so you can see liquid level * Looks great on bike
Mr Burke Good bottles, no problems. They fit well in my Elite cages, firm but not too tight like some other bottles I have that are really hard to extract.
Mr Wright Excellent all round water bottle good price, easy to open when riding
Mr Palhoni I recommend everyone to use this product. The nozzle has two opening stages. Very good. Product shipping was fast and safe
Mr Valdivia Very nice product, easy to use and the colors match my bike. They keep the water cold and that is a plus in hot weathers.
Mr Clifford I've had a few of these and did prefer the red but qulity is more important than colour and the 800mL size gives you that little bit more range.
Steve W. Smallest size bottle is perfect for a junior MTB where frame space is an issue. Usual perfect service and fast delivery.
Mr Lyon Quality bottle and great Merlin price as ever. What more can I say other than I would highly recommend.
Mr Hudson The best bottle out there why pay more. Good enough to put in dishwasher and light enough to give a good squeeze
Mr Gwyther Solid wide mouth bottle with fill markers for SiS powders. Logos and markers much more robust than some previous versions of these bottles which wore/washed off very quickly.
Mr Davies Good value bottles and fits snuggly into most bottle cages
gmk Great bottles at a very very cheap price. soft nipple for biting whilst riding.
Mr Hawkins Decent bottle for the price but plastic is easily discoloured by some isotonic drinks and logos do rub off very easily.
Mr Kolmakov good bottle, but not very pretty
Mr haston great servie and product at a good price used this make before never had any problem
Mr simpson a good quality bottle at a good price
Mr Roberts Nice bottles. Easy to keep clean due to the removable mouth piece. Bottle measuring/labels on the bottles wear very easily though.
Mr Beaumont Handy graduation on th side of bottle for ease of weighing out supliment powder