SIS Go Isotonic Gel Variety Pack - 7x60ml
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SIS Go Isotonic Gel Variety Pack - 7x60ml
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SIS Go Isotonic Gel Variety Pack - 7 x 60ml

The SiS GO Isotonic Gel was the world’s first isotonic gel effectively delivering an easily digestible and quick supply of carbohydrate for energy during exercise. SiS GO Isotonic Gels are designed to be consumed without water meaning that you can ensure rapid delivery of carbohydrate to your muscles without the feelings of being bloated that can sometimes occur with over-drinking.

  • 60ml gel packs
  • Isotonic formulation delivers energy fast
  • Convenient gel format

This great value gel pack contains 7 different flavours:

  • 1x Go Isotonic Gel Apple
  • 1x Go Isotonic Gel Lemon and Lime
  • 1x Go Isotonic Gel Blackcurrent
  • 1x Go Isotonic Gel Orange
  • 1x Go Isotonic Gel Pineapple
  • 1x Go Isotonic Gel Pink Grapefruit
  • 1x Go Isotonic Gel Tropical
Mrs Pinnock Great gels, kind on the stomach
Dan Taste decent enough and provide a little power punch when needed.
Mr Yang Useful for long bike rides
Mr Hayles Tastier than other products. Feel more substantial and thicker than other more liquidy gels.
Jako Nothing special, just the right amount of energy when you need it. Nice flavours though, particularly the Tropical.
Mrs Mathews Great product and good price. Prefer these gels over others as easy on stomach
G5050 Bought these before easy to digest and provide energy boost when required light and packable for cyclists.
Philip Murray I've had one so far, the apple, one. It tasted fine & didn't make me barf & kept my legs plodding on for the rest of the ride.
Mrs Couzens Great product wouldnt shop anywhere else great price 5*
Mr Shaffron Excellent for when you need a little boost. Kept a couple in my shorts pockets recently and was a little worried they would burst but took the chance. They're made out of tough enough material.
G5050 Aberdeen Very good pack to offer tasting and testing opportunity good products that appear to work.
Stephen Good price for SIS gels which don't upset my stomach when cycling or running unlike other gels.
leigh Really like these gels as they are really easy to get down and no faffing about to get open like some gels..
JE Love these gels
Mr slater Great product. Works well and doesn’t leave a bad taste
Mr Collier Great value, very good flavour
David Kerr Excellent love these SiS gels. Great boost on long rides
Mike V Tasty and easy to digest. What more could you ask for?
Mr slingsby Easy to digest and great flavours will be buying more!
Mr gilliland brilliant for those long days in the saddle ! gives you that extra push you need. SIS Gels are my number one choice every time .
David Kerr Great selection for longer rides when you need to refuel.
Mr Kaye Nice tasting gels, always good for giving that boost of energy before a long climb.
Mr Widgington Good as always, added to order to qualify for free P&P and good value in this box.
Martin G Pleasant flavour and not sickly like some gels
Mr Hardy I have used these gels for years, only ones that dont upset my stomach in a number of flavours
alan Good gels and easy on the stomach
Mr Huntley Great set of flavours so you won't get bored of just the one. Great to have before a climb👍
Mr Lambert Since purchasing SIS products haven't looked at anything else on the market... Great product
Alex Tastes about as good as any gel and gives a little boost when flagging oblong rides or events
Colin Black Not much to say here, all taste fine and give me the little extra energy required, good price and quick delivery.
Michael Good value selection at the offer price on Merlin. Excellent way to sample the flavours
D Melis They do the job. Whether it's running, tennis or cycling. Energy available in 5 minutes
Jason Decent flavour, not overly artificial in taste and easy to get down without needing fluids. Interesting consistency, almost like fruit pulp.
JP SIS Go Gels. The Gels work well for energy during cycling activities and good variety of flavours. Very reasonable price also.
Ellis I was pleased that Merlin Cycles had something like this on offer at the time, these will be perfect for our little France cycle/adventure. They are small and compact and easily fit in your jersey pockets. They taste half decent too compared to other energy gels I have tried.
Mr Thomas Well they`re gels and they don`t make me feel sick and I only ever have 1 if I need a lift towards the end of a ride.....does exactly what it says on the box!
Trevor Purchased these items for my stock cupboard, BUT I have used them before and am still using them, They work for me. I take one 1 to 5 minutes before a hard bit (hill, long drag or sprint) and all of a sudden the road is leveled or even drops. Easy on my stomach.
Mr morris Excellent gels, really work, easy on the stomach, perfect for that one long ride.
Ms Reynolds Great for a quick shot of energy and handy to throw in the back of your jersey
Mr sanderson Great gels that hit the spot. Good value for money
Mr Preston Brilliant product. Great for training or competing
Mr Pirie Hard to use anything else once you use SIS, great value for money from Merlin.
Duckworth Thought I would try these instead of the other make I normally use, at first thought too gloppy but after the first box I found they where better than my usual ones so ordered some more.
pope Best on the market, no after taste ok easily digested. Service from Merlin 1st class as always.
Mr Green I find that all the flavours are tasty and surprisingly refreshing. For me these gels are not claggy and just sweet enough.
Price Great value bundle - am a regular buyer of these. Prefer the gel texture to one of the obvious competitors as less runny. Never had a problem with the flavours or any adverse reaction to use.
slough Very good product, excellent when felling a bit low on sugar levels
virus Good products and will buy again
Gulfan The consistency is different than any other gel I have tried. Easy to swallow. Mixed reviews on the flavors. But can tolerate most.
Mr Michálek Tasty and not too sweet.
Hill Runner Huddersfield Fast delivery. Great variety of flavours in this energy gel multi-pack. Keeps me powered over the hills in Huddersfield!!
beard Very good buy, and I have shopped about, I love the gels when doing longer runs, anything over 10K and I think a gel really helps especially on early runs, they seem to fill up your legs again.
Mr Modesto Some flavours aren't that good, but from a nutrition point of view, awesome set.
Wilbers Good value gels that keep you going when the going get tough, which is quite often with our club rides! Super quick delivery even though order with free p&p.
Mr mansfield Taste fine and seem not to trouble my stomach . Good price.
Mrs Durrant Excellent product and service. These gels are fantastic at giving a boost. Not too sweet and not required with water. Also great to know these are the gels that Manchester Marathon are using so I've luckily practiced with them. Totally recommend these especially for a non sweet boostereo.
FARMER Go with what suits you best as cutting corners can have detrimental effects on your bike , SIS are forerunners in the field of recovery drinks, Gels etc..brilliant products
Murray B Like these gels as the liquid makes them easy to drink and saves on water/other fluids. The variety of flavours is good too.
Geoff R Tastier and less sickly than many other brands. Great value in this pack!
Mrs Britton Brilliant product having different flavours. Would definitely purchase again
Zesty Handy form of energy. They work
Mr Crawford Nice selection, these don't taste acidic and certainly boost any performance. Great for running longer events or on the bike for over an hour.
Mr popov Delicious and energizing.
Mr Albrecht Opens easy, nice taste, good value
Gomez My favourite gels based on: ease of open while riding, easy to consume and no after effects. 1 of these brought me out of being Hypo at the top of Telegraph...went onto complete Galibier. I never "leave home without them..."
Mr Denton Excellent value for money, 7great flavours, all for 3.99 couldn't resist bought 5 boxes, delivery was super quick also, thank you Merlin