Smart Superflash LED Rear Bicycle Light
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Smart Superflash LED Rear Bicycle Light
Code: 3517-LED
Smart Superflash 317 0.5W Superbright LED rear light


  • 110 Candle power
  • 220 Degree visibility
  • 2 Modes
  • Maximum run time 60 hours
  • 2 AAA batteries included
  • Visible from up to 1500 metres
BrianNice rear light for the money. Does the job great!
donaldExcellent rear light for day and night use and it wont break the bank
GeoffreyFor the money, this is an excellent light. Although not as good as the one it replaced - which had a greater interval between flashes and seemed brighter - it will get you seen. I've now got two on each bike - one constant and one flashing. I've noticed that readily visible rear lights encourage drivers to wait behind until there is a very safe pass, and/or a wide pass.
SJMGood value, bright supplementary light, fewer modes than older version, still worth having.
Mr SuartHas a new flashing regime than a slightly older model of this I have on another bike. Bike LED flashes then the smaller two below do in a sequence. Or run it with the big LED solidly ON... no option to run just the small leds anymore but a nice touch . VERY bright
Mr DiamondGood lights which I haven't seen for a few years. I hope these slightly different ones are as good as the original, which I was very happy with. Multi-modes, lots of brackets included, straightforward battery operation.
Mr LearnerI've got a couple of these on different bikes. Great way to be seen.